Top 13 Best International Dating Sites in 2024

At the current stage of life, people use online dating services of an international format. To build serious relationships, some resort to international matrimonial online services. Today, there is a whole phenomenon of dating on the Internet, as many online dating sites can offer. As a rule, the best international dating sites are something like social networks. Our team conducted a detailed analysis of the best International dating sites and created our own expert material on this topic.

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Top Free Foreign Dating Websites
International Dating Sites

You can choose any international dating app to get the desired result. Moreover, top dating apps offer a wide range of modern dating options. International singles can create a profile and post information about themselves as well as view the profiles of other members of the best international dating site.

Best Profiles for Free Foreign Dating

Rating 9.9
Rating 9.7
Rating 9.6

Pros & Cons of International Marriages

Learning new cultures and traditionsChange of habits
Adjusting to close family tiesDifferent levels of legalization
Stimulation of social affiliationTime spent adjusting to a new place of residence
Respect for other nations and nationalitiesChange of habitual biorhythms
In-depth study and frequent use of a foreign languagePossible language barrier


EliteSingles international main page
Total members2,000 000
Girls online180,000
Average members age23 – 45
Female rate56%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Excellent option for long-distance relationshipsNot enough tokens to get
Extensive membership base of various candidatesLimited free features
Acceptable prices for extra servicesPaid subscriptions are included
Convenient communication toolsSome international daters are inactive
Full profile verificationFew young candidates (mostly middle-aged people)


Dream Singles main page
Total members3,324,400
Girls online1, 100,000
Average members age25 – 50 +
Female rate88%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Amazing selection of candidatesMay take a sufficient amount of time to find a worthy partner
Huge number of interested Eastern European womenIt’s not easy to seduce a mature lady
Considered one of the popular dating sites due to its acceptable servicesIdentity verification is required upon registration may take some time
High probability to find like minded singlesSome members do not update information
Perfect search algorithmSome are not looking for a serious relationship


GenerationLove main page
Total members600,000
Girls online110,000
Average members age20 – 40
Female rate20%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Complete privacyA number of fake accounts
Possibility of anonymous browsingSome users are not interested in serious dating
Easy-going site membersA long search for a worthy partner is possible
Lots of attractive single girls onlineLimited number of messages
Good option for dating internationallyCharges apply for additional services
One of the most popular free international dating sites for marriage


eHarmony main page international
Total members21,500,000
Girls online15,000,000
Average members age25 – 40
Female rate64%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Quality contentSome users are not interested in marriage
Creative & stylish designNot everyone wants to go abroad
Smart interfaceTime-consuming sign-up process
Partially free dating siteMembership pricing is relatively higher than most competitors
Huge number of serious candidates from all over the worldSome profiles may look suspicious
Location Tokyo
Age 23
Occupation Model
Religion Shinto
Hobbies Sport
English level B2
Weight 61
Height 175


eLoveDates main page
Total members480,000
Girls online18,000
Average members age18 – 35
Female rate10%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Acceptable membership basePaid content available
Original design & simple interfaceSome perverts are on the site
Intuitive navigationNot all female members are active and sociable
Good option for free international datingIt will take time to find someone for a serious relationship
High probability of meeting a person by fateNot everyone is in the mood to go on a date with you


InternationalCupid main page
Total members1,000,000
Girls online28,000
Average members age20 – 30
Female rate12%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Great app for international relationshipsPoor video quality
Convenient & clear interfaceUnable to use all tokens
Good people to talk toLimited communication features
Singles from all over the world will accept youFew flirting tools
Fast communication immediately after registrationNot everyone wants to participate in video chats and receive video calls


OurTime main page
Total members9,000,000
Girls online35,000,000
Average members age25 – 45
Female rate15%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Great contingent for romantic encountersSlow response from support
People of different ages on the siteSlow registration process
You can chat at any time of the daySome users interrupt communication after the first dialogue
Good option for international relationsOutdated design
Simple intuitive interfaceSome services charge a fee
Location Milano
Age 24
Occupation Designer
Hobbies Esport
English level B1
Weight 63
Height 170


