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Best Dating Sites for Professionals

It is often the case that after a certain point in your life, dating can become somewhat difficult. And it is not even an age-related problem. It’s rather the question of status and the circles that you are willing to be in. Moreover, once your career starts prospering, you find yourself in a situation where you are so busy, you no longer have enough time to truly embrace the world of old-fashioned dating. This is when online dating sites come in handy. 

It is always important to only ever turn to the help of legit platforms to help you, but in the situation where you can potentially become a fraud victim because of your professional status and a fair amount of money you earn, it becomes absolutely vital. You have to identify the best online dating site for professionals that do not scam and puts a lot of effort into protecting its members from fakes and scammers so that you could stop worrying about your safety for a bit and fully enjoy your online dating experience. 

With this article, online dating for professionals has become easy as we present the list of good single professional dating sites that we have personally researched and made up in our own objective opinion.

Dating Sites for Educated Professionals We Recommend


Match.com is one of the most promising and well-known online professional singles dating sites. It is not a free site, but one that operates on the basis of a monthly fee. This significantly improves the quality of the platform by weeding out a number of fakes and scammers, as well as those men and women not really interested in investing themselves fully into serious dating. This is why those who decide to sign up for Match can be sure that a large portion of profiles presented there belongs to people actually looking to have long-term relationships and not just meaningless flings.

This will save you a lot of time, and money for that matter, considering the fact that, unfortunately, a lot of dating websites for business professionals are often preyed by gold diggers. On Match, however, you can expect to meet someone who is there to find love, and not just thicken their wallet. 

About Match

The pool of more mature professionals is truly impressive, which places Match at the good spot of dating sites for professionals over 50.

Match cares about the time of its members and offers them an opportunity to apply a wide range of various filters to their search in order to narrow down the search results and get the best possible option. You can filter your matches in accordance with a number of criteria, including both basic ones such as age, location, height, and more advanced ones such as interests (where you can check off all the hobbies you have an interest in), lifestyle, etc. What may be particularly exciting about Match advanced search tool is that you can even sort your matches in accordance with their education and occupation. Therefore, you can actually look for individuals with a specific career path: 

  • executive/management, 
  • financial, 
  • entrepreneur etc.

Another thing that makes Match.com stand out among the competitors is the fact that straight after the initial signup you are given an opportunity to adjust your search by answering the question of whether you are looking for someone specific. One of the categories of sorting is Salary, so you can actually browse for ladies and gentlemen with a set yearly income. 

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a great site for you if you are interested in meeting highly educated single professionals. According to the site’s internal data, a huge amount of their members are highly educated and hold an above-average education. This information is obtained from the data provided by the new members at their initial registration as they are asked to mention the level of education they received. 

Elite Singles is a large platform that is growing rapidly with new members signing up to this professional dating site every month. The clientele of this platform is slightly more mature, and the portion of Millennials on the site is rather small compared to the number of users who are in a grown age. 

The way this site operates differs ever so slightly from all the similar online dating services because it does not have the usual search tool. In fact, you would have to rely on the matching mechanism and wait for the site to deliver you several matches that it thinks will be most compatible with you. How will it know you are the best fit for each other? Well, before you can finish setting up your profile, you will have to have told the site plenty of information about yourself so that the service had an extensive understanding of you and your personality. The site matches single professionals based on a very lengthy personality assessment questionnaire modeled after the Five-Factor Model theory. 


EHarmony is a site aimed at the people who are not particularly fond of all the hookup and casual dating culture that has become dominant in the modern world of online dating recently. Members of EHarmony prefer to have a classy date over a messy meetup at the local bar ending with a one-night stand, and they are definitely very serious in their intentions. If this sounds like you, then EHarmony might be the perfect option!

On a number of occasions, professionals are ready to settle down and finally find some peace in the world of partying. This is exactly what EHarmony can help with! The site is just right for the marriage-minded mature individuals. And if you think there are not that many people like that… EHarmony is one of the titans of the online dating market with a big amount of active users of the site. 

About EHarmony

EHarmony registration process is quite time-consuming. But if you power through it you can be sure that you will gain access to a database of users who have, too, dedicated roughly half an hour of their time answering 149 questions about who they are and what they are looking for, and subsequently can be classified as people who take dating seriously. 

Apart from the personality questionnaire, there is also a set of questions that you can elaborate on and answers to which will be shown to your potential matches. They can be anything from ‘If you woke up with a fever on the morning of an important meeting, what would you do?’ to ‘What came first the egg or the chicken?’. The purpose of these is to find out about your work ethic, political preferences, what you value in life, and other quirky things. That can serve as outstanding ice-breakers to spark a conversation between you and your match. 

There is no search tool on EHarmony, and the site takes the responsibility of providing you a new batch of potential partners that you have the most compatibility with on a daily basis. 

Victoria Hearts

Victoria Hearts is a very interesting site as its original goal is to connect people from all around the world. Unlike many other sites on this list, this platform does not serve the purpose of finding you someone in your local community that you have not been aware of, by rather gives you a chance to explore the singles abroad. Victoria Hearts is particularly focused on single ladies from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. So if you ever wanted a wife from there, Victoria Hearts is the best place to start your search from. 

Moreover, Victoria Hearts has an amazing advanced search tool that allows you to narrow down your search to specific criteria such as age, location, marital status, education, habits, religion, etc. Besides, you can also just simply plow through the extensive catalog of attractive women of the site manually to find yourself, beautiful girlfriends.

The League

While The League is not exactly an online dating site. It definitely needs to make an appearance on this list as it is a good professional dating app on the web. The League is the perfect dating service for professional people as it promotes the culture of being picky about who you date. Unlike many other popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, it is not entirely looks-based. It actually allows you to filter your matches in accordance with a range of important criteria such as occupation and having an apartment. These things can be very important if you are a professional and looking to match with someone of the same level and status. 

The League is a fairly elitist service that is not accepting just anyone. It has an extensive moderation process, which decides whether you fit the app’s clientele or not. Potential members are approved based on data from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. This means, that you are not granted access to the app immediately, but have to go through the wait-list for the time when the staff is checking your social media. 

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