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Everyone probably knows what swing is. But perhaps not everyone understands that swing is not just about sex. It’s still something big. Swingers lifestyle is a whole life philosophy. Moreover, this phenomenon is not something newfangled. There is every reason to believe that swing has existed as long as humanity has existed. The first mentions of swing are found in the annals of ancient Greek historians. There is no consensus as to why swinging emerged. Largely, perhaps, because of human polygamy, which for a long time was considered the norm in society, a natural manifestation of an ordinary physiological need.

With the development of society and the emergence of family pair relations, people began to introduce various taboos, in particular against this kind of relationship. But any prohibition, as you know, causes a reverse reaction, therefore, swinging, contrary to moral norms, continued to exist, becoming a kind of life philosophy. With the increase in the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and the emergence of AIDS, swinging, as opposed to promiscuous sexual relations, began to be promoted as a way of life that guarantees the purity of sexual intercourse.

According to sociological surveys, 20% of married couples have had the experience of swinger relationships in their lives (at least once). Not such a negligible figure, by the way. But something else is more interesting. According to the same sociological data, among couples who have not had swing experiences in their lives, 40% would like to experience such an unusual relationship. This is already a serious indicator. Agree, if 60% of the people surveyed are to some extent interested in swing, then swinger life is interesting and this article will be about it.

swingers life style

What Is Swinger?

What is a swinger? This is a kind, “alternative”, form of sexual behavior of people, in which a married couple invites another married couple or a single girl (man) to take part in joint sexual games. How is this different from gangbang? First, the status of swingers is that of married couples. Secondly, most of them live together sexually for a fairly long time period.

Swing is divided into several types:

What Is A Swinger Relationship and Why Does it Attract People?

If there was nothing tempting about the swinger lifestyle, this phenomenon would not have arisen. To summarize the attraction of swing, in short, it is a craving for pleasure. Moreover, not only with whom, but with people close mentally, emotionally, and even, imagine, intellectually. “Let’s make friends in beds!” – could, without guile, suggest swingers, investing in the concept of “friendship” the whole range of relationships: respect, romance, passion.

Yet every swinger has a different motive. Those who are polygamous by nature and do not consider it debauchery, thus expanding the circle of sexual relations. There are those who see swing as a natural extension of a relationship, a manifestation of even greater closeness and openness. For some, watching sex from the side serves as incredible arousal, giving a powerful sexual boost. Someone is enraged by any prohibitions, and they deliberately destroy the norms of morality imposed by society, establishing their own rules of the game. Some are simply sickened by the existence of something unknown, and they are driven by a great desire to experience everything.

Swingers Life Styles – Pros & Cons

Many people ask how to be swingers, and is it good or bad? Here are the main pros and cons of this fetish.



How To Decide To Become A Swinger Lifestyle Community?

It’s not easy to become a swinger. And, above all, by virtue of upbringing. Indeed, in any civilized society, despite all the sexual revolutions and rather freedom-loving views, intimacy for two is the standard of sexual relations.

Answer yourself honestly to the question: do you really need swing? Is swinging normal? Maybe everything that you are missing, what you are looking for, can be obtained with a single partner. Make sure to start with that sex with each other is really exhausted. An experiment in the matrimonial bed. Perhaps you will experience a lot of new, unexplored pleasure there.

But if you have thought it all over carefully, then the next step on the path to swinging will be to overcome jealousy, complexes, and pride in yourself. This process is complex but inevitable.

How To Tell Your Spouse About Adult Swing Lifestyle?

It’s one thing to decide to become a lifestyle swinger yourself, and it’s quite another to tell your partner about it. From the experience of swingers, it became known that in such a delicate proposal you have to be inventive. Of course, you need to use your knowledge of the psychology of your partner. A person can be attracted by clinging to the hooks of hidden desires. One cannot do without first debunking some misconceptions: “swing is cheating,” “swing is a gangbang,” “swing is a search for satisfaction that is not obtained in a married bed.” It is better to show your sexual intention first “between the lines” – in a conversation while discussing the topic of swing life style or when watching an erotic film together.

How To Get Into Swinging?

If you made up your mind and received the support of your partner, then – down with all doubts. To have pleasure from something, you have to be free in your desires. Find out more about lifestyle swingers, don’t be content with what you know in general terms. The information will give you confidence. In order to help beginners overcome their complexes, beginners are advised to start with a light swing.

This will definitely let you know if you really need it, plus you will understand for yourself what you are ready for. You also need to decide on the composition for the swing: are you looking for a pair or do you prefer to be a three? If three, then which – MMF or FFM? Maybe in the end you will understand that such a fetish as SexWife is close to you. SexWife is a kind of masochism when a faithful husband allows others to fuck his wife. Why do they do this, you ask? Thus, a man shows that he is strong and ready to endure such torment (a very specific fetish, but has his own fans).

In addition, the principle in this fetish is the observance of the unwritten swinger guide etiquette, which you should definitely read before looking for sexual swingers. Fundamental is “the right to not”, keeping the secrecy of the relationship, the taboo on the destruction of marriage, maintaining an attractive appearance, strict hygiene, and safety of sex. Each swinger also has the right to add his own rules, which partners must respectfully accept and be sure to follow.

Swinger Relationship

How to Find a Swinger?

Now for the last and most defining step: meet swinging couples. All sorts of swinger lifestyle services help in this, about which it is easy to find a lot of information on the Internet. To do this, you just need to enter “swingers meet” in any search engine.

With the abundance of choices in the virtual world, many are faced with the fact that it is not easy to find a suitable pair. In support of this, it is worth citing the opinion of one experienced swinger: “We have been in a swing lifestyle for more than 2 years. I am 36, my wife is 33. Searches on the Internet were not very successful. 50% of virtuals are just having fun and are not ready to meet in real life, 10% are random couples. who would like to, but never dare, 10% are young people under 23, who lead a free lifestyle, but humanly have little interest.

The remaining 30% are real. But! Basically, these are not swingers in their philosophy and culture. These are, as a rule, people of bi-orientation or those who are looking for adultery, or those who are interested in group sex. All of them are not interested in anything except sex. That is, they met, had sex, and ran away. There was no communication and such things as friendship – not necessary.

Alas, the situation described is quite typical. Therefore, many people actually find a suitable pair for swinging from their environment. And this is logical. Indeed, the swing is based on friendship, friendship. Real swingers are necessarily like-minded people. They have similar interests, tastes, and habits. They prefer the same pastime. If with all this, there is sexual sympathy between couples, then this is already 90% of what is needed. The art of swing seduction is to help you overcome 10% of your complexes.

The foreplay of a swing relationship includes frank conversations, romantic parties, naughty contests, joint viewing of erotic films and programs, visits to nudist beaches, and saunas. Successful swingers say that in no case should you force events. Everything should happen unobtrusively, without unnecessary pressure. The consent to the exchange of partners must come consciously, and not under the influence of factors that remove the control of consciousness. Patience and sincerity in this case are the only way to success.

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