Best Bisexual Hookup Sites to Meet Bi Couples or Singles

Between work, studies and drinks with friends, we don’t have much time to meet people. Numerous dating sites have made it possible to find romantic relationships, hookups, and one-night stands. And considering that our sexual preferences are different, bisexual dating sites are there to satisfy the needs of the LGBT+ community. What should we know about these services, and what are the best bisexual hookup sites?

Why Choose Bisexual Dating Services?

By definition, bisexual portals offer gay, lesbian, or bisexual people to find a partner with the same sexual orientation. Generalist dating sites are not intended only for heterosexual people. However, the percentage of gay, lesbian, or bi singles here is less impressive than on specialized hookup services.

Everything is straightforward. By joining one of the bi-sexual dating sites presented in our article, you meet people who correspond to your orientation and inclinations.

List of Great Bisexual Dating Apps and Sites

It’s time to discover how to meet bisexuals online. Hookup sites offer you great functionalities, save your time and let you find people living in other countries. If it’s difficult to choose from all the online services, let’s compare some platforms and their options to simplify the whole process.

Gay Friend Finder

If you’ve heard of Adult Friend Finder, you may enjoy discovering that there is also the Gay Friend Finder portal. It attracts many bi-curious couples and singles. Even if most of its members live in the United States, you have great chances to find bisexual men and women seeking naughty relationships in your area.

Beyond the classic chat functionality, the forums with tempting and enticing titles allow users to meet people ready to get hot experiences. As a result, you get rather hot chat sessions, reveal your desires, meet swingers, trans, and threesome lovers. Registration is free, with access to the chat. By paying, you get extra functions.




The Feeld portal is one of the tremendous bisexual apps to try. Its creators want to create a positive space where everyone, alone or as a couple, is welcome to explore their desires and their sexuality. Open to people of all genders and orientations, the app meets the needs of users seeking bi couple dating, gay or lesbian hookups.

Many features are available free of charge. The app works similarly to Tinder, while it connects singles based on geolocation. It’s an excellent opportunity to find bisexuals in your area and organize your first date soon.





Another worthy bisexual portal to mention is Grindr. It’s one of the great bi dating apps to meet straight, gay, bi singles. It has thousands of members around the world. Here the boys are hot and passionate. And the line between dating and sex is more than thin.

Grindr offers a free version with the following features: chat, ability to see member profiles, geolocation, photos. The bisexual app allows singles to find new friends near home thanks to its geolocation system. The platform also offers the paid “Xtra” version to avoid banner ads and optimize your online dating.



bisexual woman


Unlike typical hookup sites, OkCupid is a portal where people of numerous sexual inclinations are welcome. If you wonder how to meet bi girls, boys, and couples, OkCupid already connects people across the globe. The service will offer you profiles of users who match your personality, outlook on life, and dating goals.

Registration is quick, but completing your profile requires more time and effort. There are many questions, which then help you find compatible partners and find profiles that may catch your attention. The site has a clear, fluid, and resolutely modern interface. It is a free bisexual dating website, where only additional options are paid. You can get a satisfying experience without spending a dollar.




Wyylde meets the needs of those singles who want to meet bi ladies and gentlemen to build non-binding relationships. It allows you to meet bisexuals, whether you are alone or as a couple. The portal was designed to make things easier through an efficient and intuitive system. It offers its members profiles that match their geographic area and preferences.

Hovering over profiles allows you to have a more detailed overview of the person. The interaction then takes place either by email or by instant messaging. People are welcome to communicate by video chat before real-life dates. Find a couple looking for bi woman or man and reveal your sexual fantasies together.




Surge is a dating app aimed at bisexual men. It works like Tinder, except you can upload videos. It is what makes finding partners here more interactive and fascinating. The variety of profiles makes it possible to browse all types of relationship goals, ages, and preferences.

Here, you may find couples looking for bi men and singles seeking gay hookups. Members should upload at least one photo to be accepted by the moderation team. Using the service remains a social network, where you cannot get tired of complicated matchmaking or lengthy questionnaires.



bi-sexual couple


HER is a dating and hookup app that targets lesbians, bisexuals, queer, non-binary, and trans people. It fills an essential void in online dating, offering an inclusive space, not for heterosexual people, the male gay community, but women. A platform is a great place to meet bisexual women looking for couples.

