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Foot fetish – erotic excitement at the sight of feet. Actions aimed at sexual satisfaction with the help of the feet and fingers. Some people like to watch; others are crazy about kissing and licking bare feet. In this case, both foot fetish partners can experience a pleasure. The rest love it when their genitals and erogenous zones are massaged with their feet. Especially for such people, there are niche foot fetish sites where they find like-minded individuals. This review will teach you how to choose the best foot fetish site, the advantages of using such platforms, and other important information on this topic.

Foot Fetish Dating Sites

Foot Fetish Dating: What Is It? 

International journal Nature workers carried out a fun investigation in 2007. They decided to research people’s fetishes’ sexual preferences. The control group had almost 95,000 individuals in it. They weren’t separated by gender by the scientists. According to the poll, a significant majority of participants (14%) selected foot fetish as their preferred. The closest rival practice only made 9%.

The overall tendency has been seen in the online dating sector. Foot fetishists are multiplying daily, and there are an increasing number of foot fetish apps. There are several justifications and hypotheses for why feet fetish is so prevalent. Some claim this is true since the “lightest” BDSM obsession is the foot. According to some theories, the regions of the brain that manage sexual arousal and the feet are close together. Others contend that the fetish develops due to adolescence’s difficulties and psychological anguish. Notably, the survey found that approximately half of the respondents selected this fetish, which highlights the fallibility of this notion.

Only one scientist offered a rational explanation for the appeal of feet. Vileyanur Ramachandran, an Indian-born neurologist, learned that the brain regions in charge of seeing the legs and genitalia are close by and almost cross each other in the 1990s.

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Who Are the People on Foot Fetish Dating Websites?

In general, foot fetishists are hard to spot in a crowd. These are ordinary, socially adapted people without external signs of sexual deviations. They rarely talk openly about their societal addictions, although they willingly discuss certain deviations without projecting onto their personality. With the development of the Internet, a favorite place for such people is foot fetish sites. Therefore, only close people, primarily wives or girlfriends, can usually encounter such deviations. Should I panic about this? Of course not. That means the feet fetish is relatively harmless, and if you look at it from a slightly different angle, you will indeed find a lot of attractiveness in it. Moreover, people often do not realize what their bodies and brain are capable of in terms of enjoyment and sexual harmony. This is what feet fetish sites are for, to help people understand what they need in sex.

Another feature of people using free foot fetish dating sites is a particular need to satisfy their sexual desire unusually. At the same time, almost all foot fetishists can also engage in “normal” sexual acts and receive due satisfaction from them. But their sexual behavior is distinguished by the peculiarity of having sexual intercourse in a particular form (forms) that only satisfies them – only after that do they experience a complete psychophysical relaxation, which saves them for a more or less long time from an obsessive desire to have sex again in some unique form. This is the difference between sexual perversion and so-called sexual preferences, which seem to be due to the same reasons as actual perversions, but manifested in a less pronounced form and became a sweet and piquant element of the “love game.”

Let’s simulate the situation. For example, a lot of guys like high heels. Indeed, women’s legs look very slender and attractive in them. So, if they like to have sex with a woman in high heels, this is quite an innocent and customary eroticism. However, if they like to have sex only with feet without penetration, this is absolute feet fetishism, in which feet play the best fetish role. And there are many such examples.

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Best Dating Sites For Foot Fetish Dating: How to Choose

The main difference between feet fetish sites is the goal of finding a partner with whom you can make your most secret sexual fantasies come true. To do this, you should choose a reliable, confidential platform where you will find your ideal partner, not a scammer. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a reliable foot fetish site:

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What Are the Benefits of Using Foot Fetish Dating?

You may go things further by using foot fetish dates. You’ll learn how to pleasure your lover in novel ways that they’ve never known. Here are some benefits of using feet fetish dating.

Improve Intimacy

You may increase closeness in your relationship as the first advantage of utilizing free foot fetish websites. Intimacy in your relationship will increase as a result. This is due to the opportunity of having powerful experiences. You’ll feel various feelings with your spouse and become used to them. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn new methods to express yourself.

Get into New, Thrilling, and Exciting Situations

The second benefit is that you’ll be able to get into many new, thrilling, and exciting situations. Using fetish dating, you’ll experience things you wouldn’t have the courage to do in reality.

Easy to Find Foot Fetish Hookups

People used to be constrained by what their spouses wanted to do. They would be forced to rely on that individual to direct their experimentation. They had little possibility of meeting someone amenable to trying anything novel. However, since the advent of the internet, things have changed. Every dude flirts with folks who share his kink preferences. This dramatically increases the interest in the situation and presents many intriguing opportunities. Finding a partner open to new things is much simpler than simply keeping doing things with your boring relationship.


In conclusion of this review, it is worth noting that feet fetish is, first of all, a profoundly individual hobby with its evaluation systems. Some individuals combine their excitement from contact with the legs of sex partners and their passive inclinations. They enjoy that their lover takes a dominant position and presses their feet on their face and body, making them lick and suck their toes. Whether you are an experienced fetishist or want to try it for a new sex experiment, we recommend joining a niche foot fetish dating app. You will find many like-minded people who are not opposed to having fun there.


How Do Foot Fetish Dating Sites Work?

Such niche platforms work like standard dating legit apps. Users register, fill out profiles, and rate photos on top hookup sites. The only difference between these online resources is that their audience is people who are obsessed with one fetish and are looking for the same like-minded people.

What Are Some Things to Avoid When Dating Someone with a Foot Fetish?

Try to avoid overly persistent and obsessive individuals, as they can hide behind a harmless fetish but in fact, be a psycho, or even more so, a maniac. Therefore, do not rush to a quick meeting in real life, despite the fact that you really want to, but instead, get to know your potential partner by communicating online.

How Do I Know if a Foot Fetish Dating Site is Legitimate?

To answer this question, you need to understand you should pay attention to several factors. These include reputation, website age, interface, support service, availability of a mobile app, etc. We described in more detail how to choose a legit site above in this article, so you can read it so as not to become a victim of scammers.

What Are Some Good Foot Fetish Dating Tips?

Like other fetishes, this one has its characteristics, so the main advice is to understand all its subtleties. Read specialized forums where experienced fetishists share their experiences and stories. Become a part of this subculture so that you can be in the subject with actual contact with another foot lover.

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