LoveFort Review – How Does the Site Work?

Do you find yourself struggling to meet Latin women? Are you tired of being alone on weekends? If so, you need to check out This website is dedicated to helping American men find love and companionship. With thousands of profiles of single ladies from South America , LoveFort is your best bet for finding the woman of your dreams. Read our detailed review on the dating site to get more information.

Short Review

LoveFort is a great example dating platform. Several factors found during the review prove this statement. First, the owners claim you can meet women for serious relationships from Latin America.

Second, during the LoveFort review of the website, no one noticed men from Columbia, only a couple of them. That’s why it could be assumed that LoveFort is an international platform aiming to connect western men and women from Columbia.

Pros /Cons



What is

Unlike other similar specific websites, LoveFort doesn’t give you a clue about what to expect from the platform. When the main page is opened, you read about the specification of this network – connecting lonely Latin hearts and Western countries, including Canada, the US, and Australia. It clearly states – women from South America and men from western countries can use the network to find love.

So it is not completely international, it’s rather a good example of a dating network. The good news for ladies from other countries than Colombia, the site allows men and women of different sexual orientations to meet love. Due to the review, if you are a lesbian from a western country or a gay man from Colombia, you can find love on LoveFort. But it is mostly used by people of traditional sexual orientations, and for meeting future husbands and wives.

So is LoveFort a good dating site? It seems so. But the owners could drop the prices a bit – it’s not a mainstream site. But they are pretty reasonable.

LoveFort com at a Glance

Best for: men looking for future wives from Colombia; women from Colombia looking for husbands.

The number of members: thousands.

Recommended age: (21)25-50.

Favorite features: gift and flower delivery, cute electronic gifts, tags.

How Does It Work?

Lots of reviews had been written about apps, including LoveFort reviews, and it is easy to tell the most important thing about any dating website which makes it work is being honest while completing the profile. When you are in the process of completing the account, make sure you are being honest while answering the questions.

The matchmaking system needs your data (about relationships, personality, etc.) to compare it with the data of other potential candidates for you to start dating. A simple example, if you are not a fan of active kinds of sport, but you add that hiking is something you prefer, you will be matched with a guy/woman who loves this sport. Eventually, your girlfriend or boyfriend will ask you for a date and you will go hiking. What are you going to do in such a situation?

It’s even worse when people are lying about their personalities. Since the review and LoveFort dating site reviews of real users claim the matching system is good, then try not to lie about such things. There is a high possibility to meet your love, so don’t ruin it.


While working on this review, the search was more helpful than any other feature of the network. Good news – it is free of charge. If you don’t trust reviews from the Internet, and you want to check it out after reading this review, you can exploit the search as long as you want/ But one thing – you won’t see if someone is messaging you. And you won’t be able to message other singles either.

There are tags – you can see which tags are the most popular right now. These tags describe one personality trait of an individual. A simple example, if you want to find a loyal partner, choose the corresponding tag. It’s fun, but the previous search type is better when it comes to establishing serious relationships – it is deeper in detail.


It won’t take you more than 3 minutes. But if you add profile completion to the registration process, then it will take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete the profile, including uploading of images.

Profile Quality

The quality of other profiles is quite good. There are not that many profiles, but most of them are completed. And is LoveFort any good? Most likely, yes.

Help & Support

There are several sections where you can read how to use it, sections with frequently asked questions, etc. But if you can’t find the answer, click on the “contact us” button and ask it.


Some reviews of users claim the prices are too high. Even though you have to buy credits to use the site, and you don’t buy an expensive subscription, LoveFort doesn’t have so many users. So prices could be a little cheaper. But is LoveFort worth paying for? Yes, it offers a good deal.

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