Top 8 AMBW Dating Sites in 2024

The Internet never ceases to amaze – this means of communication has long become one of the main tools with the help of which people from different countries get to know each other and look for their loving soul mates. A wide variety of websites available today manage to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding users. Whether you are an Asian man or a black lady, AMBW dating sites will help you find a partner for both long-term and casual relationships. We will introduce you to the best platforms for interracial dating and give you some tips on how to find a partner easily and quickly. Let’s get started!

Top AMBW Dating Sites


Best AMBW Dating Websites

Want to find a black girl or an Asian man? Not all modern dating sites give you such an opportunity. But still, such platforms exist. We tried hard and found the best dating sites for Asian men and black women!

Jiayuan main page is the largest online dating site in China. You should sign up if you know how to read and speak basic Chinese. Otherwise, you will need to use the services of an online translator. was founded in 2003 by Rose Gong, a journalism student at Fudan University in Shanghai. This site is popular not only among Asians but among representatives of other races who want to find a partner from China or Japan.

Jiayuan has 190 million members, so black ladies can meet a huge number of handsome Asian men. What’s more, the site offers multiple ways to connect with other members, plenty of games, helpful guides, insightful blogs, responsive customer support, dating events, and even a page dedicated to financial advice.



Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits


chinalovecupid main page

If you speak English and do not know Chinese, it’s better to visit ChinaLoveCupid instead of The site is operated by one of the most popular online dating companies, Cupid Media. The overall site layout, interface, and available features are the same as other Cupid Media sites, which is an advantage.

The website features a clean design and easy navigation. ChinaLoveCupid is a popular platform designed for those who want to date Chinese singles. The site has more than 1 million users from different countries and welcomes people of different nationalities and races.



AsianDating main page

Many people choose when it comes to interracial dating in Eastern countries. This is because (and the affiliated site is run by the same brand and is more China-oriented. And can be considered one of the best interracial Asian dating sites as it has many users not only in China but also in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, as well as America and European countries.

Like all sites in the Cupid Media network, AsianDating has a well-designed and easy-to-use interface. Registration is chargeless, but free membership does not do much. Premium subscription provides many more great features for the search for a loved one.




OkCupid main page

This is an AMBW dating app that helps you find a match, regardless of sexual orientation and gender. The service has a simple interface and many profile settings. Almost all features are provided for free, which makes the platform very popular among young black women and Asian guys looking for relationships.

Reviews about the application are quite positive. This site allows not only to make new acquaintances but also to determine the mood of people. You are offered a large list of questions, for example, on political and social topics. They give you a reason to ponder and form your opinion on various issues, as well as to explore what other people think. The service is suitable for finding romantic relationships and friendly communication. OkCupid is available on the App Store and Google Play.




Chemistry main page

This is a more local site for international dating with Americans since it allows registration only for residents of two countries – the USA and Canada. On the one hand, this can be considered a drawback. But on the other hand, this is a great advantage for Asian immigrants in America, as they are more likely to meet a black partner here.

Registration on Chemistry is similar to other dating sites: you fill out a questionnaire and can view the profiles of potential partners whom the system has selected for you. Account creation is free, but to become a full-fledged user of the service and start writing messages, you need to purchase a paid subscription. Premium membership is available in several versions with different duration and costs.




Eharmony main page

This is the most popular dating site for serious relationships. Its main peculiarity is the use of a scientific approach to finding compatible partners. You need to complete a special survey during the registration process. It is better to be honest since a manual search for a significant other is not provided. eHarmony chooses potential partners based on your answers. Also, you cannot see the entire catalog of user photos. You can only browse pictures selected by the service itself.

Service moderators regularly check profiles and block scammers. Therefore, if you receive a suspicious message, do not rush to respond. It is better to wait a couple of days, perhaps during this time, the account will be deleted.

eHarmony is suitable for residents of any country in the world. Please note that the registration is free, but all other features will be available after purchasing a subscription.




Edarling main page

eDarling is a service for finding serious relationships that is distinguished by a detailed questionnaire – when registering, you must pass a mandatory compatibility test. Based on its results, the system offers profiles of those candidates that may interest you.

The dating site is paid, so viewing photos and writing messages is available only if you have a premium account. eDarling provides services for those who are looking for AMBW relationships not only in the US but also in other countries of the world.



POF – Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish main page

It is one of the most popular free dating sites with an audience of over 150 million people. The platform is available only in the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Brazil. So, black women can look for Asian partners who live in these countries.

