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Best Hookup Apps

It is hard to say who are the people that would benefit from using hookup apps. Simply because it is difficult to identify the specific and limited category of people that would be down for a casual date or a one-night stand. There is not really a type of people that are overindulging in the no-strings-attached relationships. So all of us could find the information laid out below quite useful. There are all kinds of situations that could lead you to considering seeking such an arrangement: anything starting from basic and familiar to pretty much all of us boredom and ending with a need to heal the fresh out of a long term relationship and still heartbroken type of wound with awesome sex could have put you in this position…

In the era of sexual liberation and a variety of different services accommodating the aforementioned sexual liberation, it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, a lot of people use hookup apps. The only problem with those is that it is still less conventional than good old romantic dating. For this very reason, it may be difficult to straightaway name all the best casual dating apps — they are simply not talking about as much as the romantic ones are. Nevertheless, they do exist, and there are quite a lot of them. 

Еhis review is based on our own research and it is our objective opinion.

Five Cool Apps for Hooking Up 

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is originally a website that has its own app compatible with both Android and iOS devices as an accessory that comes with it. This explains the fact that the user base of the platform is truly enormous — new users come from both the desktop and the mobile versions of the service. In fact, AFF is one of the biggest names in the online dating industry in general and, by far, the most famous service within the hookup niche in particular. 

About App

It is understandable why so many horny people are turning to the services of Adult Friend Finder! Being one of the free hookup apps that work, it allows its users to get whatever is that they are really looking for. This is done through the incredibly extensive and advanced search tool. Indeed, members of the Adult Friend Finder are given an opportunity to go into as many specifics as they want to satisfy their current needs. For instance, when browsing through the endless amount of profiles on the app, you can filter them in accordance to your preference. You can effectively customize your search by telling the site not only the preferred location of your potential match, but also their swinging style, their breast size, their favorite position, and many other things. 

Moreover, Adult Friend Finder: Meet & Chat, besides what it states in its name already, serves a couple of other good purposes. For example, just like on the site, you can enjoy live cams and utilize the chat rooms for your pleasure. As well as that, you are also given an opportunity to play the Tinder-like carousel-style game Hot or Not where you are given a number of profile photos and you can decide whether you find the person in front of you sexually appealing or not.  


Pure is the best hookup app for Millennials: it is discreet in its icon (so whoever might accidentally take your phone would not straightaway know what you are up to), it is easy to use and pleasing to look at. Indeed, Pure has the most appealing minimalistic design that makes it a pleasure to use the app. Its interface is intuitive, and not overloaded with a lot of unnecessary buttons or tacky animations. It is sleek and pristine, which follows exactly the trends intrinsic to the modern young adults’ lifestyle. But this, of course, is not the only benefit of this platform. 

About App

It is innovatory in its approach to online dating and finding a hookup partner: unlike many other platforms, Pure does not hide its nature and gets straight to the business. After all, the slogan of the app is literally ‘Dates on Demand!’. You do not have to woo the people you find attractive for days or take them out for dinner. In fact, you would not have enough time to do that even if you wanted to. 

The main concept of this app is to provide an opportunity for people to get laid right here and right now. Therefore, this location-based app only shows you the profiles of users who located no further away than 50 kilometers from you. As well as that, you are only given one hour to get matched with someone, as all the profiles are temporary and self-destructed after one hour passes.

Each time you hop on the app to use it, you need to create a new profile. It does not take long as all the app wants from you is your name, your email, your phone number, your gender and preference, and just one photo to display to other users. This is made in order to ensure complete anonymity of all the app members, which is nice considering the purpose of the app. The fact that data is not stored puts Pure at the top of the list of the best anonymous hookup apps.


Its functions are not too varied, but they definitely get the work done: you are showed pictures of all the users around you and based on the level of physical attraction to them, you need to decide if you like them or not. If the feeling is mutual, you get a match and an opportunity to chat with each other. 

The app can be downloaded for free and is completely free of charge for women to use. However, men have to pay for it after the 7 days free trial period. 


Grindr is the biggest name in the world of the day online dating. The truth is, however, you will hardly succeed looking for a lifetime partner there. But what Grinder is perfect for is letting you meet your next hot hookup. This is by far one of the best apps for hooking up (iPhone) if you are a homosexual man. The user base of Grindr is huge and keeps growing not by the day but by the hour. 

Upon signup on Grindr, you are given an opportunity to specify which category you belong to Bear, Clean-cut, Daddy, Discreet, Geek, Jock, Leather, Otter, Poz, Rugged, Trans and Twink. 

Since it is a geotargeting hookup app, you can have access to viewing profiles of men in close proximity to you, so that the hookup was not only fruitful but easily accommodated. 


Feeld is on this list of free dating apps for hookups because of its interesting approach to hooking up. The slogan of the app states that it is a dating app for singles and couples, which really reflects the nature of the platform: it is focused on allowing those people interested in polyamory relationships, different kinks and fetishes find partners or groups of partners to have fun! 

It has the same algorithm as a lot of other online dating apps, which means it is majorly a carousel type of search, where you are suggested profiles of people located near you to either swipe right or left on them to indicate your interest. If the interest is mutual, a chat window appears allowing you to continue your communication.  


Tinder just could have not made the list of the good dating app for hooking up, even though it is an unspoken truth about the application. While it does position itself as an app that brings people together for long-term relationships, it is a well-known fact that you would have much more success finding a sext one-night stand among the matches than girlfriends or love in general. Tinder is very laid-back and casual when it comes to getting things done. And one of the biggest advantages of the platform is that literally everyone is on it.

It is a location-based app that only shows you profiles of people in your area. However, considering the number of people who have registered on there, the choice is unlimited, which makes Tinder the best local hookup app. Moreover, setting an account requires minimal effort. The only thing is that you need to be quite explicit about your intentions so that there would not be any awkward situations on a date where you and your match are not on the same page regarding the type of relationships you are seeking. This, of course, could slightly hinder your success, since a lot of users — especially ladies — like to play hard to get. But Tinder is one of the most well-recognized and legit apps, so you will eventually get there!

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