Best Dating Sites for Men in 2024

Tired of spending life on your own? Wanna feel loved by a beautiful lady? It is more possible than you can imagine. All people have chances to meet their second half. If you’re still alone, maybe you don’t know where to look for? This article will lead you to success in private life. Discover the perks of male dating sites. Thousands of websites will help you to forget forever about the lonely life of a single person. But what site to choose to find your significant one? Learn everything in this review.

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What are the Best Dating Websites for Men?

The success of your relationship strategy depends on your choice of dating websites. You must know beforehand what sites are trustworthy and what is a fraud. Many newbies in online dating consider only free dating sites for men in their search for love. Of course, there some good free sites, but most of the services that are free on the internet may cost you more. Some free dating websites violate your private information and can send to the 3d party. Others just don’t have real female profiles. Like, really! You may think that you’re flirting with a hot Brazilian girl, however, it can be not even a girl, but a manager. So, what are trustworthy paid and free dating sites? Let’s find out!

Free Male Dating Sites

Many online dating services do not require payment during registration. You can perform several actions for free. For example, you can browse a certain number of profiles, have limited chances to text your match, like 1-2 chats per day. It is not enough to find the right person for the relationship.


One of the dating services that have a desktop version is Eharmony. It’s matching algorithms is quite distinctive. All sites require answering some questions to form your profile and match it with the right candidate. The questions at Eharmony are very creative, they let you discover the personality of your future match, not only general information like age or occupation. This website is very popular among people who are from 18 to 30 years old.


Another popular service of dating is Zoosk. There are giants in the market. Many people who prefer dating in digital, set up a profile at Zoosk. Millions of users from all over the world are registered there. It means that there people from various nations, views and you have many chances to find your significant one. Or you can get lost in this labyrinth of singles… The age range is also wide at Zoosk. If you’re looking for dating sites for older men, it can be a good option for you, as singles from 18 to 45 hang out there.

Match is another popular matchmaking service that allows using all its functions only after paid subscriptions. But you can try your fortune during a 3-day free trial! Just set up your profile, add attractive photos and go for it! There were cases when a single man found their second half during this short free trial, so you can try it too.


This website claims that it is a website with intelligent matchmaking. It means that they are continuously upgrading their matching algorithm to satisfy their current users and attract new ones. The audience of Elitesingles is determined like for those, who are looking for serious relationships only. So, if you’re looking for a flirt of a hookup, better choose another website. Elitesingles uses mostly singles from the United States who are 30+ and have above-average education. So, on this website, you can be sure that you will have not only a romantic flirt but also a sustainable conversation with an educated person. Having a partner who can share your interests and understand your favorite topics is so precious nowadays!


This website has a 3-day free trial too, so you try it and decide if it’s worth your money or not. Flirt give a satisfaction guarantee to all its users. it means that if you paid for a subscription plan, but haven’t found your match, you can get a refund. If Elitesingles is for people who are sure of their serious intentions to the relationship, Flirt is the opposite. This is a place for people who want nothing more than casual relationships and hookups. They use creative ways of matching. One of them is encouraging people to play interactive games like “Flirtcast” or “Like Gallery”. These features help members who are looking for something fun and casual rather than to find love and serious relationships. 

Male Dating Service: Pros and Cons

Is it profitable to look for your love online? It is worth trying online dating if you’re can’t wait for getting into a relationship. Being alone is a thing of which most people get sick and tired. So why not give online dating a try, when thousands of people every day find their second halves there?

Many people consider online dating as a not reliable way to start a relationship with a good lady. It may be so because they had a bad experience at single men dating site. So, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of online dating:



How to Find a Girl of Your Dreams Online

Tired of spending life on your own? Wanna feel loved by a beautiful woman? It is more possible than you can imagine. All people have chances to meet their second half. If you’re still alone, maybe you don’t know where to look for? This article will lead you to success in private life. 

If you ever tried dating sites for men, and still haven’t found the one to own your heart, perhaps you are not aware of online dating tips. 