SilverSingles main page
Total members1,000,000
Girls online25,000
Average member’s age25 – 50+
Female rate10%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
High probability of meeting an elderly like-minded personOverpriced package available
The best option for international relationsPossible scammers and suspicious persons
Favorable membership baseNot everyone wants to build international relations
Acceptable & decent contentThe site design needs to be improved
Simple registration does not require much timeSupport is not always responsive


DatesAbroad main page
Total members100,000
Girls online2,500
Average members age18-35
Female rate7%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Convenient communication toolsLengthy registration process
Active users are always onlineScammers and ill-wishers can come across
High probability of finding a like-minded personSupport has a low response rate
Intuitive interfaceAdditional charges may apply
Excellent functionalityPossible racial differences despite the international type


InterFriendship main page
Total members180,000
Girls online14,000
Average members age21-35
Female rate10%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Good option for daily communicationIt is not always possible to use a webcam for video chat due to poor quality
Quality contentSome scammers require a membership fee
Video chat featureNumber of users not responding to messages immediately
Ability to receive video callsThey don’t always want to be in a serious relationship
Free additional flirting toolsMore men on the site than women


Zoosk main page
Total members3,440,000
Girls online100,000
Average members age18-35
Female rate10%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Great option for a serious relationshipPeople who are seeking casual hook-ups or one-night stands may be overly explicit
Many singles can find like-minded peopleUsers feel overwhelmed and don’t want to have too many match selection options
People looking for casual flirting might end up with something morePersonality test at registration takes time
Users don’t mind paying for a premium membership to find loveAttracting a potential bride is not so easy
Over 40 million users worldwideThe app should be improved


OkCupid main page
Total members10,000,000
Girls online125,000
Average members age18-35
Female rate15%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Active network of users is always onlineYou have to pay extra for additional features
Thorough option to verify a new accountLimited match offers
Prompt support via email and phoneZoosk coins are expensive
Intuitively understandable functionalityInappropriate adult content
Well-thought-out search algorithmUnable to cancel a subscription without admin help


Tinder main page
Total members57,000,000
Girls online800,000
Average members age18-40
Female rate10%
Pros ✅Cons ❎
Good selection of candidatesUnable to undo a swipe
Instant likes come to you in notificationsLots of inappropriate messages from perverted users
Modern matchmaking algorithmMature people are often met on the app
Advanced partner search algorithmA huge number of notifications that interfere
Ability to receive and make gifts to other usersAnnoying ads

Why Would Someone Go on an International Dating Site?

Not everyone can easily get acquainted and find a suitable mate. This is especially difficult for females. Modesty most often plays a role, and the fact that it is difficult to find a partner to really like him. But if there is an aspiration to find your companion and spend happy years with him, then all methods will be good!

“By choosing a reliable dating site, you will get a happy prospect of a personal nature. On the best dating site, you can expect a further continuation of the relationship.”

Just one click will help you contact the right site visitor and, negotiate various conditions for a future date, talk about common interests and life in general. On the dating site, you can meet both men and women of different ages, start a family or just meet like-minded people. By choosing a dating site, you will find your happiness to develop your personality as well. The biggest step to take is registration. Do not be afraid of new things. Join other singles who are seeking their soul mates, leaving comprehensive information about themselves and their interests.

You have may report anything and start a relationship with any visitor to the site. Virtual dating is one of the most romantic activities in the world. Later, you will tell your friends about how you found a husband or wife in one of the most youthful and extravagant ways.

Do International Dating Sites Ever Result in Successful Marriages?

The researchers offer plausible hypotheses to explain the results obtained according to cancer generated online. Among them is a high motivation to make Internet acquaintances, the chance to learn about a new match before a real-life meeting, and other extensive opportunities provided by the Internet.

