How to Meet Women Online – Top Sites To Find Singles

Are you looking to find love and your dream is to meet a woman to share your life? Do you wonder how to get girls online? Because our busy lives don’t always leave us time to meet new people, we offer you advice on how to meet a single woman on the Internet.

Top Dating Sites To Meet Women Online

It offers you new opportunities for serious female encounters that have the same desires as you. It can be something short or everlasting. Using dating sites, in just a few clicks, you have access to thousands of verified profiles of single women ready to chat online, get to know you, and potentially meet you!

Profiles to meet women online for free

Ariella 24 y.o.
Juliette 26 y.o.
Taylor 25 y.o.
Sara 28 y.o.
Selena 24 y.o.
Alana 26 y.o.

Main Tips on How can a man successfully meet woman online?

#1 Go Out and Have Fun!

Take advantage of being single, and have a good time! Clubs and bars may not be the best places to meet women for free, but they are still a great way to have fun and meet new people. Sometimes, a relationship can start surprisingly, and an evening crush can quickly turn into a lifelong relationship!

Surround yourself with friends to give you courage, and have fun evenings out, without getting into too much trouble. A great date could present itself on the dance floor.

#2 Take On New Activities

You’ve been in the same job for years, you only go out with your childhood friends, and there’s no opportunity to find girls online. It’s only logical that meeting new people can be difficult for you if you don’t decide to discover new activities that will allow you to meet people outside of your usual circle of friends.

These can be all kinds of activities! Writing workshops, yoga or sculpture classes, painting, or even clubs to walk your dog! Even if these activities don’t necessarily lead to meeting your soulmate, you might make new friends, and from dinner to dinner, meet more than a charming friend of a friend!

how to meet women online

#3 Meet a Woman Through Children

Of course, if you have children, it is obvious that you should not involve them to find a woman online free. However, your children could unintentionally allow you to meet new people, without any negative impact on them.

It could be meeting a parent when you take them to school or going to sports activities. A single mom might be looking for the same thing you are, who knows! Your kids have a lot of activities, which could lead to many encounters. Plus, there’s nothing more enduring than a dad taking care of his kids!

#4 Take an Interest in Her

When you start a conversation, it is better not to talk too much about yourself, but rather to get to know her. You can ask her questions about what she does, what she likes, what are her favorite activities or her travel ideas for the upcoming vacations… This shows that you are a mature person, who does not try to put himself forward, a man who listens and is curious. A good point for you!

Feeling that you are listening and that you are interested will make this woman feel at ease, and will make it easier for her to give herself to you.

#5 Don’t Overdo It

One of the best tips for meeting females online is to be yourself. There is no point in playing a role or even lying to charm her. What appeals most is naturalness, authenticity, and a woman can detect it very quickly if you are not sincere.

If you are shy, assume your shyness, without trying to hide it by a behavior that is not like you. This gives you a more approachable and touching side, which could make more single women online fall for you. It’s up to you!

#6 Look Her in the Eye

Another important point when you finally meet a woman you like: remember to look her in the eyes! Avoid looking too insistently at her chest or any other part of her body when you are talking to her. This will only give a bad impression of yourself and make her think that you are not a serious person and that you are just looking for fun.

As tempting as it is, curbs your impulses! It is proof of respect, which will allow you to go further in the meeting. Don’t ruin your chances of seducing her from the start!

Top 10 Dating Sites and Apps to Find Girls Online

The Internet can be a very good way to find love. Different sites offer online dating, depending on your preferences and the type of relationship you are looking for. In the case of a serious relationship, we advise you to discover more specifically the dating sites we’ve listed down below and find best site to meet women.


Edarling main page

eDarling is an affinity dating website present in Europe since 2009 and recognized for its seriousness. It is more than a simple website to meet women. eDarling promises to help you find the great Love among the profiles that best match you. It allows you to quickly meet serious and committed singles. Registration is free, but you can then subscribe to a paid membership that will quickly become indispensable!

Good ForMeet girls in Europe
Gender RatioMale – 44%; Female – 56%
Mobile AppAvailable


Tinder main page

Tinder is undoubtedly the most famous dating application on the market. More than just a dating platform, it is more of a geo-localized mobile dating app with which each member will have the privilege to easily get in touch with other members who are near their place of residence. Moreover, the mobile app is easy to use, as you just have to “swipe”, i.e. scan the screen to the left if a profile meets your expectations, or swipe to the right in the opposite case. It’s great to help you find single ladies free. It is of course available on Android smartphones and iPhone iOS.

Good ForNavigating a large database of users
Gender RatioMale – 69%; Female – 31%
Popularity450 millions
Mobile AppAvailable


Once main page

Once is a dating application that is essentially based on “slow-dating”. The principle is very simple and relatively different from the methods used by other dating sites. Once you register on Once, you will have access to only one profile per day. This one is indeed selected not by algorithms, but by a human. The notification of a “match” usually arrives on your profile around noon. You will then have 24 hours to start a conversation with this subscriber, hence the “slow-dating”.