POF has an extensive and relatively simple search feature. Unlike many American dating sites, this service allows you to send messages to other users without buying a premium membership. As practice shows, sites without paid subscriptions attract people with the most diverse intentions. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to be vigilant.



Main Tips on How to Find a Partner on AMBW Dating Websites

Have you spent a lot of time on dating sites, but haven’t yet found the person you need? Unfortunately, that’s not unusual. This does not mean that you need to give up your desires and goals – we will teach you how to navigate among millions of profiles and find a person who matches you.

The most important thing is to decide whom and why you are looking for. A well-set goal is already half the success. Then you need to choose an AMBW dating site, register there, fill out a questionnaire, and post successful photos. We have prepared 6 tips that will help you make your profile much brighter and more interesting to the opposite sex. These recommendations are universal, so they are suitable for both black women and Asian men.

Fill out the Questionnaire Correctly

A person who likes your profile photo will always take the time to read the information about you. This will help your potential partner get to know your tastes, dating goals, and life philosophy. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to fill out the questionnaire and work out some points.

Avoid Negativity and Vulgarity

Even if you are looking for a casual relationship or one-night stand, do not spoil your image with vulgarity, foul language, and other negativity. Be sure to check your profile and remove expressions that carry a negative connotation. The key to a successful search for a partner is only positive and pleasant communication.

Choose a Good Profile Photo

It’s no secret that you should post the most successful photo. If you do not have a good picture or cannot take one, it’s better to order a professional photoshoot. Show your favorite photos to friends of the opposite sex and ask them to choose the best one from their point of view. Then post this photo as the main “catchy face” of your profile.

Turn on Filtering by Parameters

Do not ignore the advanced search feature that is offered by many BWAM dating websites. With its help, you can find an ideal partner according to the criteria that are important to you. Also, this feature will help weed out those who do not match you at all.

Advertise Yourself

Feel free to be the first to write to people you like. Whenever possible, use services that raise your profile in search results. Participate in games and quests that are often arranged for members of dating sites. The more popular you are, the higher the chance that the right person will notice you.

End Uncomfortable Conversations

Dating sites often become a haven for pick-up artists, scammers, and other personalities who look for victims to deceive, play on heartstrings, and sometimes even humiliate other users. Be ready for this, value your time and mental health, and use such a wonderful feature as a “ban”.

How to Avoid Scammers on Black and Asian Dating Sites

It’s no secret that you can easily run against scammers and deceivers on the Internet. Dating sites, alas, are no exception. To protect yourself from such “acquaintances”, follow simple tips.

Conduct an Online Investigation

Carefully study the profiles of your interlocutors, especially on free dating sites. Fraudsters can create several fake accounts in order to delete a profile after another scam and continue to use the rest. Therefore, people with malevolent intentions rarely buy paid subscriptions. What’s more, search the profile photos of your new acquaintance on Google to find out where else they have appeared.

Go With Your Gut

Pay attention to the messages of an interlocutor. If a certain online acquaintance causes conflicting feelings, you should not be frank in a dialogue. A request to send money is a direct signal to end the conversation. If you suspect that a person is a scammer, cut off all contact and block their account. It is better not to continue communication with people who want to know your phone number or home address immediately after the acquaintance.

Exercise Caution During a Real Date

Be ready to say “no” if a person proposes a face-to-face meeting only a day or two after the acquaintance. Also, you should always observe safety precautions when going on a date, no matter how long you have been communicating on a dating site: refuse alcohol, choose a crowded place for the meeting, and let your loved ones know where you are going. In addition, ask someone from your family or friends to make you a test call during the date to check if you are all right.

Beware of Don Juans

If you are looking for a serious relationship, and a person immediately declares their unbridled love at first sight, most likely the interlocutor just wants adventures for one night. Do not trust people who resort to big words and beautiful compliments. Scammers often use this trick to win over naive singles.

Never forget about caution and online safety when creating a profile on a dating site. Fraudsters can be found even on the most reliable web resources.

Final Thoughts

Asian men find it very difficult to meet a black girlfriend in real life. Therefore, the Internet becomes real salvation for AMBW dating. Such a means of communication allows you to find a partner of any nationality, race, religion, and age. What’s more, online dating has a lot of advantages. Modern sites offer every possible means for effective search of a loved one – you can send voice messages, communicate in video chat, use the advanced search, share photos, and enjoy many other useful features. Just choose a proven Asian guy black girl dating site and start your love adventure!

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