“The Internet improves the efficiency and quality of dating leading to marriage.”

Respondents were asked whether they are happy in married life, how high their level of attachment to their spouse, how much time couples spend together, and how much they love each other. About 45% of foreign respondents met on a specialized dating site. At the same time, they generally belong to an older age group – up to 40 years. Interestingly, the least happy marriages followed bar dating, and in online dating, virtual game worlds can be considered the worst place.

international singles

What Are the Benefits of Using an International Dating Site?

You can be sure that the person you decide to talk to will answer you immediately. There’s nobody on the site who wants to be alone. On dating sites, everyone is seeking the same thing which is called “love”.

As for the blind dates that marriage agencies or our friends may schedule, the advantage is that you can learn something about the person before you see them face to face. Through chat, one can delve deeper into one’s personality and thus avoid having dinner with someone with no chemistry.

Meeting up and starting a conversation is much easier. If the two are incompatible, then interrupting the conversation is less painful than turning around and walking away in front of the rest of the bar or nightclub.

Some dating sites allow you to store certain personal information (phone, address, and workplace). You can choose when to open it and to whom. This way, you can chat with anyone without that person invading your privacy or stalking you.

It is not condemned on dating sites that a man or a woman communicates with several single women at the same time. This means you can keep your choice open without being judged. In fact, one of the main reasons for visiting these places is lack of time. With just a few clicks and without leaving your home, you can come across thousands of singles.

The main advantages of dating sites:

Success stories from Best International Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
Jack and Victoria BeNaughty logo
Jack and Victoria had been searching for love on a popular dating site for months. They began messaging each other every night and soon found out that they shared many of the same interests and values. Jack quickly realized how special Victoria was, so he asked her out on a date over dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. To his surprise, she said yes! On the night of their first date, Jack was nervous beyond belief; it seemed like things were going too well to be true! After dinner ended, Jack knew without a doubt that he wanted to see her again - luckily enough though she felt the same way! From then on out there wasn't much stopping them: weeks turned into months which eventually became years together filled with laughter and joyous memories along with plenty of adventure-filled trips around the world thrown in between work days too. Finally after nearly two decades of blissful companionship (and several marriage proposals) later -Victoria finally accepted Jack's proposal during a romantic getaway.
Success Story #2 Image
John and Natalie QuickFlirt logo
John and Natalie had been looking for love in all the wrong places. John, a self-proclaimed tech guru, had tried numerous dating apps and websites without much luck. He was beginning to lose hope when he stumbled across a new website – one that promised success where others had failed. He decided to give it a shot and filled out his profile with all of the personal information necessary. That's when he saw her: Natalie, an attorney with a passion for art history. She seemed like someone who was perfect for him! Over coffee (and later dinner), they talked about themselves, their hobbies and interests - everything from music to travel plans - until finally calling it a night around midnight after sharing laughter uncontrollably throughout the entire evening together. From then on out, John and Natalie were inseparable;

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Dating Sites?

One of the downsides is that the person’s photos and profile information can be false. Only by meeting in person you can discover the lie. It’s easier to deceive when you don’t look each other in the eyes. Some point out that chatting is not really a guarantee that there will be chemistry with the other person. This can be a lot of fun and happens when writing. However, it can be boring and hard when talking face-to-face.

Another problem while using international websites is that some users create a false sense that the other is famous. Many people, after chatting and exchanging letters and photos, believe that they are in a partnership, and sometimes they are not. They may have a pretty clear idea of ​​who the other is. However, it’s not good that they take everything for granted if they haven’t seen each other.

An obsession with chat may arise, growing into pathology. This means that the person no longer wants to meet anyone in the traditional way and almost never leaves the house. It’s better to strike a balance between the two modes of interaction to increase your chances of finding love. Some opponents of this system point out that it violates privacy.