Good ForLong-lasting relationship
Gender RatioMale – 43%; Female – 57%
Popularity8 millions
Mobile AppAvailable


Badoo app

Created in 2006 in the United Kingdom, Badoo has been a huge success internationally. It was simply the first to offer an app version and it knew how to ride the mobile wave at the right time. Criticized for a long time for its questionable personal data management policy, it has been able to rectify this situation and show its credentials at the time of the RGPD. It is now an essential app for chatting and meeting women online. Simple and efficient whether in friendship or love!

Good ForFinding many good matches
Gender RatioMale – 53 %; Female – 47%
Popularity512 millions
Mobile AppAvailable


JDate main page

This site, created in 2004 in the United States, is the world reference for Jewish dating and has attracted many singles. It promises to single Jews to find a woman online who corresponds to them and who shares the same values and practices of this religion. The interface and the proposed functionalities are quite classical, but it is above all its seriousness and the user-friendliness of the site that has made its good reputation over the years.

Good ForJewish dating
Gender RatioMale – 66%; Female – 34%
Mobile AppAvailable


Lovoo main page

Lovoo claims to be the best teen dating site, but also one of the best proximity dating sites. It has a mobile application for Android and iOS users. Lovoo has to its credit more than 23 million members spread all over the world. The majority of these members are young people between the ages of 18 and 32. The fact that members’ profiles are displayed according to distance particularly attracts young people.

You can therefore meet girls online for free. Although a Premium version exists, it will not be very useful for dating. One of the particularities of the platform is that the profiles are displayed according to the distance that separates the members from each other. Like Tinder, Lovoo has a matching system with which you can scroll through the profiles and identify members that interest you or not. In the case of reciprocal likes between two profiles, there is a match and possibility to communicate.

Good ForQuick chats
Gender RatioMale – 60%; Female – 40%
Popularity23 millions
Mobile AppAvailable


Bumble main page

Bumble is a site created by one of the co-founders of Tinder. The site aims to be more respectful of single ladies online, which differentiates it from other dating sites. Bumble also differs from other dating applications in that you can meet ladies online for love, friendship, and business. Indeed, Bumble For Friends or BFF gives you the possibility to make simple friendly encounters and to develop a circle of friends. On the other hand, Bumble Bizz allows you to establish professional relationships with members in your field of activity.

Good ForSafe dating
Gender RatioMale – 65%; Female – 35%
Popularity42 millions
Mobile AppAvailable


Be2 main page

Be2 is a serious dating site that allows demanding singles to meet women online free. With 12 million members, Be2 is one of the leading online dating sites based on scientific analysis of your profile. When you register, a personality test reveals who you are and what you are looking for. The results are then sent free of charge and without obligation. You can then be put in contact with singles corresponding to you thanks to the search based on affinities.

Good ForGood audience range
Gender RatioMale – 36%; Female – 64%
Popularity12 millions
Mobile AppAvailable


Zoosk main page

Travel is one of the most significant components of a relationship for some people. Zoosk takes the notion of online dating and expands it to include international connections. But this isn’t one of those hookup sites where you can “fly me out to hookup.” Zoosk uses behavioral matching to help people who reside hundreds of kilometers apart make meaningful relationships. This app is for you if you want the best way to meet women online. Rather than putting you through a laborious questionnaire, Zoosk analyzes your behavior by combining your social media profiles. It’s a novel method of determining personality, but it’s probably more accurate because it considers your activities.

Good ForInternational connectivity
Gender RatioMale – 48%; Female – 52%
Popularity27 millions
Mobile AppAvailable

Friend Finder

Friend Finder main page

Friend Finder is one of the most popular online dating sites. It has the look and feels of a social networking site, but its main goal is to unite singles in love relationships. From flings to wedding bells, there’s a wide spectrum of relationships to be formed on Friend Finder. Someone who doesn’t want to commit right away but understands they want to meet somebody special is more likely to meet you. Friend Finder is also inclusive of all gender identities, giving it a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

The majority of Friend Finder’s members are in their 40s, however, anybody aged 18 and up is invited to join. They also take your safety seriously, enforcing strict profile regulations and prohibiting the use of fakes, catfish, and bots. When you use Friend Finder to find a companion, it feels as if you have a matchmaker on your side.

Good ForGood upgrade system
Gender RatioMale – 42%; Female – 58%
Mobile AppUnavailable

Tips on How to Behave on Dating Site: Find Girlfriend Online Near Me

Don’t forget that on dating sites, everything goes very fast: your profile must be attractive. First, make sure you fill it out completely, without leaving anything out. Insufficiently filled-out profiles are often ignored and users may quickly move on to someone else. This profile should showcase you, your qualities, and your tastes. However, be careful not to say too much either, you must keep a part of the mystery!

