Best Free Online Dating Sites for Long Term Relationships

The controversy about the best free dating site for serious relationships has not subsided on the Internet. It seems that every applicant has his only correct answer to this question. Some prefer hot Asian beauties. Others prefer cold Scandinavian queens or mysterious Slavic ladies.

Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships

The truth, as is often the case, is somewhere in between. Each of these answers is correct in its way, but everyone must answer the question for himself personally. The truth is that the modern world, with its tendencies towards general globalization, reveals international dating from a new angle. Now, any man can get acquainted and start communicating with girls online and choose the chosen one, regardless of territorial and racial affiliation.

free dating sites for marriage

International dating sites and international marriage agencies completely blur boundaries and distances. Now everyone is open to unlimited communication with everyone – you can meet a girl from Japan, the Philippines, or Sweden. Many mail order brides from various countries of Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, with interest and pleasure, are considering the candidacy of foreigners. All other things being equal, they give preference to Americans first of all.

This is happening against the backdrop of general globalization and the desire of many countries’ residents to get acquainted with representatives of other cultures. Everyone understands that it is much more interesting to communicate with a person who is radically different from you in terms of mentality, worldview, and habits. Against this background, international dating sites are gaining popularity.

The above does not mean that citizenship alone is enough to be successful in communicating with a girl. Depending on your personality and nationality, women may be interested in your charisma, character merit, or even just having a sense of humor.

Some women prefer reliable and strong men, while others place particular emphasis on charisma and understanding. All these nuances are perfectly learned in practice; however, to begin to fully cognize them, it is necessary to determine the direction. Now the market offers everyone a huge number of best free dating site for serious relationships, each of which has obvious advantages and often subtle disadvantages.

General Statistic About Online Dating (For The U.S. in July 2024)

? Number Of Users43.2m
? App Users26.6m
❤️ Succes Rate For Serious Relationships>32%
? Prevailing Age21-34 years old
⭐ Most Important FactCommon Interests
? Free ServicesRegistration and welcome credits
☎️ Mobile AppsAndroid, iOS

Free Modern Dating – Fast and Limitless

As sad as it may be, classic dating is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Many of us remember our first dates, which are filled with exciting anticipation, and our first movie trips and long walks through warm spring evenings. Modern life is faster and more demanding. Modern upbringing imposes certain restrictions on the regular date with a girl.

Now everything happens faster – from the first meeting with the chosen one in real life to the first kiss and the first night, there is only one step. Good or bad is a question that is best left to professional philosophers. One has to reckon with the fact that the very concept of adult relationships has changed. And it has changed, not least because of the speed of life, the pandemic, and the ability to compensate for the lack of live communication on the Internet online.

Today, more and more young people are gradually coming to the concept of a career, the need to provide for a family before starting one. This is true equally for the United States and for most of the developed countries from the European Union. It is not surprising that many wealthy men are increasingly paying attention to the third world’s direction. Many people believe that such countries are the ideal place to find the ideal wife and mother for their future children.

And this is where the updated concept of modern dating comes to the fore. Services and international dating platforms greatly simplify acquaintance and classic communication. In order to get acquainted and start communicating with a foreigner today, it is enough to register on a thematic website with just a few clicks. Advanced search filters and surgically customizable matchmaking systems allow you to find your darling with an extremely high success rate.

The world of modern dating is a world of high speeds and communication that is almost unaffected by borders and distances. Some people still continue to believe that the contemporary approach is not available to everyone, but this is a mistake. There are many free dating sites in the USA without payment. Almost all of them have a premium subscription, which provides the user with certain bonuses. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, a free subscription for communication and dating is more than enough.

Is It Worth Paying for a Dating Service?

Many men almost immediately start to think about how good the free version is when it comes to best free dating site for serious relationships. Almost all of the best online dating sites for marriage have free membership and premium subscriptions. Some services that prefer a touch of elitism to the traditional way of forming a sales funnel refuse free subscriptions, but there are only a few such free dating sites.

