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ClickAndFlirt Review


A fantastic flirting web site for lonely hearts seeking new emotions for their life. It is an amazing chance to have fun and meet your future girlfriend. This web site, as you can see by the name is specialized in flirting. So if you are bored and want to flirt with somebody and not going outside, this online dating web site is made for you. ClickAndFlirt gathered a lot of people who were looking for their love. It provides you cool emotion, a sexy wide selection of beautiful and awesome girls. And if you maybe want to find someone more serious, they will be happy to help you with that. Here gathered a lot of profiles and faces with a cool history behind their back, and if you want to be part of this cool gang you’d better register here right now. ClickAndFlirt is one of the most popular web sites with flirting stuff. 

Easy to Use

This web site is pretty simple. You can use it with no doubt that you would have some technical problems or problems in general. Click and flirt is all you have to do there, doesn’t sound pretty simple? Just kidding. Despite the fact that there are a lot of cool options you can use, the whole platform is extremely easy to use. If you would have some problems you can always ask for help. But if this problem would be popular. If not, then nobody gonna help you, because even when you think that you write to real workers, that is not how it looks like. You will get an automatic reply by these “helpers”. 


If you want to try ClickAndFlirt the first thing for it is to sign up. The registration here is pretty simple and free. So you don’t have to pay for the first steps.
There is good guidance and it will be very easy for you to sign up for this web site. All you have to do is just:

  • Choose your gender (man seeking a woman or woman seeking a man)
  • Enter your real name. There are a lot of scams and it’s better for you not to be this one
  • Enter your day, month, and year of birth. Do it also for real. If you are interested in finding a fantastic match for yourself. There is a cool matching option that will help you to find a cool lady that fits you perfectly.
  • Email (also very important thing, for getting all sales, news, and updates on this web site)
  • The last thing you have to do is create a password that will protect you from an illegal entrance on your account.
  • Also, you have to agree with the terms of use. This option works for every web site and social network.

If you would like to delete this web site (and this question is very popular on the Internet) – you just have to go to the FAQ and tap the button “delete the account” and your profile would be deleted.

Search and Profile Quality

The web site has a good quality of searching. They have modern options, like “matching”, which helps you to find your love by the same interests and age, for example. That thing is very cool.

Also, your profile on this web site would look brand new and very interesting. They will help you to fill all the interesting facts about you.

Safety / Legal / Scam

When you enter this web site, you will see an empty page and words like: 403 forbidden.
Don’t worry. This web site is illegal in many countries, so if you are from Europe, just turn on the VPN and it will work. To some references, this online dating web site was made in Malta. So, for Malta, it is 100% legal. Also, I know that I could be legal in the USA.
Unfortunately, this web site is not really safe, because it has a lot of scams there. If you don’t want to waste your money on cheating and flirting with the scam, you’d better go to the different, completely legal and safe online dating web site. There are many of them on the Internet.
On the other hand, this web site is much cheaper than the legal once. So, if you want to waste less money, but chat with the real person, you have to follow the next instructions:

  • Ask very private questions to the person, so the scam won’t be able to answer them
  • Scam replies always very short. So if you’ll see a short response, be sure, it is a fake user.
  • It’s better to spend more money first and be sure you are building a relationship with a real person. Just use an online video chat for one time. And I think there is a hindered percent guarantee that you are making acquaintance with the real person.

Prices & Plans

As for prices. As I said previously this web site is not cheap but not the most expensive. If you want to buy a membership for a month it would cost you 28 dollars. For 3 months it would be as a total price 46 dollars, which means that for each month you will pay a little bit more than 15 dollars. And finally for 6 months membership, you will pay 73 dollars, for 12 dollars each month.

Pros and Cons

There are so many pros, and cons out there, that are barely can be listed. But I’ll try to choose the most important of them. One of the biggest pros is that this web site the other helps people to find an amazing person that perfectly matches you. They have many cool options that will help you with dating, chatting, even flirting. This is the best part. For people who are ready to create a serious relationship and a family, it would be also very important. Because of the matching option, you’ll find the person you really need, with no wasting any minute of your life.

As for the cons is that there are obviously so many scams you have no idea about. The web site is not the cheapest one and also illegal. So, if you want to use this web site or no, it is only your choice.


As conclusion I want to say, that there is no matter to all the negative sides of this online dating web site, there is one huge plus. This plus is finding your love and better half for yourself. There are so many single souls in the world who feel themselves so lonely because they still can’t find their love. Also, there are a lot of couples who decided to try online dating web sites are now are living the best life with their beloved ones. Of course, this web site is not the one you can use. The huge minus for it, that it has a lot of scams, and unfortunately there is nobody who tries to solve this problem, so there is a chance that you can chat with a scam and that is not cool. So there are so many alternatives with legal and safe online dating web sites. You can choose any. You don’t have to worry about anything in the world, just concentrate on things like building a strong relationship with the person you want to. Isn’t it incredible?

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