While it is possible to withhold certain data, information is given for someone with skill and perseverance to find us and start stalking us. Another potential risk is to run into scammers who decide to ask you for money or blackmail you. It usually depends on whether they fall into these traps or not. If your virtual partner demands money or some compromising photo, think well before doing it since you may be trapped in a web of deceit.

international dating app

How to Protect Yourself on a Dating Site?

To make your new acquaintance on the network successful and safe, adhere to the following rules:

How to Get a Suitable Match Online?

The first thing you should do is understand what kind of girl you want and what you expect from a relationship. For example, the main thing in your future girlfriend is a pleasant voice, thanks to which she will sing beautiful lullabies to children. As a result, you can meet not just a girl with a pleasant voice but also a real beauty with whom to raise a son.

“Until you understand what is the most important to you in a girl, finding the right one will be almost impossible!”

To understand what kind of girl you need, try to understand yourself: having learned what your temperament and life priorities are, you will understand what should be in a girl:

After such a complete “questionnaire” of your future girlfriend, think about where you can meet her: online or in real life. To do this, you need to reason logically: a girl who loves to read will be easiest to find in a bookstore or on thematic forums as well as an athlete in the gym or jogging.

international matchmaking

How to Write to a Girl on a Dating Site?

While you and a girl are at the dating stage, text correspondence is your main method of communication. After the first standard messages, the question always arises what to chat with a girl about to be an interesting conversationalist?

Your SMS communication will consist of 2 main things:

Let’s dwell on each of them in detail. What questions can you ask a girl in correspondence? Ask questions that will evoke emotions in the girl and will attract her as a result. The more emotions she gives you, the more important you begin to have in her life.

There are 4 main pillars on which effective communication with a girl is based:

– playfulness;

– carelessness;

– politeness (respect);

– interest.

Always keep them in mind, and when you start to move in the opposite direction, then come back. Otherwise, all the time spent will be wasted. Here is the flip side:

– sadness, melancholy;

– doom, anxiety, hopelessness;

– bad manners, tactlessness, rudeness;

– indifference.

Do not forget also that your international girl may also not know what to write to you. In this case, you can just write her many simple questions. This is when you see that she answers quickly and with pleasure, but she doesn’t know what to ask herself.

Meet with Popular Ladies from International Dating Sites

Location London
Age 25
Occupation Model
Religion Christianism
Hobbies Fitness
English level A1
Weight 62
Height 176

How to Invite Your Virtual Girlfriend to a Real Date?

Your only tool for inviting a girl through a dating site is correspondence. The message will be quite enough if the girl is interested in you enough to decide on a meeting. It would be nice if the interest is mutual.

The main feature of message invitations is their conciseness. If you are wondering how to set a date for a girl via SMS, try to put as much information as possible in one message.

Inviting an unfamiliar foreign girl for a meeting is a difficult task. It should be said right away that the chances are great: in the era of the Internet, many people decide to date a person they see for the first time. There are a few tips that will increase the chances:

dating internationally

How to Impress a Foreign Bride?

  1. Create a cozy evening;
  2. Prepare a small gift;
  3. Offer to walk in an unusual place;
  4. Treat only to gourmet food;
  5. Invite to dance;
  6. Pay for a taxi.

How Much Cost Brides from International Dating Sites?

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:


Among the number of top international dating sites, you will find exactly the one that suits you most. You can try the trial version if you are in doubt about your choice. The chances of finding your soul mate from abroad are high if you follow the advice on how to meet and get a foreign bride.


Are International Dating Sites Legitimate?

It all depends on which particular state you live in. For example, in California, it is allowed to use dating websites. If you live in North Carolina, then you should pay attention to what the reviews about a particular site say.

Which Dating Site Is Best for Serious Relationships?

EliteSingles, Harmony, and OurTime are the most appropriate sites to meet a serious life partner. These online resources are full of foreign singles who want to find their happiness.

What Is the Best Free Dating Site for Seniors?

EliteSingles, along with OkCupid, is considered to be the best free site for seniors. Still, do not forget that these sites offer additional services, and some of them have particular costs.

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