The vast majority of the best dating sites for real relationships promote the product with the help of free registration and only then offer customers premium promotion features. It’s time to answer the question of whether the benefits of a premium subscription are worth your money.

According to Reddit and Consumer Reports are definitely not worth it. Let’s try to figure out how, in most cases, a free subscription differs from a premium one. Oftentimes, you are offered the opportunity to see which girls like you and view your profile. Is it worth the upgrade to a premium account? Definitely not. A parameter such as profile views does not really mean anything at all – if a girl viewed your profile or even liked you, this does not help in practice.

Whether you are with a girl or not is determined only by direct communication. Your charisma, sense of humor, ability to feel the interlocutor and the thread of the conversation are the factors that really have a direct impact on the outcome of the conversation.

Some free sites impose more severe restrictions on free accounts. On some services, the available communication time is limited – this is a miserable way to monetize, so it is recommended to avoid sites. Others may even keep your account in read-only mode and lure you until you agree to pay a premium. The latter is also an example of an inferior monetization design that is utterly unacceptable for the best dating site for serious relationships.

In practice, you will most likely encounter minor restrictions such as low quality of the connection via video chat or a limited number of connections. The first one can be tolerated, and the second is too rare in the world of modern online dating to pay attention to it. Practice shows that it does not matter at all whether you have a free account or a premium one for girls in most cases. Namely, the opinion of the girls should be decisive in this matter.

Which Dating Sites Are Completely Free?

Best relationship website is a site that allows you to use its functionality without restrictions in the free subscription model, but at the same time offers nice unique features for premium accounts. Completely free dating sites for serious relationships are practically a myth. Any site should be monetized and bring money to its owners. Altogether free sites exist, but when you look at their early 2000s amateur free dating sites interface, you almost certainly don’t want to have anything to do with free dating sites.

Modern dating is a product that makes a lot of money for those who are able to sell it correctly. Everyone likes to use modern free dating sites with standalone mobile apps. Everyone loves a bright and laconic design worthy of optimization for all browsers and devices. For enthusiast-created completely free best dating sites for marriage, this is an unattainable quality bar. And without quality, there will be no available brides or active users on the platform.

Therefore, there are no high-quality and absolutely free serious dating sites for marriage. However, many reputable platforms offer quite interesting free subscription options, within which users can interact with the platform without noticeable restrictions. These best dating sites for long-term relationships can be called entirely free because hundreds of thousands of users actively use their functionality every day and do not pay a dime.

Is it Possible to Fall in Love With a Partner Online?

Many people believe that love at a distance is impossible. Men believe that to truly fall in love with a woman or fall in love with a woman, personal communication is necessary. A first date, a meeting, and a kiss, a long conversation all night long – these are the formulas of true love that everyone believes in.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this opinion is outdated. The development of modern information technologies has long since blurred the boundaries of communication, and the revolution of public consciousness has made possible the previously unattainable. Historically, cases of pure and uncomplicated love are known only by correspondence, which could last years. Men sent paper letters to their admirers, and they loved them even though they had no idea what they looked like in life. There is no limit to the human imagination that makes the impossible possible.

Modern technology is vastly superior to old-fashioned letters. Applicants are offered not only text chat but also voice and video communication. Now it is possible to get the complete and most reliable impression of a partner long before the meeting, using photos, videos, and voice calls. Falling in love with a partner online is not only possible but also quite simple. Many administrators of the best online dating sites for serious relationships understand this very well and use it extremely successfully.

Which Dating Sites Are Actually Free?

The notion of a completely free site is pretty vague. You will not find a single truly worthy candidate among the completely free sites because they were all created by amateurs and enthusiasts without clear compliance with modern standards.

This article talks more about free membership, which imposes minimum restrictions on the active user. And in this context, disclosing the topic immediately becomes much easier – among the many best dating apps for serious relationships, there are quite a few free options.

