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ChristianLifeStyle Review


ChristianLifeStyle is an international dating web site for people who believe in God, and are Christians by their belief. On this web site there most of the people who looking for a long-term relationship and are strong churchgoers.

“Look for other Christians for whom God and love are the main things in life.”

This is the main idea of the web site that provides love not only to a person but also to God. With the help of God and a church, two lonely hearts will find a way to their better life.

For this web site, there is no alternative. It is one and only, and this fact is amazing, that you can by your religious views find a perfect person to yourself, who shares these views with you.

Easy to Use

Good news! This web site is very easy to use. Originally it is on Russian language, but it also has a lot of other languages to switch on: English, Spanish, French, German, etc. It has most of Romanian and Germanic languages, but also there are a lot of Slavic here. So, it is very very comfortable for users to have a registration, chat and profile – are translated on their native languages. 

It has a good qualification profile and you won’t be messed up by using this web site. Also here are a big crew, that is gonna help you with any problem. They’ll answer any of your questions and help you to solve any problem.

It has a very nice and modern design, good options and new things that will help you use easy, meet new people, chat and enjoy this web site with no messes.

This web site is very similar to other dating platforms, except the fact that here gathered people who strongly believe in God and the church and are interested in it.


Registration here is pretty simple. You just have to use your data and fill it in their blank. Or you can do this automatically by using and connecting with your Facebook page.

To sign up for this online dating web site you have to follow next:

  • Choose if you are a man who is seeking for a woman or a woman seeking for a man
  • Write your true age ( here people under 18 are not allowed)
  • Your email ( for knowing all the latest updates and newcomes in the web site)
  • Fill in or create the name of the user

Registration here is luckily free, but the using must be paid.

If you want to delete your account after not good usage of it go to “FAQ” and click – cancel the subscription. Your account will be automatically deleted.

In case you need their address: Dating Media Ltd, Amory Building, Suite #4757, Victoria Road, Basseterre, SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS.

Search and Profile Quality

The search quality is quite good but at the same time, not enough. It could be more modern updates and cool options as it is on other web sites. But, they also have awesome design and some cool options. 

Profile quality is on point. A very nice look at the web site. 

Safety / Legal / Scam

There is no proves that this web site can be a hundred percent safe, but many users of it are happy on it and say that there is nothing to worry about. As it works and matches many people together, it can be said that this one is legal, but when you enter a web site, there is no capture if it is legal or no, so you can try it or no. It will be only your choice.

Unfortunately, this web site has a lot of scams on it, so it is very hard to understand whether you are chatting with a real person or a scam. But in the same way, you can verify on your own by asking a person some non-automatic questions and also searching in profiles can help you to understand if it is scam or no. 

Pros and Cons


There are so many pros on this web site that you can see.

  • nice platform with many options and great design
  • finding your love
  • a huge community that believe in god, so if you are a Christian too, you can easily find your person
  • specialize in a long-term relationship
  • many interesting people
  • friendly welcome
  • free to sign up
  • the best place for real and clear love


  • not safe to use
  • has many scams on it
  • not sure if it’s legal or no
  • the same situation with the safeness ( the only thing you have to do is only believe)
  • not free to use 
  • it is not a 100 percent guarantee that you’ll meet your love


In conclusion, I want to say that the best idea to meet your person for life with the help of god. There are so many ways you can do it, but online dating web sites are that thing that helps you to find in a very easy and quick way. ChristianLifeStyle is made for Christians who want to find a long term relationship for themselves and be happy to the end of their life. Also, it is very easy to use because of good workers that will help you to solve any problem and will answer any of your questions. From a very first sight on the web site, you can already choose a person that can belong to you because they have a wide selection of users on their main page. After signing up you can see more beautiful people there and not only see but have a chance to chat with all of them and even flirt.

Who knows, maybe with the help of ChristianLifeStyle you’ll find a woman or man of your dreams and live in the strong marriage with cool kinds. And you’ll be the happiest person in the world! So, good luck and be ready to the best part of your life.

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