First advice: don’t try to pass for someone else, honesty is essential. Don’t invent a passion for skydiving and an extrovert character if you are in reality a swimming fan and rather reserved. You have children, say so. You smoke, say so. You have a very demanding job with shifting hours, say so. Your presentation text should be punchy but not overdone. Write a dynamic text in which you talk about yourself but also mention your expectations. Again, be honest! If you are looking for a serious relationship and avoid one-night stands, it is better to be clear from the start, which will avoid disappointment for you (and for others!).

Then comes the crucial question of the photo. Choose a recent photo (this is important!) where your face and figure are visible. If you don’t have one at hand, improvise a photo session with a friend.

Your Photos

The photos of your profile are the first step to seducing on a dating site, if you do not succeed in this step it will be useless to discuss it with the girl, even on some sites you can not discuss it until the girl allows you. I advise you to have between 2 and 5, of an equivalent quality! Yes, avoid the additional photo that may make the person change his mind! It happens so often! So it’s better to have 2 great photos than 5 average ones!

Where men focus on the physical aspect, lonely girls looking for men pay a lot of attention to the environment (the background of the photo, the number of people, the clothes, the expression, the attitude). Also, think about changing the setting and expression. Indeed, there is no point in having 5 identical photos. Lastly, avoid professional pictures like CVs and drunken party pictures… Prefer vacation photos for example.

Your Description

Women read the description much more often than men, so you know what to do! Be sincere to avoid awkwardness on dates. Your ad should show who you are, you need to communicate well to show that you are happy and comfortable in your skin. Have you ever seen ads with a catchy title? It’s called teasing and that’s exactly what you need to do! The first sentence is crucial. If it is not catchy, the person will not read the rest.

Go From Virtual to Real

You like this young woman, so a piece of advice, don’t delay meeting her. This will avoid wasting precious time fantasizing to pickup women online. More seriously, if the current is good between you, believe in your luck. This can start with a phone call if you are shy, but it should quickly evolve into a date. Nothing is more important than hearing the other person’s voice, seeing how they express themselves, and observing their skin tone. Who knows? Love at first sight (the real thing!) could be just around the corner!

Pitfalls to Avoid in Single Women Dating

Most sites check the photos of members and control the texts, making sure that they are neither defamatory nor obscene. Some, like Apricot, will also ask for identification and a criminal record. But in reality, nothing assures you that this handsome single 38-year-old doctor is not an unemployed married man. This is the risk and unfortunately, nothing can protect you from it.

This is also one of the reasons why it is important to meet quickly. This way you will quickly know who you are dealing with. Besides, a man who is never available or who constantly postpones an appointment is not a good sign. Also cut short immediately if a registrant asks you for a money transfer, insists heavily on coming to your place, or on the contrary refuses to talk to you by phone. For a first date, meet in a public place and tell someone close to you where you are. It is not a question of becoming paranoid, but simply of being cautious.


You have followed our advice, and everything seems to be going well between you? You exchange, you laugh together and you feel relaxed? Above all, before you leave, don’t forget to ask her for her contact information! This is a more common mistake than you might think, and by the time you leave, it’s often too late. Especially if you don’t know each other from Adam or Eve, and you met at the bend of an activity or a subway train! Take your courage in both hands, and ask for her number!


Where Can I Meet Women Not Online?

To know how to meet a woman, your friends are your allies. They know you, they know what kind of person you are looking for, and they can quickly become real marriage agencies. Let them know what you want and trust them to organize dinners where single women will be introduced to you. By attending as many dinners as possible, you may meet some very interesting friends of friends!

Where Can I Meet Single Women for Free?

Dating may be expensive even when you're not going out for dinner or cocktails regularly, and it might feel like free dating sites are hard to come across. With so many subscription-based dating services and apps, the cost of dating is skyrocketing. So, if you want to take advantage of as much free dating as possible without paying any money, free dating services may be the way to go. We have a full list above devoted to that.

How Can I Meet Married Women Online?

Dating services may be a convenient and private method to meet new individuals who share your interests in the kind of relationships you want. There are several wonderful dating services available that make it simple for married individuals to meet new interests, ranging from casual companions to relationship-worthy mates and everything in between. These married dating services take care of everything, and they do it quietly.

Where Can I Meet Women Online Without a Dating App?

The world wide web has unlimited possibilities. You can try online Chatroulette, chats, etc. We consider marriage agencies to be the best place to find a girlfriend. They provide you with a wide range of possible brides that you can talk to online. If everything goes smoothly, you can arrange to meet somewhere and talk about plans.

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