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When it comes to finding a significant dating mate, people wouldn’t see much of each other these days. The Web took over the initiative in modern making out. People are quickly cutting the distance to get to know each other, and it’s a fact that can’ be put aside. According to such tendencies, online dating is gaining more and more popularity, and it’s much easier to meet someone you are genuinely seeking.

AdultFriendFinder won the hearts of millions of users worldwide in the niche. However, there are more options you can try out. Discover AdultFriendFinder free alternatives to find out your prospects.

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AdultFriendFinder: Brief Overview

AdultFriendFinder goes beyond your expectations from a typical dating site. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy both of the worlds: social media-like flirting communication and a course-by-course sex academy. Your sex education on AdultFriendFinder is supported by diverse methods of sexual self-expression, such as sexting, photo sharing, and join web cam calls. The member’s chances of finding one’s perfect date are enhanced by a plethora of search features and cybersex options. Over 80 million loyal open-minded users from a vast range of countries are ready to share their private content that would meet your intimate fantasies and expectations.

At AdultFriendFinder, your sensual imagination is free to run wild. Subscribers may just browse the site members, spending an enjoyable time by making private hotlists, or they may be proactive, creating their user persona profile, engaging in life-like virtual sex, and even earning some tips for their intimate adventures. Yes, you got it right. AdultFriendFinder has an inner currency to fulfill such purposes.

A reliable dating service is a legit service. AdultFriendFinder stands for it comprehensively. The site is protected by a GoDaddy.com web server certificate, which means that all of the transactions via this platform are secured with up to 256-bit safe sockets layer encryption. Worth mentioning that AdultFriendFinder is a numerously awarded platform. Back in 2010, it won the XBIZ Award as a “Dating Program of the Year.” And since then, it kept up the tendency by winning the GFY award as a “Best Dating Company” in 2016. You can’t deny, not many matchmaking platforms may be proud of such achievements. So what are the dating sites like AdultFriendFinder?

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Sites Like AdultFriendFinder

Whether you are seeking a casual flirt or instant hookups, you must be sure that the service you are using is not a scam and has all the necessary features to please your goals. Look through the following list of dating sites to find top-rated alternatives that suit you better.

Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison main page

If you are seeking discreet extramarital relationships, then you’re at the right spot. Ashley Madison was designed exclusively for those whose desires go beyond a strings-attached basis. “Life is short. Have an affair,” states its symbolic tagline. Here, you are free to experience monogamous, polygamous, or open relationships in a non-judgemental environment. You can find and Ashley Medison alternative sites, to better study the market.

Ashley Madison offers numerous toll-free functions and features. And as it goes with other similar dating platforms, you get more options with a paid subscription. But if you choose to remain as a free member, there won’t be harsh limits. Under the condition that you want to spice up your intimate life by online affairs, Ashley Madison may be considered as the best alternative to AdultFriendFinder.



Ashley Madison offers three types of subscriptions based on the credits system. The Basic package stands for 100 credits and costs 0.59 USD per credit, which in total makes 59.00 USD. The Classic option gives you 500 credits with a price tag of 0.34 USD per one and makes 169.00 USD in total. And a Premium 1,000 credits cost 0.29 USD and turns 289.00 USD in the total score.

  • 9.9


main page Flirt.com

Like other free sites like Adult Friend Finder, Flirt was created to be free of charge dating service. Since 2009, when it was launched, it made its way to become one of the full-fledged hookup sites with paid features. However, it managed to maintain its toll-free functionality desirable for users. So, you may tag it as a free alternative to AdultFriendFinder. Flirt advocates open-minded flirting without emotional boundaries. The diverse community pool of Flirt has a good gender ratio (60% males, 40% females), which is uncommon among dating platforms. The average age lies between 20 and 35. This site can be your flirting playground and an outstanding opportunity to experience your intimate desires.



Flirt provides two options of paid subscriptions. You can get a one-month membership for 28.80 USD, or you can purchase a three-month subscription, paying 16.20 USD per month. Besides, the site offers a 3-day trial membership at a minimal cost. As a premium member, your enjoyment is protected by a Satisfaction Guarantee program due to which you may count on a total refund in a case if you don’t find yourself comfortable with your subscription.

