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ForeignGirlfriend Review

Foreigngirlfriend review

It is an online dating web site where people search for a couple to themselves and want to find someone special for their life. ForeignGirlfriend is an international web site and by the name you can see that here gathered a lot of beautiful women worldwide. Here a lot of singles have found their better half and now are living their best life. That is very important because it is a fact that without love we won’t feel ourselves alive. If you want to find yourself some Ukrainian, Russian or maybe even Latin (more exotic) beauties than it is a no better alternative for you than this web site. Of course, there more and even better online dating web sites, but here a selection of awesome girls are the best. 

ForeignGirlfriend is very similar to the most popular web site for datings online – Badoo. This one is not that popular, but also very good to use. It has many good sides and of course bad, which would be told at the end of the review.

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use this web site. For many people of all ages, there are no problems using this one. If you are a young modern teenager looking for a hot girlfriend or an adult who doesn’t really know how to use a laptop or a modern technique in general- don’t worry. This web site is very simple and has been used by many people. It has good guidance and also has any language. Unfortunately there some cons about its usage as an automatic reply and no good answer from the workers. 

If you want to delete your registration on the account, your profile or subscription you just have to go to the “FAQ” and tap “unsubscribe” or “delete the account” and you’ll be quit.


For signing up on this web site you have to do some very simple steps. For first it is a good guide here in the web site. You can clearly see all the instructions and information on it. And you don’t have to seek for a long time where and how to sign up.

The first thing you have to do is just turn on the VPN because this web site is kind of illegal in some countries. For Ukraine, Russia and etc they are illegal a hindered percent. Maybe for Europe and US too.

The next step you have to do is just choose if you are a man seeking for a woman or you are a woman seeking for a man. Later after this, you have to write your real name, because it is the simplest steps you have to do to avoid some scams.

Than, write again, correctly your date of birth (day, month and a year), that thing will help you to find a proper partner to yourself. They have a matching options, and with their help you can find a person with the same interests or the same age. 

Also you have to fill in your email, for receiving all the new cool options and updates.

You have to create a password, that already makes your account safe. And you can sleep good and be sure that you are the only one person who knows the password from your profile

Search and Profile Quality

Search and profile quality is on top. There is no hard constructions and ways to use this web site. It has a very modern design that fits everybody. You can not understand everything about computers, but on this web site, you will be like a professional. It has guidance which will help you to use it, also you can always ask your questions to an automatic reply. And if your question is about how to use this platform, you will get an answer. 

What about profile searching, then it is very interesting especially in this web site. You can search people by age, place where they are living, interests, hobbies, even something that is in common with you, so there is a hundred percent that you will find a proper person to yourself and will be extremely happy.

Kind of this online dating web sites are so helpful because many people are nowadays very shy to make acquaintance with the other people on the street. But is it much easier to send a message to a person? So if you are very shy, but want to find a cool partner to yourself, then online dating web sites is a good alternative for you.

Safety / Legal / Scam

This web site is not very safe because it has a lot of scams in here. And it’s better to identify by yourself where is the scam.

This web site is not legal. It doesn’t work without VPN in many countries.

Prices & Plans

All the prices you can find on the web site, after signing up. The price is very similar to other prices on other online dating web sites. So, if you want to know the price before the registration, then just google it.

Pros and Cons

Of course, dating online web sites have a lot of pros. They help single souls to find their live life and that is the best part of all your life- to find a person who will treat you, take care of you, but more than anything love you.

The best thing from all pros is that this web site is free for registration, but unfortunately not really free to use. 

Also, it has many benefits as having a chance to chat or to flirt, and you can choose by yourself whether you want to chat or to flirt with the girl. Also, there are a lot of functions such as online video chat, of course, it costs more than a simple chat, but seeing a girl is way cooler.

But there are also some cons, which you won’t like. The online dating web site has a lot of scams in there, and you have to be aware of who you are chatting. Also if you want to build relationships on this platform, you have to use VPN, which means that this web site is illegal and can’t work before using VPN. 

So, think for yourself you need it or no. 


There are so many web sites you can try to use when you want to date with hot girls. But it is very important to choose a good web site where a hindered percent will be a lot of amazing girls. 

This web site is very simple. You can use it 24 hours a day when you have time to chat or flirt. As it is an online web site you can use it whenever and wherever you want to. The only thing you have to have is a connection with the internet. 

ForeignGirlfriend is used by many people around the world. This web site gathers together a lot of single hearts and helps them to build one strong family. So if you are looking for a healthy and long term relationship this web site is the best for you. 

There are so many good and bad things in here, but it has an enormous plus: helps to find your love. 

ForeignGirlfriend is not only a web site for international relationships but a huge platform with really cool and nice people, aiming who you may be in the future will find your couple. And this thing is really cool. 

The web site has many priorities and is one of the most simple online dating web sites, but it also has some negative sides. If you want to find a real person there, you’d better not use this one. It has a lot of scams, that are really difficult to identify. At the same time this web site is cheaper that the other, so you can try it. But if you will think deeper, than it’s better to spend more money and be sure you are dating with the real person and not with a fake one

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