List Of Top Dating Websites For Serious Relationships Without Payment


Short Overview

Tinder is not only the most popular but also the most successful dating site for marriage. And the popularity of this service is well deserved. Tinder is used by millions of people in different countries around the world. On the official website’s main page, you will find many real stories about how Tinder combined two singles into a loving couple and how he created a new happy family. Tinder is easy to use, extremely popular, and ubiquitous in every region. However, it is not as well suited for more serious and classic relationships as some other platforms.

tinder main page





Short Overview

OkCupid is deservedly considered one of the best dating websites for serious relationships. It has earned its reputation thanks to an adequate and user-loyal monetization system, which allows everyone to use the service for free, subject to minor restrictions. Besides, OkCupid is one of the best search algorithms on the market at the moment.

okcupid main page





Short Overview appeared early on the market. Today it is still a service that takes one of the top prices among other mature dating websites. Here everyone gets a place, regardless of age, background, sexual orientation, and so on.

The Match can be used both in the browser and in the app. The app is feature-rich and allows every mature single lady or man to get daily suggestions of profiles, see which live close. You can set your search based on age, distance, height, personality, or other criteria.

If you want to get further customized results, you can answer more questions in a survey that Match calls “Match affinity.” Here you get to decide on lots of statements, both superficial and more intimate. When interesting in mature dating, look at photos of all users to choose the most appealing.

match main page





Short Overview

EHarmony is one of the online free dating sites that work. This platform initially positions itself as a service, which helps in finding real soulmates. The active community members on this site are significantly more interested in long-term relationships than finding a one-night partner. EHarmony may be slightly inferior in technical aspects to more advanced competitors, but few other platforms can boast such an extensive base of active singles.

eharmony main page




Plenty of Fish

Short Overview

PlentyofFish is one of the most respectable dating sites on the internet. This service is relatively versatile and ideal for those trying to find a partner to start a new family and those who are more interested in a one-night partner. Advanced profile customization allows you to define your preferences as accurately as possible and not overlap with those users who expect something different from dating.

pof main page





Short Overview

FindEuropanBeauty is one of the most effective online dating sites for finding a partner with similar preferences. As you might guess from the name, this platform specializes in women from Europe. As you probably know, women from Europe overwhelmingly put family values and home comfort above everything else. All these factors, combined with excellent technical execution, make this website an excellent opportunity to find a marriage partner online.

findeuropeanbeauty main page





Short Overview

FindAsianBeaty is a new free dating site without any payment that can provide applicants with hundreds of thousands of free girlfriends online. As you might guess, this platform specializes in Asian beauty. However, only a few people know that, in fact, the site is not so much about finding hot and affordable Asian young ladies but about finding a girl from Asia.

findasianbeauty main page





It makes no difference if you live in the United States or Canada. Today, everyone can meet young ladies online, regardless of the country and the distance that separates you. Modern dating is an excellent opportunity to meet beautiful ladies safe and for no cost. Advanced search algorithms for finding matches are able to find the right match.

In order to start using this extremely wonderful opportunity of the modern world, it is enough to simply register on one of the dating websites, create an account and fill out the information in the profile. Unlimited dating is available to everyone and is just a few clicks away.


What Is the Best Dating Site For Long-Term Relationships?

There is no exact answer to this question. Each dating site should be selected individually, depending on personal wishes and needs. Some sites are better suited for finding girls and brides from a certain region. Other sites benefit from their versatility and access to a larger database of active users.

Which Dating Site Has The Most Marriages?

The approach to the client on each site is individual and mostly everything depends only on you. However, each dating platform has its own specialization. Suppose you are interested in long-term relationships and finding a life partner. In that case, you should not register on sites such as QuickFlirt and AshelyMadison, as they specialize primarily in quickly finding a sexual partner. According to statistics, OkCupid and Match are considered the best sites for finding a future wife.

What Are the Best Free Dating Sites For People Who Want Serious Relationships?

Any site from the full list in this article is perfect. Some of the presented dating services are more specialized in finding girls from a certain region, and others stand out from the crowd by their versatility. If you are interested in an advanced matching algorithm, then your choice is OkCupid or Match. The advantages and disadvantages of each service are detailed in this review.

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