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Belarus Brides Comprehensive Guide to Dating Women of Belarus

If you are trying to find a bride, you might want to consider the option of marrying someone who does not belong to another nation. It happens sometimes – you see a movie and there is a stunningly beautiful actress who is, for example, a Belarusian woman. Or you have been in another situation where you have found out about the fact that brides from Belarus are as much beautiful as women from Ukraine or Russia.

The thing is that Belarusian girls are so beautiful because they belong to the Slavic group of nations. This means that most women have high cheekbones, thin noses, light hair (not only blond), from light to medium skin tones, full lips. Such physical appearance makes them very attractive to men, especially western men. 

Western women are also beautiful, but Slavic women are different. This difference is the reason why western men sometimes want to marry women of Slavic nations. But before completing such a step, it’s important to find out more about the personality traits of women who represent the Republic of Belarus. In this article, you will read about the peculiarities of Belarusian brides, what are their personality traits and why it’s a great idea to marry a Belarusian woman.

Belarusian Women – What Are They Like?

As it was mentioned above, they are gorgeous. Since it’s the 21st century, it’s difficult to say whether a woman is a natural blond or she is dying her hair. Nevertheless, women from Belarus have mostly light hair. It doesn’t mean that they are all blond, the shades differ. You might meet women with such shades of hair as wheat, honey, sand, walnut, etc. Most women will look at you with eyes of light color, such as gray, blue, green. 

Of course, you can also meet Belarus brides who are brunettes with dark eyes, but overall, the nation is known for having light hair. Most foreigners who have visited the Republic of Belarus admit that Belarusian women are in fact if not the most beautiful women in the world, they are at least in top-10. And the good thing is that they are not just beautiful, they have other valuable traits that make them so amazing.

Women in Belarus resemble women from Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova since all these countries were countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union. In the USSR people believed in the family values. Although, back then women almost had no opportunities to progress and build their careers. It was in common that a woman should have been taking care of her husband and her children. And at the same time, it was also in common for her to work, but it wasn’t a white-collar type of work.

Today, In Belarus people are way more modern, women have all the possibilities, they just need the will to use them and they definitely have this will. But at the same time, people still believe that the most important thing is family. They work hard to obtain a career and gain good profit, but the most important goal in life is creating a family. Belarus women like women in Ukraine and Russia are focused on creating a family as soon as possible. 

Society even put some pressure on young women. If you are a Belarus woman, you’re in your 30s, and you are still not married, your relatives will start showing concern. Even if you are around 25 and still single, they will be worried that you won’t marry anyone, have kids and will die alone. Yes, that’s the weird truth. But this peculiarity is good for men who are willing to create a family. Single women will be more likely to build a relationship with a man.

They are extremely loyal, most of them love children and are willing to create a family. This is the reason why it’s so easy to create a family with one of them. When both work as a couple, when they try their best to preserve those feelings they have for each other when they compromise and try to fix all the issues together, that’s what makes them a happy couple. 

We can’t live without having issues. It’s normal since we have different opinions and we can argue with each other over some topics or issues. But if both in a couple are reasonable people who are willing to preserve a family, it will work. That’s why when people are ready for marriage, they rarely divorce. That’s why Belarusian women are great candidates for marriage. They are ready to marry a man they will fall in love with, and they will hard to preserve what they have. They won’t give up on their relationships.

Belarusian Mail Order Brides for American Bachelors

If you are wondering how on earth are you going to marry a Belarusian woman if you live in another country. Most likely you have Belarusian societies in your country, but still, it’s way less likely that you will encounter someone significant. You can always visit this country, but if you are unfamiliar with the Republic of Belarus, then it’s going to be difficult to find someone to date.

One of the most convenient and efficient methods is to use a Belarusian mail-order bride website. This has nothing to do with ordering brides by mail. This approach is similar to an approach that is used by a marriage agency. Women leave their portfolios, fill in biographical information which they consider to be important, and men chose those women who they like and believe that they will have a happy family.

But dating online is easier since you spend less time. Even if you are the busiest person in the world, you will find time to spend it with the woman you like. Such websites as LoveSwans.com, MatchTruly.com, RomanceTale.com, UkrainianCharm.com, VictoriaHearts.com, Valentime.com will allow you to find exactly who you want. You can find reviews of these websites to find more information upon the mechanism of these websites.

They have searching tools that allow you to indicate who would you love to meet. For instance, if you are reading this article, obviously you want to marry a woman from the Republic of Belarus. Use filters and chose the country “Belarus”, you can even pick a city, for instance, Belarus capital Minsk or any other city. But most important, is that you can filter women by physical appearance and personality traits. So, you can meet someone compatible with your personality.


If you want to marry a Belarus woman, you can start your search by using a dating online website. It won’t take too much time or effort to find someone significant. But you need to start searching for her right now.

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