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Most BrazilCupid reviews are decent but there are not that many full reviews of it. None reviews are satisfying since they are too ambiguous – some BrazilCupid dating site reviews were praising the site, others were less positive. But during review, it was obvious that this platform is just a piece of a huge puzzle called the Cupid network. This platform offers you a chance to start dating with Brazilian singles.

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What is

This review will offer a detailed description of some features and interesting options on BrazilCupid. It’s a website for dating online, but it has one specific feature – it allows to meet a soulmate from Brazil. The review shows it is targeted mostly on users outside of Brazil. Due to the review, it’s not some local website for Brazilian users, it’s an adapted site for all users.

To make life easier for users, developers had added the so-called cupid tags. These tags you add on your own, and they reflect your personality traits. The review shows that it’s a lot easier to search for users with similar personalities by using these tags. And you can check out what tags are most popular – that’s what users have noticed you can do during their reviews.

Some BrazilCupid dating reviews have proved that if you can’t prove to the support team that the user is too offensive and scary, you can always block such a member. There is also one option – proving that you are a real user by sending ID. But it’s not clear how these users can be differentiated from others, no one noticed any badges during their reviews. at a Glance

Best for: Users looking for Brazilian singles.
The number of members: thousands.
Recommended age: 18-40.
Favorite features: tags, verification, block list, matchmaking.

How Does Work?

Like any other dating site, the review had shown me it’s simple to use it. Registration won’t take long, then you can either skip or proceed with completing the account. It’s important since the questions from that account are about your preferences. There you can indicate exactly who are you looking for (male/female, age, body type, personality, etc.).

But you can return to this part later. BrazilCupid dating site review has shown me that you can use at least three types of search even before completing the profile – simple, advanced, tag search. The tag search is the quickest method to meet like-minded people. But even though you can use search, remember, the fully completed account will grant you more chances of meeting the person you need.


As it was mentioned in this review, there are 3 types of search. The tag search is quick and fun, but not as efficient as the advanced search. You can use the simple search, but only if you have fully completed the profile and added all the required personal information. That way the system will offer you to chat only with people with whom you can be matched with.

The BrazilCupid free search is one of the most useful features of BrazilCupid. Users have noticed during their reviews that it’s more reliable and convenient than the daily matches option.


The signup process takes one minute, or even seconds if you use a Facebook account. The review proves that the platform is using safety protocols, so your login and password to the page won’t be stolen.

Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles could be a little better. And it’s not about the photos. The review has shown me – not all the profiles are fully completed. Moreover, the system is still offering these profiles to you. Unfortunately, there are not that many profiles on BrazilCupid and it might be difficult to meet someone worthy of your attention. But is BrazilCupid a good dating site? More or less since it offers useful features for users. If the audience would be bigger, it would be a great site.

Safety & Security

It’s not as safe as other sites. But the reason for this is simple – where people are looking for soulmates, there are a lot of people willing to deceive you. But is BrazilCupid worth paying for? Most likely, it is.

But make sure you never tell anyone about your financial situation, about your health condition (some scammers manage to sell medicine which can cure, but it’s not), and don’t even reveal your exact location. Some people say in their reviews that they’ve been meeting creepy individuals.

Help & Support

The support team is not always busy, they have at least two days off work on Saturdays and Sundays. If you have encountered a problem on Sunday, you will have to wait. While writing users’ reviews, they have been asking simple questions and they got answers after a day of waiting.

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BrazilCupid is no different from other dating websites and offers memberships. If you pay for a longer period, you pay less (if you can state that). If you don’t plan on using BrazilCupid for too long, don’t buy a subscription longer than three months. Is BrazilCupid worth it? To tell the truth, you can find a cheaper site. On the other hand, it might not be as good.

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