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MatureSinglesClick Review

Maturesinglesclick review

This is a free web site for lonely heart who wants to build up a strong relationship for ages. It provides best and fast meeting with many beautiful girls online. Site has many benefits such as wide selection of cool girls. It is an international web site, where the real love can be found. The only question is about how to search and who to look for. If you are interested in serious relationship or want just to have fun. Here you can find both. 

Dating is not that easy, but dating online is easier than it seems, all you have to do is just chat with regular girls and enjoy meeting new people on its way. The only problem on this platform, that it may be some scam there, and you can’t be sure if you are chatting with scam or a real person (tip: ask for some private questions about the person, that scams won’t be able to answer)

MatureSinglesClick as the other web sites gather lonely hearts and make a special history for every couple, so if you are looking for a girl for a some time or a lady with who you want to spend the rest of your life, be sure this platform will help you to do both.

The main users age focus on MatureSinglesClick is of those aged 45-50 plus. This makes it a very selective user base. No matter of it, we have a good alternative that it is a very popular choice so the amount of members is very high.

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use because this web site is one of the most modern all over the Internet. Here a huge team has worked on many new cool options for you using this web site easier. 

The web site can be used from different devices like laptop, computer and even smartphone. On Android you can install even an app. 

Users of MatureSinglesClick can communicate using “ready to use” functions of this easy to use dating site. Members can use the email function to send messages to one another. There is no option of video chat at the moment so users will have to use the pictures as reference


If you want to sign up on this online dating web site, first of all, you have to enter this web site and turn on VPN on your device. Then, for registration, just fill the next information: if you are seeking for man and you are a woman or you are seeking for a woman and you are a man. Then, write down your full and real(!) name, your date, month and a year of birth. You have to write your email, just to get some news and updates about this web site. Also, you have to agree with the terms of use.

Search and Profile Quality

Unfortunately, you can’t get in this web site very simple. In some countries, you have to use VPN to enter because it is not really legal. 

For the search, you can always use not only names but the keywords. For example, you are interested in tennis, so you type the word “tennis” and tap “search”, and then the research will show you all the people that also like tennis. That pretty simple option will help you faster find people with similar interests.

It allows you to find a match based on the same criteria featured in the basic search such as body type, horoscope, faith, income, smoking, drinking, career and more.

Users can classify their searches by photo also. They can add keywords to their search to filter results for a more match. At the same time, members can see which other members are online at the same moment as they are. 

If you want to delete your profile you just have to open “FAQ” and tap there to unsubscribe and delete the account.

Safety / Legal / Scam

Unfortunately, this web site isn’t safe enough, because there are a lot of scams in there and there is no proof that you will have protection when you’ll be ready to chat with one of the girls. There is no proof that this girl could happen a real one. 

But at the same time if a scam happened on your profile, you can easily block him, and search new people. This is a great alternative for being safe.

This dating platform is not really legal, because you have to turn on VPN before using it. But not in all countries. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough and in your country this web site would be a hundred percent legal.

Cost / Prices & Plans

“You can send messages and browse profiles for free, but if you want to read the responses to your flirting efforts, you’ll need to pay for a premium membership. Prices start at $30 a month. You can save a bundle by paying for three to six months of access at once, at price points of $20 monthly and $15 per month respectively.” – so as you can see not all the options here are for free, unfortunately. 

If you want to pay for the whole year it would worth you just $10 a month. It’s definitely worth the upgrades so you can access all the advanced flirting and messaging features, and it’s no matter if you are a new one or have been using it for years.

The prices are okay. Not very expensive but at the same time not very cheap. But if you want to find your real love, be sure that you invest in your future and it won’t be a waste of money.

Pros and Cons

It has a great matching system that will help you to find your person. This is a special system that makes a matching profiles and users will be classified by some criteria, so you can easily find a person that has the same interests as you and the same point of life. Also, this program helps you to see people who visited your profile and were interested of you, that is a very interesting thing because maybe in one of them you can find your future love.

You can also decide if you want to block some person or no. if you don’t like anybody or you don’t want this person to see your photos and profile, blocking system will easily delete him or her from your eyes.

One of the cons here is – you won’t take a personality test, so you won’t know the other person really good before started chatting with him or her. Also as I said previously, it is no guarantee that you are chatting with a real person.

Also one of not good things is in that, if you ask a support team for help in many ways you will get an automatic reply with pre-preparade phrase. That means that no one is gonna help you and if you would need a normal answer on your question you’d better look for some contacts. 


So as for conclusion I want to say that on this web site there a lot good and bad things. But the best thing about it that beats it all is that you are on the way of finding your love. And who even cares about anything else. Just imagine your bight and cool future after finally finding your soulmate after so many years of research. Using online dating web sites is the best thing that even can be in here. You don’t have to put so much your time and attention to it. All you have to do is on your free time chat with many sexy and awesome girls. Enjoy your time and if you’ll be the lucky one or you are ready for serious long term relationships – find your future wife. This thing is only one that matters, isn’t it? 

So MatureSinglesClick is definitely worth it to spend your money and time there. But, please, make sure you are not chatting with a fake person, because the waste of money and time, of course, won’t make you happier. But at the same time, don’t worry, just try to make the first step to your bright future and be happy!

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