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FindSinglesOnly.com Review

FindSinglesOnly.com is created for those who have never used dating sites because it offers many opportunities for everyone. Even if you do not know how to use the site, you can find a detailed description on the homepage or if you have any questions, you can contact customer support. The platform offers its services because there are so many dating apps right now and people do not know where to start.

About FindSinglesOnly

This site is more designed for seniors because it enables older people to find a couple. There are so many ways to find love now, but dating sites are the most popular. First, you can find your couple in a short period of time and effortlessly. Secondly, you can do it for free. On this site, you can learn how to use it and join it in a few seconds.

Communication Features

This site has many different features to help you use it. One of the very important ones is ice-breakers. This feature creates messages automatically so you can send them to someone. This is necessary if you are shy or do not know where to start.

There is a video chat feature on this website to help you find out more about a woman. You can chat indefinitely but once you see your bride, things will change. You can also use the regular call feature. You can call the girl from your number, but your number will not be disclosed. You can also chat as much as you want because the site has 24/7 instant messages.

The site has the opportunity to show the girl that you like her with a wink. You can do this at any time and the girl will understand that you like her.

Sign Up

You can sign up to find singles only in a few minutes. First, you need to enter your date of birth. You have to take this seriously because this information will then be used in future searches. If you tell a lie, it can play a bad joke on you. Then you need to choose your gender and who you are looking for. This will help you find the right gender in the future. If you don’t like women, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of women pages to find a man.

The next step is to enter your zip code because then the site will help you find people near you. Then enter your email to let the platform send you the notifications you need.

After successful registration, the site will give you access to a large database of brides. You will get access to the ones that best suit you.

Search and Profile Quality

This site is not entirely a dating site, so you don’t need to expect anything great from it. After registering, you have to answer various questions that the site uses to find the right people near you. Therefore, you need to answer the questions in great detail and provide only truthful information in order for the site to choose the right accounts for you.

The site has many different features to help you in your search. Every day the site sends you many profiles of girls that you may like. You can also view girls’ profiles on the site using the Quick Search feature. If you liked the girl, then you click “yes” next to her photo, if you didn’t like the corresponding “no”.

This site has a feature that you can get someone to help you pick up a couple. This person will help you understand everything and make your use more similar to a real date.


FindSinglesOnly dating site guarantees safe use for everyone. The site has special security protocols, so your information is securely protected. This site never stores your personal billing information, but despite this, their security level is relatively high. Sometimes there are unpleasant situations on the site because it is difficult to avoid them at all 100%. You must be careful not to pass on your personal information to anyone. If you are asked to make a payment, never do so and contact customer service immediately. There are various scams on the site, as many users sign up to fool you.

You should read the basic safety information on the homepage of the site. There you can also read about possible ways to cheat and try to avoid them in the future.

How Much

You can register for this site for free and then choose the features that best suit you. If you choose the right service, then the site will tell you how much you need to pay for these services. It doesn’t work very hard. This site has several types of bridal search services. You have to pay if you want to connect with certain girls. For a while, you can use the site for free, but for better functionality, you can buy a premium account. The site offers services such as chatting, video calls, winking, extended search, so you have to pay for it to save your time.

Customer Support

Senior dating FindSinglesOnly has the functionality to provide you with support. In fact, there is not much information in this section. If you have any registration issues or other questions, you can fill out a support form. Also, if you are denied a girlfriend, you also have the right to contact support. You fill out the registration form and it is sent to the email support team, after which the site team considers your problem and decides.

Site support only works during certain business hours. Also, the support team does not have a special phone number and you cannot contact them in real-time. Sometimes you may have a variety of problems with the site because employees are constantly trying to add something new to the site.

Pros and Cons


  • there is a free version of the site, so you can use some features for free;
  • there is a mobile version to make your use comfortable;
  • you can find a lot of seniors who are near you;
  • the site offers more features for a premium account;
  • you pay only for the service that you use.


  • there are some scams on the site;
  • some people can reject you without any reasons;
  • it takes a lot of time to understand how the system works;
  • support service does not have a mobile number or real chat;
  • the site does not have a search system.


FindSinglesOnly.com review is a good way to understand if this site is right for you. This site is for seniors who dream of relationships, flirting or friendship. There are many different features on this site that will make your use easier. For example, the site has an ice-breakers feature that will help you start dating. You can also use the quick search or wink to find someone. The site has several major drawbacks, so you need to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. Sometimes there are various scams and technological issues on the site, so you have to consider this.

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