Best Chinese Dating Sites That Really Work in 2024

To start with, China is not only a well-known industry country. It also has the best women in the world. A lot of foreigners are dreaming of visiting China in order to fall in love with locals. Visiting China is a good idea while meeting the Chinese pretty women for relationships you may get even on the Internet. This way of communication is cheaper, faster, and less difficult in the organization.

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Free Chinese Dating Sites Without Payment


So, there are two stages of online relationships with Chinese singles. First of all, is online communication. It can last for several months. Online date is possible, thanks to the best Chinese dating sites. You will read about them below. The second stage is the result of the first. It happens when you meet pretty Chinese women in real life.

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Xiang 23 y.o.
Yī nuò 23 y.o.
Kě xīn 21 y.o.
Mèng yáo 25 y.o.
Lán fēn 27 y.o.
Mèng yáo 26 y.o.
Chūn huá 24 y.o.
Jiā lì 22 y.o.

Chinese mail order brides feel free and even desire towards foreign men. Normally, the lady wants to try something new in her life. Online dating is the chance to get acquaintances all over the world, dive into other cultures, and communicate. Regarding the fact, beautiful ladies from China are easy-going and interesting. The best Chinese online dating websites are all you want to meet your love.

Chinese hot girl

What Are The Best Chinese Women Dating Sites?

It goes without saying, the best online dating website is where you find love. By the way, there are some criteria to differentiate online dating websites to the best and worse. Beautiful Chinese women take their relationships seriously into consideration. They will not take the first online dating website to build something serious.

Read Chinese dating site reviews to know more about the platform you are going to use. Moreover, using several online dating communities simultaneously allows one to increase your chances. Communicate with many pretty Chinese ladies to compare them and choose whom you like most of all. The best online dating websites do not force you to start serious love relationships from the beginning. It could be friendship, for instance.

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There are some criteria you should check on the best Chinese dating website you use to persuade it is the best one:

Now, when you know what is the best Chinese dating site, read the short reviews of them.

Success stories from China

Success Story #1 Image
Elias and Quinn CupiDates logo
Elias had been single for a while, and he was growing tired of it. He decided to try his luck on an online dating site, where he stumbled across Quinn's profile. Despite the initial awkwardness of messaging each other online, they quickly hit it off. They talked every day and soon enough their conversations grew more personal and intimate. They shared stories about themselves that neither one had ever told anyone else before. It wasn't long until Elias finally asked her out on a date in person - she said yes! After only two years since meeting through an online dating site, they got married.
Success Story #2 Image
Aaron and Gabriella OrchidRomance logo
Aaron and Gabriella had been looking for love for a long time. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever! After a few months on the site, Aaron and Gabriella finally matched with each other and started talking over Messenger every day. Soon enough, their conversations blossomed into something more romantic as they got to know each other better. After some months of getting closer, Aaron proposed marriage to Gabriella - and she said yes!

The Best Chinese Dating Sites

There are several dating platforms, which get widely popular among beautiful Chinese ladies.


Jiayuan main page is a Chinese dating site, which is popular all over the world. The site was launched in 2003. It is the Shanghai dating site, as was created by the lady from Shanghai. This platform is one of the best, as has the next features. It does not belong to the Chinese free dating websites.


The platform is known all over the world. There are several million members. The site is active. Every day new members join it. The only detail is the language for communication. All is in Chinese. There are translators on the site, so you may use their services. On the other side, it will help you to learn the native language of pretty Chinese women.  Your partner will be pleased with it.



The best safety programs are on the website. The Jiayuan takes care of the users. So, stay calm and fall in love. This site is the best in security measures. By the way, do not spread your personal information to the pretty Chinese ladies. Most users are checked and verified, but the website warns to be careful as well.

How To Become A Member? is among the free Chinese dating sites, which allows creating accounts for free. It is a great chance to see how the platform works. Spend only a few minutes to fill in your gender, name, email, and marital status. Confirm the account via email. All the time, you can return to the setting of the profile and change them. Make the profile creation. Chinese singles like interesting partners.

So, is one of the best Chinese dating sites. Take it into consideration when you make a choice.


chinalovecupid main page is one of the best free china dating sites. In comparison to the previous dating site, this one is in English. A fully English interface deletes all the problems with the Chinese language. This platform is run by one of the most famous dating companies in the world. Hence, the experience is great on the free China dating site.


It is the first feature you will pay attention to. The design of the platform is plausible. It is a kind of community for a date, where you want to stay longer. No bright exotic colors or nude pictures. All are in a good manner. By the way, Chinese singles like interesting and calm designs. The amount of ladies from China is high. Your best lady is waiting for you.

Payment Policy

ChinaLoveCupid.Com works on the rule of transparent policy. Open the site and read all you want to know. It is hard to find a reliable, safe, and free dating site in China without payment. But, it is easy to find cheaper dating sites like All the features are paid, but the price is lower than in the other communities. There are three packages of membership. The price is also different. The first package is the standard. It is recommended for all new users. This package includes registration, profile improvements, communication.

The second package is gold. It has all the standard features plus video and audio calls, anonymous browsing. The most expensive is the premium membership. It has advanced features. For instance, the profile has the status VIP, and the best ladies are on the top of the list. The support team answers at the first point, without queues.

Unique Site Features

Chinese ladies love the two best special features on the website:

So, you may add to the list of potential best websites.


AsianDating main page

Have you heard about Chinese dating sites in the USA? This one is of that category. is popular all over the world. It has a wide range of users. The percentage of Chinese women is the highest among other Asian ladies. The experience in the dating environment makes the dating site one of the best. The signup and several features are free. The rest of the other features are paid for. Still, it is possible to find love without extra premium features. So, is one of the free Chinese dating sites in China.

Searching Activity

There are two routes to meet your love: searching or scrolling. The searching is the best way. There the best dating site helps you to make a list of needed profiles. You only choose the criteria for searching. They are age, marital status, body type, children, and others. It is faster and easier than scrolling. The last one contains the listing of the site and looking for profiles. It is harder, as the number of accounts is really big. New members come every day, so it makes the task difficult. It is one of the best free dating sites in china, so people use it a lot.

Communication On The Site

Communicational tools are important for developing the best relationships online. To meet the singles offline, you have to know something about them.  Dating Chinese girls free online is easy. You may send smiles, write the best compliments, and communicate without limits. By the way, simple chatting is not enough before an offline date. The Platinum and Gold packages of memberships allow more to do. Take them to make the video chat or live connection. The communication instruments work fastly and well. Be sure of it.

Support Team has an all-day support team on the website. Everyone from the users may connect with the best specialists. The helpful team will answer your questions, explain all you want and give the details if you need them. Find the window to contact the specialists. It is possible for both online messages and offline callings.

So, the AsianDating belongs to one of the best as well. Take your turn there to feel more love.



Well, dating sites in China are the best way to find Chinese love. There are a lot of online reliable services, which may help you. Use several of them. Keep in mind the useful features of the websites, which Chinese women like. Stay free and communicative on the websites. The best Chinese women are waiting for you there!

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