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SeniorSoulmates Review

SeniorSoulmates review

This web site is an online dating platform that people use for meeting their future love. SeniorSoulmates will help you to find your person that you are looking for. Many amazing emotions, nice people and your future love are waiting for you there. Of course you can meet your person o the street or at work, but with the help of online dating web sites it would be a lot easier to do this. SeniorSoulmates is one of the web sites that will help you to find your love the fastest way.

These type of web sites has a lot of prospects and cons. All of them will be written in this review.

These web sites are used by many singles any age and gender. Men seeking for their beautiful ladies. Women seeking for a strong shoulder for life. And for most of these people online dating web site really help with it. They sign up, create a profile and at the same time make their first step for a dream life with an amazing marriage and strong family. And this is for these web sites are made.

Easy to Use

This online dating web site is extremely easy to use. It has many benefits and is one of the most simple web sites for dating. Here are a lot of tips you can follow, and an online guide which helps you to solve your problems. But, unfortunately there is no professional team that works for helping you, potentially it is on the web site, but to be honest if you would ask them about some questions you are interested in, you will get an automatic reply and that’s it. 

If you have to get a good reply to the real person you have to look good for their contacts. But no matter what I think that you won’t have to do this, because the web site is pretty simple and you won’t have a mess with it. 

It has many options that also will help you to use it easier.


If you want to get in on this web site, you just have to open it, and then it will be a guide that will help you. But there is no need in this guide because on the main page you’ll already understand what to do.

First thing you have to do is just open the main page and see next: 

  • Whether you are a man looking for a woman or you are a woman seeking a man
  • You real name (it is very important because if you want to use this web site you have to agree with the terms of use, and in these terms of use you have to be a real person)
  • Date of your birth ( all the date, month and a year. It is made especially for that thing with matching; they will look for you a proper person that can be the closest to you by the age and interests)
  • Email ( you really need to do this, it will be better for you. It is better to do this, because you will get some information the would be very useful, interesting and important for you; of course, all the news and new interesting people would be sent on your email)

The sign up as you can see pretty easy and free, which is really cool. 

Unfortunately, after signing up, you have to pay money or credits to chat or to flirt with the girls.

If you want to delete your account just go to “FAQ” and enter unsubscribe the account. And the profile will be automatically deleted.

Search and Profile Quality

The search profiles and a close look on the web site is good. The platform looks so modern and it is very easy to have a search. Also, it has a new modern design. As this web site is international you will use their English language but you can always choose another language from the list.

Safety / Legal / Scam

It is no evidence if this web site is legal or no, because if you would want to enter it, you have to use VPN in some countries. 

The team that works for this web site tries to make everything safe, but there are lot of more work to do.

This web site is full of scams, which is not a really great thing, and there is no help on the web site how to feel the fake account. At the same time they try to delete all the scams, but this process will last a long time. 

If you want to protect yourself from the scam and build a real relationship on this platform, it’s better to create your own strategy for seeing who is a fake one and who is not. For first try to ask the person you are chatting with some questions which won’t be answered by a scam. Also, you can pay more credits for the live video chat and there is a hundred percent you won’t chat with a scam.

Prices & Plans

All the prices you can see on the web site page. The system here is buying credits for real money. Each option costs some credits. You can buy credits with your credit card. All the credit cards are allowed.

Pros and Cons

On this web site people can find so many pros and cons, that is so popular on online dating web sites like this. But you can try to use it and to sum up for yourself is this dating platform worth it or no. 

First I want to talk about the pros. Of course, dating web sites have many pros and the fact that this web site gathers two lonely hearts together is one huge prospect. 

At the same time, you are able to enjoy every single minute on chatting with the loved once. You can really find a person that belongs to you. Not only in reviews for the online dating web sites, you can read about the love stories that were made here, but also in the internet in general. Thousands of couples write how this platform changed their life for the best. They met people who now they adore and dream to spend the whole life with.

Also dating online platforms has a lot of cons. As you sign up and looking for a couple for yourself, you won’t be sure if you are chatting with the scam or no. There are a lot of scams here. 

If you are afraid to waste your time chatting with the scam you can always find an alternative. For example, look for another dating web site that is verified and has a lot of certifications. But they would cost of course more.


In conclusion, I want to say that this web site is a very good option for lonely hearts that are looking for their love. SeniorSoulmates is pretty similar as the other online dating web site and is a cool platform that can be used for by all ages (of course if you are older than 18) and sexes. Many men found here their future wife and now are living with perfect people by their side. And also single women found a lot of strong and smart men who love them and care the most. 

This web site has a lot of options as match thing, and filters as interests, age, city and a country.

On this platform, you can find many good people, have fun chatting and flirting with them, and what is the most important – try to build a strong relationship with beautiful people inside and out. But you have to be aware, here are a lot of scams that is under control, of course, web site’s crew try to delete them, but it is no evidence that you could chat with a fake one. So, that’s a good tip is made for you: try to ask as many private questions about the person, that a scam would not be able to answer.

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