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BravoDate Review

When you’re a newbie to dating services everything seems to be suspicious. There are hundreds of websites and you can’t get rid of thoughts that some of them are a scam. This is the right assumption. Lots of dating websites are a trap for desperate love-seekers, women profiles there are fake, the site charges money for nothing.

The good news is you can learn from the experience of other users of dating services. Thus the BravoDate website has more advantages than disadvantages. We won’t say that this is the only website that is eligible for online dating. There are other cool dating websites too. BravoDate worth trying because there are profiles of real people you’ll never meet on other dating portals. Read this BravoDate.com review to learn about the features of the site and how much does Bravodate cost.

BravoDate Women

About BravoDate

All people dream of having a partner who will give them love and care. Somebody meets their future spouses in high school and lives a long and happy life together. Others put more effort in finding their true love but can’t make it even after they get 30. Luckily, we live in the 21st century with modern online services that can satisfy the needs of single adults. Over the last years, dating websites appeared to be a very popular service. Some people are ashamed to confess that they have an account at some dating websites. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you know a single person, he is likely to have one or more accounts on dating websites. This is great because it tells us that the person is not satisfied with hew private life or marital status and is ready to change his life for good!

BravoDate is a website where you can meet Slavic girls. They enjoy meeting people from other nations. On most occasions, they submit their profiles because they are interested in serious relationships. Also, they are interested in discovering people of new to the culture. So, if you’re a foreigner who is interested in meeting Slavic women in particular, BravoDate is your one-stop for all.

The audience of BravoDate ladies includes women mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. You can see the country of origin of a girl in her profile.


To become a member of BravoDate you must undergo a simple BravoDate sign up process. Firstly, you create a user account and then you fill in information about yourself. It is important, to be honest, while filling in your profile form because fakes are not welcome at BravoDate. All users of the website can complain to customer support about the suspicious behavior of other users. Support managers work 24/7 to provide website members with excellent service.


When your profile is completed, you will have access to the database of all single users. All users can observe profiles for free. To start a conversation with someone, payment is required. Many dating websites offer an assent of yearly, monthly or quarterly membership packages. On BravoDate you have to pay by the action instead of by a set amount of time.

Communication Features

If you’re not an active user of social networks and your Facebook page looks like an abandoned place from the post-apocalyptic movie, you must fix it in your dating profile. Mysteriousness and brevity will not interest girls from BravoDate. To complete a successful profile that will make you look like a worthy candidate for Slavic beauty’s heart, you must:

Choose Your Photos

These must be photos from different places and taken at a different time of your life. Their quality shouldn’t be like from fashion magazine, but it should be satisfactory.

Tell About Your Intentions

If you’re looking for a woman to make a family with, say it. In case you’re not ready for any relationship and you’re here just to chat, indicate this too. Not all women at BravoDate are here to the reason of finding their future husband. Somebody is just for an online flirt and they will be glad to discover a guy with the same goals and enjoy communication with him.

Proofread Your Texts

People who make mistakes in their writing are not attracting. Double-Check your personal info and get rid of all grammar or spelling errors.


All dating websites are at risk of being attacked by spammers. Many sites ignore it, but not BravoDate. It is expensive to maintain a department of qualified technical support managers. That is why most of the free dating websites are full of scam users and nobody fights them. BravoDate has a team of technicians who implemented software that ensures that it does not allow malicious users to spoil the dating experience of others. If suspicious behavior of some users makes you think that they violate the policy of the website, you can send a complaint to support managers. The support department works 24/7, so your request will be processed promptly. So you don’t have to wonder is Bravodate a scam because it is not.

Pros and Cons


BravoDate is a website where you always want to come back. It has a modern design created with good taste. The website runs fast, so you don’t have to spend your time waiting until the page download.

This site is not filled with ads. When you enter a free dating website, there can be many spammers and annoying pop-ups. BravoDate charges their users, so they don’t need to sell ads on this site. They aim to make you stay and reach your goal.

New profiles with gorgeous women appear every day. If you were not lucky to find your match on the day of your registration, don’t get upset. Your destiny may be among the users that haven’t signed up yet. Most of the profiles contain detailed information about a person. Except for such general info as photo and age, you can learn about education, occupation, hobbies, and even bad habits. As you must pay to communicate with others, users value messages and try to put as much text as they can. In the era of instant messaging, it is so rare nowadays!


The standard problem that a user can face on BravoDate is a language barrier. Some of the Slavic women have poor knowledge of English. Many couples didn’t know the national languages of each other, but it wasn’t a significant obstacle for them. When you like a person, you look for an opportunity to solve all the problems that stay in the way of your happiness.

BravoDate Users


BravoDate is an international dating website where you won’t waste your time. You need to spend  5 minutes to sign up and set up your profile to get access to the profiles database. Mostly all profiles belong to single Slavic women who are eager to enter a long-lasting relationship with a foreigner. This website has all the necessary tools to connect singles from different countries or even continents. It looks like Facebook in its first years because there is user-generated content, it is free from ads.

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