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OasisActive Review

Everyone who wants to find love on the Internet is very often faced with the problem of choosing a dating site because it requires a certain amount of time and not everyone can afford it. If you want to find out if Oasis Active is a good dating site, you can continue to read and find answers. We decided to research this site so you do not waste your time registering and testing all the features to determine if this site is right for you.

About OasisActive

Oasis Active is an online dating site created in 2008 for Australian users looking to find a partner for a serious relationship. This site helps to meet people who live close to each other but for some reason cannot find each other in real life. The site was created specifically for adult men and women because you can place a variety of photos of any nature on the site. Before visiting the site, you should read the terms of use and read reviews from users.

Active users who do not want to leave the home until they are fully assured that they will be successful in their online dating experience. Before visiting a site, you need to find out if it is safe and secure, as well as its main features and price. In this review, we decided to do a site review and help you decide whether or not to visit a dating site. Every year more and more people turn to search for a partner on the Internet and for this purpose, it is necessary to adhere to all criteria when choosing a site.

Oasis Active Review


According to the Oasisactive.com review, this site has many different features to help you make your dating experience more successful. Having been in the online dating market for many years, the site has built a reputation for helping people find partners. What exactly helps in communicating with people and in search?

Oasis Active Site Reviews

Showing Who Liked You

With this feature, you can view the profiles of users who have already liked you and you can like them back. This makes it quicker to search for potential matches thanks to allowing you to filter out those users who may fail you. You can start a chat with your brides right away and even make a date.

Potential Brides

You can view a list of your potential brides on the Oasis Active dating site using a special search algorithm. There is an algorithm on the site that analyzes all your data and takes information from your personal test and selects potential partners for you. You can access and start chatting with the girls that are right for you without wasting time endlessly searching.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a good feature for those users who do not want to waste time on long correspondence but want to start short messaging with brides who are online now. You can share photos, videos, audio messages and any other information that interests you. This feature is paid, but it gives you access to endless communication.

Sign Up

You can quickly register at the Oasis Active dating site in minutes. First of all, you need to go to the main page of the site and there you can see the registration window. Next, you need to enter your name, date of birth and come up with a password. Each user is then verified to ensure safe use. You can join this site for free, but you must select one of the following subscriptions for future use.

Search + Profile Quality

The profiles of this online dating site differ in the quality of photos and videos, as well as a wealth of information. After registration, you proceed to the next step called creating a profile. In order to create a competitive profile, you have to pay attention to a lot of criteria.

First, you need to fill in information about you that includes your place of work, education, travel, and other interesting information. After that, you should also provide some information about the bride you want to find on this site. In order for other users to see your profile in search, you need to add some photos.

After completing the profile, you can continue to search. On this dating site, you can use regular search or filter search. You can also save time and look at potential brides the site offers you.

Oasis Active Dating Site


Oasis Active dating site is a scam to some extent because there you can find a lot of fake profiles and a lot of scams. To avoid this, you should read the terms of use before visiting the site. You can easily get into a fake and spend a lot of time at best, so you need to be able to distinguish between fake profiles and real users. The security rules state that you should not share your personal information with users you do not trust. If you have encountered a suspicious profile, be sure to report it to customer support.

How Much

According to Oasis Active reviews, this site is paid for and you will not find the free version because only the registration is free and you have to pay for any attempt to start communication. With the paid version, you will be able to access the site without ads, as well as special messages to help you chat with women if you do not know how to get started. You can make payments on the site with your Visa or PayPal card. If you want your payment to be automatically debited to your subscription, you can set it up in your settings.

If you are wondering how much instant messaging, video calls, advanced search, and photo and video viewing costs, then you can check out the price list below.

Customer Support

The Oasis Active dating site support service is open at certain times and you can only contact us during business hours. The site contains the appropriate email to contact in case of any problems or situations.

If you are unable to solve the money problem, or you do not understand why the money was withdrawn from your account, then you can contact customer support. Support may answer some of your questions, but most of them are generated automatically. Do not be surprised if you get an automatic answer, in which case change the subject of your problem.

Pros & Cons


  • quick navigation thanks easy-to-use interface
  • a large number of active members
  • search through all database


  • people from other countries except Australia cannot join
  • no free trial to learn all basics features
  • a high percentage to be rejected


According to the Oasisactive.com review, this site is a dating platform for people from Australia who dream of finding their soulmate to get married. There are so many fake profiles on the platform, and you can get into the scam as well. Before you visit the site, you can weigh all the pros and cons and if this platform is what you need, then you can join.

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