DateYou Review: A Comprehensive Dating Guide

The online dating industry offers many options to users who want to find suitable partners. Users can find long-term or short-term partners, hook up to have sex, flirt, etc. Modern apps cater to straight people and the LGBTQ+ community. However, not all websites are created equally.

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This review is dedicated to a website called DateYou. The first impression is that the dating site caters to the interests of people who seek love and meaningful connections. It doesn’t have a mobile app, which could be a problem. However, you can use the dating site on a mobile browser.

Before we dive deep into answering the question “What is”, check out the table below.

⏰ Is DateYou a waste of time?No
? Is DateYou legal?Yes
? Is DateYou Site legit?Yes
? Is DateYou safe?Yes

So, the dating website is legal and operates according to the law. However, it doesn’t mean that the dating site is of good quality. That’s why this review is for you! Keep reading the article if you want to start using DateYou. It’s critical to figure out whether the dating site is worthy of your time since it requires users to pay to get matchmaking services. However, the site offers a DateYou free search, so it’s a nice bonus.

DateYou main page
How We Reviewed DateYou
When reviewing a dating website, it is critical to consider its key features and peculiarities. We have the website and tried to use it to see if it’s working. Moreover, this review includes statistical data that helps people decide whether they want to use the site.


We checked such criteria as ease of registration and usage, payment methods and costs, special features, etc. Based on these criteria, we have created this review. Hopefully, it will help you to understand whether it’s worth your time.

DateYou In 13 seconds

Registration Process

This review reveals that it’s easy to create an account on DateYou. Most users will be happy to learn that the dating website enables them to create an account using Facebook or Google accounts. However, if you don’t like to share Google account or Facebook page data with a dating website, use your email address to create an account.

DateYou doesn’t require users to add their phone numbers, insert postal or zip codes, etc. The registration process is simple and takes a few seconds. During this DateYou review, we’ve logged in through a Google account and created an account through email. In both cases, the website used geolocation to show profiles nearest to our location.

How To Register On The Website Quickly?

When users get on the DateYou website, they see a standard landing page. On the left side, users should find a “Join Now” section. Instead of clicking on “register with email”, use sign up via Google. For some reason, it’s temporarily impossible to sign up using Facebook. Nevertheless, creating an account via Google takes a second. You can add data to your profile to personalize it. You can also change the profile photo.

DateYou create account

How To Make Your Profile?

Once you create an account, go to your “Profile” section. Click on the profile picture; it’s located in the upper right corner. You will be redirected to your profile. Change the profile photo.

The profile section allows DateYou Users to add personal data. Here’s what users can add:

There is a section called “Facts,” where DateYou members can add:

The DateYou matchmaking system will use these answers to match you with the right people. Once you fill out this short questionnaire, the system will immediately start offering profiles of men or women who match your interests.

However, do not ignore the biography section. The DateYou review of the website proves that if you fill out this section, it’s easier to differentiate between fake and real profiles. Yes, unfortunately, the website has fake profiles. However, real people read your biography and ask questions related to the biography.


Who’s On DateYou?

Well, the truth about DateYou is that it caters to the interests of people with serious intentions. It’s not a hookup website and not a place to seek one-night stand partners. So, the DateYou audience consists of people who want to start long-term relationships.

However, the statistics show a disproportion of men and women on the website. DateYou has around 30% of female and 70% of male profiles. Almost 94% of DateYou users come from the U.S, around 4% from Ghana, and almost 2% from the U.K. The majority of members of the DateYou community are between 25-34 years of age. Almost 19% of users are older than 34 but younger than 44.

You should also note that users on DateYou are rather active. The audience keeps growing: DateYou had under 800,000 visits in July but over 810,000 visits in August. People don’t spend a ton of time on DateYou. The average visit is almost 12 minutes. DateYou users typically use the search feature, spot a profile they like, and offer to exchange contacts to meet in real life.


How Much Does DateYou Cost?

The current DateYou dating website review proves that DateYou is relatively affordable. Here’s what you should expect when using DateYou:

Number of coinsPrice

Note: DateYou prices may depend on your location. Payment methods include Visa credit and debit cards or GooglePay.

DateYou Interface, Website Design & Usability

The interface of DateYou is well-thought-out. Once a user creates an account, they get redirected to the main page. It features various profiles. if you’re a man, you see profiles of women and vice versa. Yes, the website caters to the interests of straight people, but it’s possible to use it if you’re in the LGBTQ+ community.

The web design may seem outdated, but it enables easy search and usage. On the top side of the website, users can find their inbox, lists of favorites, and other useful features. This section also features how many coins you have. On the left side of the screen, users can set quick parameters to search for potential matches.

Overall, the interface is user-friendly and makes it easier for users t get started. You immediately understand how to set up your profile, how to search for matches, and where to buy or win coins. The web design of the desktop version is plain, but it facilitates the usage of the dating website.

DateYou also has interesting bonuses. For example, when you log in or sign up, the dating website offers a game. Users get free spins to win coins to use in conversations with other users. You can use free spins to win coins and then use 25 coins per game to try to win more coins.

During this review on the DateYou dating site, we’ve managed to win 250 coins. Moreover, the dating website also offers other bonuses. For example, the first purchase offers a 50% return on your investment. If a user buys 1000 coins, they get 1500 instead.


Pros And Cons Of DateYou

Pros ?Cons ?
Easy to use thanks to a quality interface and a simple web design.DateYou still has no mobile app.
No subscription payment option. Users can buy coins when they feel like finding a partner.There is a male-to-female disproportion: more men than women.
The DateYou dating site offers a game where users can win coins. The site offers free spins to win coins, and then users can spend 25 coins per game. It’s truly easy to win coins.Users must spend coins on every message they send to a user.
DateYou has multiple discounts and first deposit perks. Yes, it’s similar to a casino website, but it’s a beneficial feature. For instance, users get a 50% return on the first purchase.The website seems to have fake profiles.
The dating website shows who checked your profile. 
DateYou offers relatively low prices on purchasing coins. 

How Can I Delete My DateYou Account And Cancel My Subscription?

Even though the Help section mentions that you can delete an account, it doesn’t seem possible. The good news is that you can log out and forget about the account. You can delete your pictures and all information. The website doesn’t require a subscription, so it won’t be renewed. However, the best course of action is to use a different credit or debit card, and transfer money on this card if you want to spend.

Will Your Subscription Automatically Renew?

No, the positive thing about DateYou is that it doesn’t require a subscription. But be careful and don’t use your regular payment method.

Conclusion About DateYou Site

Overall, the dating website has potential, but not without disadvantages. This dating site clearly has profiles of women who try to encourage men to keep using the website. Most likely, these are bots used by the site. However, it doesn’t mean the site is bad. You see these bot profiles at the beginning of your journey. They feature hot and beautiful women. So, it makes men want to keep using the website.

However, when a user sets up the profile, they start seeing real profiles. People mention in reviews that it takes a while to differentiate between fake and real profiles. The god news is that you can find someone on the site. However, the website is paid, and it’s critical not to spend coins on bots.

The website allows users to communicate with each other free of charge during a trial period. The option is limited, so choose men or women to contact wisely. Don’t send digital gifts; it’s a waste of time and money. Consider adding women to favorite lists or like their profiles – these features are free. Use coins only to send messages. If a woman claims she wants a gift from you, it’s a bot.

Overall, it’s possible to use the dating website to find love. However, users claim in their reviews that it takes a ton of time to find someone worthy of attention.

DateYou users
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