  • 9.5


main page BeNaughty

BeNaughty does not limit its users to hookup opportunities by relationship status: it’s available both for couples and singles. From this perspective, it may be labeled as one of the best sites similar to AdultFriendFinder. It facilitates exciting sexual online contacts. Eventually, the name of the platform speaks for itself. Your membership on BeNaughty is protected by a profound security system. As you fill out the registration form, you are required to upload a profile photo that should pass the verification on the platform. BeNaughty stands for delivering top-tier match results and does its best to remain one of the best services in the niche.



In comparison to AdultFriendFinder, the prices of BeNaughty membership are average. You may purchase a one-day trial for 0.99 USD, or you can get a one-week subscription that will cost 1.00 USD. A price for a one-month membership is 28.80 USD, and three-month will cost you 16.20 USD monthly. So, prices this site better than Adult Friend Finder.

  • 9.5


main page Loveaholics

Make no mistake with the name of this dating site. Despite that it has the word “love” in it, Loveaholics encourages its members to discover their sexual preferences and find some casual hookups. Just as AdultFriendFinder, it’s a dating platform for passion-addicted mature grownups.

Free users may browse other members’ by profile pictures. And if you happen to find what you attracted to, you just click the Heart icon, and if it turns out to be mutual, you may start your adventures on Loveaholics. You can as well backtrack the preferable account by adding one to the Favorite special list. Unlike AdultFriendFinder, Loveaholics provides two types of subscriptions, depending on the member’s gender. For women, the types of subscriptions are distinguished by their preferable activity on the platform, while men are offered to choose between the prices for monthly payment.



Loveaholics equals a real bargain in the niche of dating services. To purchase a one-month subscription, you will need to pay 41.40 USD, and a six-months membership will cost you 11.55 USD monthly. The price of the annual premium would be 9.30 USD per month. And it really worth trying it since it gives you access to a broad range of features on the site, and the most essential of those is advanced security.


main page QuickFlirt

QuickFlirt advocates for offering a set of features that enhance easy and responsive hookups on a no-commitment basis. Unlike other AdultFriendFinder type sites, this one directly focused on straight dating. While most of the dating platforms allow you to identify your sexual orientation, QuickFlirt automatically sets it as “straight.” It seems to be the only limitation you have to deal with while using this site. The gender ratio is represented in numbers of 70% of male users and 30% of females. Despite that, there are plenty of options for you to express your attractions and desires. Your flirt starts with sending a Wink by clicking on an eye icon. Afterward, it all goes without a hitch: a diverse and open-minded community of the platform won’t let you feel bored. You may add the most liked profiles to your Favorites, so you wouldn’t have to backtrack them manually.



QuickFlirt subscription options narrowed down to four types. A one-day membership has a price of 0.99 USD. A one-week subscription will cost you 7.00 USD. If you choose a one-month premium status, you will pay 28.80 USD and 16.20 USD monthly if you go for a three-months one.

  • 9

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Are those sites better than AdultFriendFinder? Undoubtedly, the answer lies in your preferences and your previous experience. There are plenty of sites that claim they will provide you with opportunities for finding your girlfriends/boyfriends. But if you are more into a no-strings-attached type of relationship, you already know the options.

Success stories from AdultFriendFinder Alternative sites

Success Story #1 Image
Jack and Victoria AshleyMadison logo
Jack and Victoria had been searching for love on a popular dating site for months. They began messaging each other every night and soon found out that they shared many of the same interests and values. Jack quickly realized how special Victoria was, so he asked her out on a date over dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. To his surprise, she said yes! On the night of their first date, Jack was nervous beyond belief; it seemed like things were going too well to be true! After dinner ended, Jack knew without a doubt that he wanted to see her again - luckily enough though she felt the same way! From then on out there wasn't much stopping them: weeks turned into months which eventually became years together filled with laughter and joyous memories along with plenty of adventure-filled trips around the world thrown in between work days too. Finally after nearly two decades of blissful companionship (and several marriage proposals) later -Victoria finally accepted Jack's proposal during a romantic getaway.
Success Story #2 Image
John and Natalie BeNaughty logo
John and Natalie had been looking for love in all the wrong places. John, a self-proclaimed tech guru, had tried numerous dating apps and websites without much luck. He was beginning to lose hope when he stumbled across a new website – one that promised success where others had failed. He decided to give it a shot and filled out his profile with all of the personal information necessary. That's when he saw her: Natalie, an attorney with a passion for art history. She seemed like someone who was perfect for him! Over coffee (and later dinner), they talked about themselves, their hobbies and interests - everything from music to travel plans - until finally calling it a night around midnight after sharing laughter uncontrollably throughout the entire evening together. From then on out, John and Natalie were inseparable;
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