The application works by swiping to the right to like a profile and to the left to dislike it. Users have limited free access, which allows them to meet bisexual people. The paid options, however, unlock features to get a more advanced experience.



How Does Bi-Sexual Dating Work?

Is hookup dating aimed at bisexual singles different from straight dating? In principle, everything works similarly. You want to meet like-minded singles, feel love, spend hot evenings together and enjoy the warmth of another person. There’s one small difference: bisexual singles are more open when it comes to getting acquainted. In contrast to straight people, who go on dates and stick to role cliches, they enjoy the easiness in communication.

The chances of having similar views on life and sex are high. Bisexual men and women invest less in organizing romantic dates. Many have nothing against having sex with each other after the first meeting without planning marriage. And meeting on specialized hookup sites lets singles reveal more about intimate sexual desires, preferences in bed, fetishes, or kinks.


Choosing a Good Bisexual Portal

Numerous bi sexuals dating sites offer convenient services to make meetings more straightforward. When comparing different services, pay attention to platforms that meet your expectations. Here are some criteria to consider:

Safety First

Your privacy is vital. A great bisexual portal should guarantee the protection of personal information, secure communication, and keeping sensitive data secret. The hookup site you choose to meet bi sexual women and men should allow members to make their profiles hidden. Before sharing personal details with a person, prove that it’s not a scammer.

Read Reviews

To find more information on bi sexual hook up apps and sites and check their reliability, you should read online reviews and comments. Some reviews offer in-depth analysis of bisexual platforms and may help you get a more enjoyable experience.

Features And Ergonomics

An essential aspect remains the ergonomics of the site. Do you prefer bi dating websites or enjoy using apps? If you have nothing against using the service on your PC, choose dating sites. With hookup and dating apps, you are welcome to chat on the go wherever you are.

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Online Dating Tips for Bisexual People

Choosing the portal considering your bisexual hookup preferences is a great start. However, whether you will succeed depends on you and your behavior. There are also some tips to keep in mind when meeting online.

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How to Use Dating Sites for Bisexuals?

If you feel like you will be overwhelmed by a hookup dating adventure, it takes a bit of planning to make your experience enjoyable. Take a look at some tips below.

Upload Pictures

On many general and hookup services, you should submit a photo of yourself. Consider choosing a shot that highlights you without lying.

Adopt a Nickname That Describes You

While some specify their real name, present yourself under a nickname. It adds an element of mystery to your profile and keeps your anonymity. And it gives other users one more reason to contact you.

Use Search Filters

Each member has their own preferences and peculiarities. To avoid wasting your time, use the search tool to narrow down the result. If you are seeking hookups, check profiles that meet your wish.

Decide on a Paid Subscription

The paid hookup site has technical and commercial support. It offers a more pleasant navigation interface, additional functionalities, allowing the user to exploit the site. Whether using paid bisexual women dating services or paid hookup sites for men, you can chat, create lists of favorites, see all profile information. Not all free portals provide you with such functionalities.

Users Experience From Bisexual Hookup Sites

Bisexual couple

” I had been searching for love my whole life, but I had never felt like I could find someone who truly understood me. As a bisexual man, it seemed like no one was interested in dating me. That all changed when I decided to try out Ashley Madison.

One message in particular caught my eye: Brielle. She was beautiful and her profile seemed too good to be true; we shared so many interests that it almost felt meant-to-be! We began talking more often and soon enough we made plans for our first date. Fast forward three years later: Brielle and I are now engaged – all thanks to Ashley Madison! “

Bisexual couple

” I had been on the hunt for that special someone for a while. I was getting increasingly disheartened by the lack of success I was having in finding an appropriate match, until one day when I came across Daisy on bisexual hookup sites MilfFinder. She was beautiful and mysterious, and from the moment we first connected it felt like something magical had happened. 

Daisy welcomed me into her life with open arms, introducing me to her family and friends without hesitation. We moved in together after only a few weeks of dating and eventually married soon after that. “


Final Thoughts

Some hookup sites are better than others. Some bisexual apps have more interactive features. However, no one will answer you what is the best site to meet bisexual couples, men, and women. The choice depends on you, your inner preferences, and your goals. The critical thing is to read reviews, register on various services yourself and define your favorite one. Believe in the magic of the Internet and be open to new experiences.

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