How Does EliteSingles Work

EliteSingles is a good option to start your dating experience. In this review, you’ll find out how to get started on this site and what steps must be made to find the love of your life there. 



First Steps

If you already had experience at some dating platforms, you will notice that the registration process at EliteSingles is a bit longer. Many users prefer it to be as short as possible, so this website can lose not patient users. Usually, websites ask to indicate your name, gender, age and fill in the same data about their preferable match. Why the registration at EliteSingles is so long? Because you must pass a personality test during the creation of your profile. This website aims to connect people who want to date smartly. Its personality test was developed by psychologists and it takes nearly 20 minutes. Many couples break up because the things that had in common were not such that can unite people spiritually. 

When you pass this test you may learn more information about yourself that will help you in the future. You can also come across with the fact that all the time you were seeking for the wrong person. Like, you thought you needed a charismatic and adventurous woman to stand by you. The personality test may show that your type is, first of all, a reliable woman that won’t let down in the darkest hour.

If two people have not compatible characters, their relationships will not last for long. EliteSingles take care of couples from the beginning of their conversation. That is why people who won’t get into serious relationships use this platform. After the years on market, they made an image of a dating service that succeeds in turning lonely hearts into happy couples.



Design & Navigation

At EliteSingles you’ll have an enjoyable user experience. The website’s design is fine, there are no distracting banners and a color scheme is a pleasure for eyes. The website homepage gives all the necessary information to start dating on EliteSingles. They also give tips on how to arrange a first date, what are the best dating ideas for New Your, Los Angeles and citizens of other big American cities. On the bottom of the homepage, you can find links to more specific EliteSIngle websites. So, if you’re in search of dating sites for black men, EliteSingles has a separate website devoted to black people dating.  It also has an App that is available in Google Play and App Store.

The App has all features available on the desktop version. It can be even easier to use because it works super-fast! Another reason to download the app is that it sends you instant notifications about any action concerning your profile. So, if your match winked you, it easy to wink her in return in one click. 



Free vs Paid Membership

EliteSingles is not popular among free male dating sites because you can access to its basic options only after the subscription. Without a membership, you can’t see even photos of your matches! But still, there are some functions available for free. You can get winks and send winks back. It is also possible to learn the number of matches that you got. So, you’ll the reason to pay the subscription fee and browse profiles of your matches. Texting is allowed for paid members too. The only contact that you can make with people for free is winking. 

Let’s take a look at three subscription plans that EliteSingles offers. The cheapest one is the “Premium lite”. It costs $32,95 per month and gives you 6 months of premium membership. Despite other popular dating sites, it doesn’t charge extra money for chatting with your matches. With Premium Lite Membership you get access to profiles and can send messages to your matches. It seems like it is everything that average user needs, so what other plans offer? 

If you are not sure that you’ll stay at this website for more than 3 months, it is better to get the Premium Classic plan. It costs $34,95 and offers you an extra feature – seeing all profile visitors. Elitesingles has also a subscription package for users, who plan to stay on this website for a year. Premium Comfort offers 12 months of membership for $22.95 per month. So, it is impossible to be a part of EliteSingles without paying elite prices!


The Verdict  

If you are a single man seeking a woman online, you have various options. The most popular dating sites like Match, EliteSingles, Zoosk. These websites will help you with a search of your beloved lady for sure. All these websites will ask you to fill in your profile info and download recent photos of yours. No matter what site you’re using to reach your romantic goals, there will be no use if your post not attractive photos of yours. Dating websites can push you into meeting with a potential partner, but you must put maximum efforts to attract your match with your profile. 

It is impossible to communicate with your match without a paid subscription on the website. The average cost per month is $30. For this price, you get the unlimited number of chats that you can start with your matches. Such prices are reasonable because other websites can charge even for each message and you can waste $200 literally for nothing. 

All the websites mentioned above are easy to use and have a pleasant design. If you do not prefer to use desktop for your dating aims (and don’t wanna see your co-workers starring in your screen and learn that your surfing at dating portals), download cool apps in Play Market and App Store. They operate even faster than desktop versions.  

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