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BlackPlanet Review

Being an online service catering to the African-American community, BlackPlanet is an official dating platform. BlackPlanet dating site claims to be a fully free platform giving its services but with some ads on the site. To get connected to particular individuals, you can employ both private messaging and public forms available on this dating site. In order to socialize, you choose the mentioned means. The problem of the site is that there are postings on the site that don’t pass through the authentication process. However, you are always warned about that by the site administration.

It is worth saying that this dating site claims to have one of the largest communities focusing on African-Americans. Here on the site, your goal is to find any type of relationship you want, such as friendship, chatting, texting, or even love. Being a niche for the special community, this site has been successful in linking people wishing to create strong bonds.

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Pros & Cons


  • Very easy and fast sign up process
  • Millions of dynamic users online
  • Very unique colorful notes as a feature
  •  Having a chance to comment on someone’s post
  • Almost all the site’s tools are free of charge


  • Lack of ID verification on the site registration
  • Problems with security measures

About BlackPlanet.com

In September 2001, this site was launched by Omar Wasow, but later on, in 2008, this dating platform was bought by Radio One. It bought this site for $39 million, a huge price for the site. The radio attempted to popularize the site throughout the country. The main audience focus was black people since, at that time, no decent sites were offering such services for black audiences. At the time when the site was sold, there are about 20 million members of this site.

Now, surpassing the borders of the country, this dating site has one of the largest databases as a platform. Here, you can find people from various backgrounds, nations, states, ideologies, interests, etc. Many people can arrange dates on this site, yet it is a black community that is prevalent on this site. So, if you are interested in finding one of the biggest social and dating communities of African-Americans, then this site is the best choice.

Sign Up

According to BlackPlanet dating site reviews, when opening the page of this dating platform, you will run into the notification saying ‘Not Secure’, implying that the page you are entering is not protected. That is a problematic side of this site. It is a kind of alert saying that all information provided by you can be taken, perused, seen, or employed by different sides without your permission. However, to avoid such defamation, the site employed the reCaptcha tool to avoid spams on this site.

The positive side, though, is that the process of signing up is quite fast in comparison with other dating sites. Here, you answer only required inquiries, and they are not so many. So, in other words, you are just several minutes from your BlackPlanet log in. You need a username, email, and passkey. After filling the necessary data, which can take about 2 minutes or maybe a bit more, then you proceed with uploading the photo. However, you can skip that if you would like so.

Sign Up

Search & Profile Quality

Seeking someone on this platform nearby is easy since you may modify your searching criteria: sex, age, and postal code. There are also chat rooms that are created by the site administration, which is also set according to age, gender, and location preferences. Also, it is more important to know that this feature is available for free.

In this review of BlackPlanet, the significant information not to forget is that the info regarding a particular user is not comprehensive. You can browse very superficial information about any particular user of the site. Thus, if you need to know a bit more about the person, it is advised to connect that person and start chatting. The more you spend time with someone, the more you know about them.

Here, users like posting something that can be seen by everyone giving the ambiance of social media. What you post is not limited to anything, so it can be a picture, photo, text, etc. All that you have posted on this dating site will then appear in the ‘Discover’ section. From this section, you can browse profiles and like someone who gets your attention.


One of the main features of this dating platform is that it has an app available on mobile devices. The app is free. However, the problem with the app is that it needs some upgrade. The BlackPlanet.com reviews show that many people are not so satisfied with the app as they are with the site. But, there are some interesting features on the site.

  • Notes: letter like messages
  • Stories: latest stories about the stars
  • Discover: a place where you see the posts
  • ChatRoom: a place where you start chatting


The good news is that this site is free. There is no payment for your actions. There is no way to upgrade your membership on the site. So, in other words, there is no way you become popular for money. There is no option of becoming somewhat popular for money. Here, you will not find any subscription or credit-based system. All you will do on this site is completely free. You can chat, post comments, write posts, like other profiles, not paying a cent. Your membership is always free, and you can delete your account at any time.

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Unfortunately, in terms of security, this site is lagging behind many dating sites. Thus, it cannot be regarded as a reliable one. When signing up, there is no verification of your ID, which makes it vulnerable to fake profiles or other bad stuff. However, the presence of the reCaptcha does protect you from bots. Nevertheless, it doesn’t protect you from fake profiles or fraud. Still, if you come across some bad demeanor by other users, you have a chance to complain to the Support Team. The response will come within a short amount of time.


BlackPlanet might be one of the main platforms made customized to the requirements of the African-American people group, yet it appears as though it has been excessively delayed in staying aware of the requests of the online world. It needs a ton of plan and highlight redesigns. Indeed, even individuals who have been there for some time are seeing this. BlackPlanet’s long periods of keeping up the network will go to squander on the off chance that they don’t regard the network’s solicitations. The truth about BlackPlanet is that it is a site that has great potential, but there is a lot of work.


  • What Is BlackPlanet.com? – It is a dating platform tailoring to the African-American community. There are a lot of people from different backgrounds. It is functioning as a social media where you can meet your friend or love. Also, it is a free site that offers its services with no subscription or other types of payment.
  • How Does BlackPlanet Work? – The functioning of this site is really easy. The first and main step is to get registered on the site. After that, you may start enjoying the site. In case you come across someone you can be interested in, then you may start chatting with that person.
  • Is BlackPlanet Good? – Actually, it is hard to say that this site is perfect. In many senses, this site is old and doesn’t keep up with the modern standards of online dating principles. But given the specific community and a large number of profiles, it is still a decent site to give a try.
  • Is BlackPlanet.com Legit? – This is the most problematic side of this dating site. Here, the problem is concerning the security and privacy of the users. Of course, it is free from scams but free from fake profiles. The site doesn’t guarantee your security, but there is a Support Team that will help in case problems may occur.
  • Is BlackPlanet Safe? – Definitely not. Unfortunately, in terms of safety, there is a lot to do.
  • Is This Site Free Or Paid? – This site is almost completely free. All the features on the site are free. There is no payment required by the site administration.
  • Is Registration Process Complicated On This Site? – No. Actually, the sign up here is very quick and easy.
  • Is There An Application Of This Site? – Yes, there is an app on this site. But it is not so good as the site itself.
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