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Top Dating Apps

Nowadays, around 60% of all couples made in the past decade met each other through online dating platforms. While in the past days it was mostly dating sites, now people are more than ever dependent on their smartphones. This is why serious dating apps have taken over. There are plenty of them for both iOS and Android-based devices, and a lot of them can be downloaded for free. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they are all of the same quality. In fact, the abundance of such services led to an increase of low-quality apps that only chase the goal of scamming naive users. In order to avoid that, you need to look for the best serious dating apps that do not scam and are appraised well on the web.

We ask you to pay attention to what we call the best applications is that we have tested ourselves and considered them the best in our objective opinion.

Four Cool Dating Apps for Relationships


Online dating burnout can happen to anyone, but especially to those who are constantly attacked with inappropriate messages while they are simply looking for love on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of women are still experiencing plenty of unwanted things starting from creepy pickup lines and ending with actual unsolicited dick pics. Have you ever met a woman that would want to see that type of content straightaway? I bet the answer is no, at least not when she is trying to meet the right one, somebody whom she could dedicate her life to. Not being on the same page can be somewhat frustrating and borderline annoying, and can definitely discourage you from looking any further, especially when it is not a single occasion but an actual trend. 

About Bumble

This is why exactly Bumble is so great for all those singles looking for long-term relationships and real commitments. It is a location-based app, which is pretty basic in modern-day and has a lot of features that are similar to those its competitors can offer. However, Bumble provides a slight, yet incredibly interesting and important twist on classic online dating. What is unique about Bumble is that it gives ladies the right to be in control over their online dating experience. They are the ones who are in charge of making the first move, either that would be through sending a flirty gif, a simple ‘Hello!’ or a paragraph about something that caught her eye in the partner’s profile. This if not eradicates then really does minimize the problem of sexual harassment online, making the journey much safer and significantly more pleasant. 

Apart from that, unlike many other apps, Bumble can also boast a variety of modes. Users of this platform can choose whether they would like to connect with a potential business partner and grow their working network via Bumble Bizz mode, create a strong friendship via Bumble BFF or whether they are looking for a serious relationship and would want to find that on Bumble Date. Such a separation of different purposes for which people might be using an app that connects people is extremely useful as it allows you to be sure that all the people you are matching with are after the same thing as you are. 

Bumble Users

Bumble has rather strict safety guidelines to ensure that people are who they say they are. The platform employs a selfie verification mechanism to prevent catfishing. What they’ll do is ask you to take a selfie of yourself doing a pose (ie. giving a thumbs up). Then Bumble can verify that the person behind the account is legit.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The tagline of this app is ‘Discover meaningful Online dating’, which clearly indicates that the main goal of the platform is to bring single men and women together to form a long-lasting union of hearts. Coffee Meets Bagel understands the importance of you and your potential match having a lot of things in common, and it decided to start with sharing friends. In order to start using Coffee Meets Bagel, you need to link your Facebook account, as it is exactly what the app uses to suggest your matches. It will show you the options that you share at least one Facebook friend. However, do not worry, even if you do not have any mutual friends, you will still be suggested possible matches. 

Why Coffee Meets Bagel

Another important aspect of Coffee Meets Bagel is that each user gets just one suggested match a day. Unlike on many other online dating apps that, too, employ the ‘like or not’ mechanism, but offer its users a seemingly never-ending array of profiles, on CMB you have to really examine the profile that came up. When the choice is unlimited users find it more difficult to decide whether someone is their type or not since they do not pay enough attention, and are more likely to swipe left, just because they know more other options are coming. 

The thing that makes Coffee Meets Bagel stand out among its competitors is the fact that it puts a time limit on the chats between the matches. After you created a couple with one of the users of the platform by both liking each other, you will have 8 days exactly to have a conversation and get to know each other. After that time, the chat will disappear. This is done in order to encourage people to actually talk to their matches instead of leaving it without any follow-up and make them arrange a date in real life. 

Another interesting detail about the app is that it has both Suggested and Discover sections. Men can like whoever they want, but for women, the app only shows the profile of the person that has already liked them. This is explained by the fact that men love the selection, and women are selective.


The Match is one of the most well-recognized names in the world of online dating for a reason. It also has an app with similar features to one of the site. The Match is amazing for those looking for a long-term commitment. Also, Match understands the importance of mutual compatibility of partners and therefore takes time to learn the most about its users to suggest to them the most appropriate matches.

Match definitely belongs on the list of the dating apps for long term relationships at least for that reason that all the new users have to fill out a very long, rather time-consuming questionnaire that would reflect on the individual’s personality. This is done in order for the extensive matching mechanism of the site to couple up the people that have the most answers in common and therefore would be the best fit for each other. 

Because of how involved this dating app is, it is safe to assume that the majority of its members are there for high-commitment relationships, and have not just gone through the exhausting signup process to seek a casual encounter. Thus, your chances of finding someone who is there to embrace serious relationships are great! Especially considering the number of fun and helpful features this app provides to its users. Not only you are given an opportunity to communicate your matches via different means, but you are also given a choice of how to search for the people you would be interested in. The app has an incredibly detailed and advanced search tool that allows you to apply as many filters to your search as you want. 


It cannot be argued that whatever is your aim in regards to the type of relationships you are seeking, Tinder is not a bad place to go to. While Tinder is not necessarily one of the dating apps for serious relationship exclusively (it cannot be denied that a lot of people hop on the service to secure a casual date or even a hookup), but it definitely is in good company when it comes to relationship apps. 

The good thing about Tinder is that everyone is on it. Therefore, you are faced with an unlimited number of options when it comes to looking for the right partner, no matter how narrow your search criteria is. What is also good is that Tinder is primarily a location-based app, so you can meet people that can potentially take it to the next step and go out with you in real life. 

The only thing you need to remember is that the site does not have separate versions for those looking for a meaningful connection and those after a casual one, so you have to state what your intentions are in the bio so that you would be honest with the people viewing your profile and be on the same page about it from the very start. 

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