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Online dating is a fun way to spend your time effectively. Instead of seeking partners randomly in bars and clubs, users can quickly spot someone online. They chat with potential candidates online, exchange contacts, and meet in real life. Tons of users find life-long partners by using online apps. The trick is simple: the system matches people with the same interests, similar goals, and values. Some people even manage to find loved ones from abroad.

However, some users prefer adding a bit more spice to their online experience. Instead of finding a partner to establish long-lasting relationships, they prefer adult fun. For instance, they use hookup websites. Even Tinder is often used as a hookup website to find sex partners. These adult websites often help people to find swinger parties, orgy events, etc. Yet, another fun type of website is a web camera or chat site.

For instance, LuckyCrush is such a website. Instead of finding dates, you get matched to people of the opposite sex. Some sites, like Chatroulette, match people who merely want to talk. But Lucky Crush gives a broader range of options. Yes, you can find partners to chat with on Lucky Crush, but the majority use the website to masturbate. LuckyCrush is one of those rare websites where nudity and pornographic content isn’t banned. Check a few quick facts about Lucky Crush below in the table.

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? Is LuckyCrush safe?Yes
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The interesting fact about Lucky Crush is its random matchmaking. Users always get to chat online with people of the opposite sex, but they don’t know who will be their next partner. Webcams offer transparency. Every user knows what to expect since they choose a model to watch online or spend time online. But Lucky Crush is different. The app matches users randomly, like Chatroulette.

It’s safe to say LuckyCrush is a legit website which operates legally. It’s one f the most important criteria when choosing a dating website. However, not all legal and certified online dating websites offer the same level of quality. It’s why we have prepared this review about LuckyCrush. Check out how we reviewed Lucky Crush to know more about the requirements we used.

How we reviewed LuckyCrush
A review of a dating website or app consists of a few important parts. We carefully reviewed LuckyCrush from different perspectives. A website must have a well-thought-through interface to enable easy usage. But it’s also critical to include users’ reviews since even a website with the best web design may fail members’ expectations.


We also reviewed Lucky Crush by creating an account and surfing through the site’s content. Another essential part of the review was checking the statistics. What are the demographics of the website? Who will benefit the most from using the site, given the data? Is Lucky Crush safe? You can find all these questions in this review.

LuckyCrush In 13 Seconds

LuckyCrush random video chat

Registration Process

Overall, the registration process on Lucky Crush takes about a few minutes. The main task is to choose a gender and activate the web camera. This peculiarity adds excitement since no one knows how their next partner will look. If you don’t like your current partner, quit the session, or click “Next” to be redirected to the next partner.

How To Register On The Website Quickly?

As mentioned, LuckyCrush doesn’t require users to create accounts. All a user needs to do is complete the following steps to get started on LuckyCrush:

The LuckyCrush system matches people with other random users of the opposite sex. The website enables users to get started quickly rather than waste their time on registration. People don’t like waiting, especially when they feel like having some adult fun.

How To Make Your Profile?

Users don’t have to make a profile on LuckyCrush. However, one must choose their gender and enter their date of birth. When you choose your gender, LuckyCrush will redirect you to a new page. There will be a button called “Begin chatting.” The website will also ask you to activate the web camera. Users are allowed to disable the camera if they are shy and want to talk by using audio only.

Who’s On LuckyCrush?

Most LuckyCrush users are men. The distribution is around 70% to 30% of men to women. So, the website is clearly targeted at men more than women. It seems that the majority of ladies on LuckyCrush are either professional webcam models or beginners. Some ladies use the website just for fun and to chat with men. This fact means that LuckyCrush is not a dating website.

Users on LuckyCrush expect to have fun while chatting online via webcams. Typically, they don’t require meeting in person since they get satisfied while chatting online. However, many LuckyCrush reviews state that it’s possible to get laid. Overall, LuckyCrush is used by people who seek hookups or adult love online. As mentioned, LuckyCrush doesn’t ban nudity.

Moreover, Lucky Crush targets men and women who want to have some adult fun. In simple words, Lucky Crush is a masturbation website where men and women can fulfill their desires remotely. They don’t have to go out on dates, they can masturbate safely online. The random feature offers more excitement to the experience.

LuckyCrush random video chat

Communication Features

Once you’re connected to another member, you can take four different actions:

There are a few standard communication features on LuckyCrush. To name a few:

Note: LuckyCrush users can switch off the camera so the other user won’t see them. Users can use the microphone and audio to communicate. However, most people prefer using the webcam. Anyway, the webcam is required.

You can always hit the “Next” button if you don’t like your current LuckyCrush match. It’s also worth mentioning that the text chat function has an inbuilt translation feature that facilitates communication.

Free Services &Paid Services

Free Services ?Paid Services ?
  • Registration.
  • Viewing profile photos.
  • Sending text messages.
  • Auto translation.
  • Add members to your friend list.
  • All free features mentioned on the left are paid for after ten minutes of using the website. 

LuckyCrush Interface, Website Design & Usability

This LuckyCrush dating website review proves that the website has a nice interface. It’s simple yet well-thought-through. You can use the website from your phone too, even though there is no official app yet.

The web design is modern and doesn’t distract users with annoying features, ads, or other distractions. Overall, the interface and web design both encourage users to quickly find matches. The site asks you to enter your gender. You don’t even have to sign in, create a profile, etc.

The mechanism is simple: men get matched with women and vice versa. The system matches users randomly, but matches always include a man and a woman. Despite the simplistic interface, the web design is still beautiful. Moreover, thanks to the site’s simplicity, you won’t experience crashes and lagging.

LuckyCrush random video chat


First things first, you won’t get hacked. As long as you have an antivirus (everyone should have one on their device), you won’t have any trouble. The website doesn’t offer to create a profile so that you won’t get hacked. However, users recommend not to send your nude pictures if you reveal your identity. Just use a random nickname so that you won’t get blackmailed in the future.

Pros And Cons Of LuckyCrush

Millions of users worldwide.No mobile app.
Well-developed interface.More men than women.
Cost-effective (no subscriptions).Doesn’t offer dating matches.
A free trial period (10 minutes only).The trial period lasts ten minutes.
Free for women.Paid for men.
Random matching of two people of the opposite sex.Not suitable for LGBTQ+ people.

LuckyCrush Users’ Experience

Most reviewers claim that the truth about LuckyCrush is that it’s more of a traditional cam website. The only difference is that instead of choosing a model, you let luck decide. Some users also mention that even though nudity is encouraged, some men get banned if they don’t behave well.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is no LuckyCrush free search. You get matched randomly; that’s the entire point of the website. As the reviews below mention, instead of using a generic and boring webcam site, you let the algorithm match you with someone. Clearly, the app is only for heterosexuals.

LuckyCrush testimonials
LuckyCrush testimonials
LuckyCrush testimonials
LuckyCrush testimonials

Conclusion About LuckyCrush Site

So, this review has come to a simple conclusion: LuckyCrush is a webcam site. It’s not a dating website, although people can arrange meetings if they like. It’s an interesting webcam alternative.

Traditional webcams enable users to choose women, men, transgenders, and other users. Then they can join live streams or watch their, typically pornographic, videos. LuckyCrush is different since it brings more excitement.

Users of LuckyCrush get matched randomly. However, men always match women and vice versa. That’s why the review concludes that LuckyCrush is not suitable for LGBTQ+ people. However, the website is definitely suitable for men and women who want to get matched online with random people quickly.

LuckyCrush is an interesting combination of a webcam site and a chatroom platform. Most people use sites like Chatroulette, but nudity is officially banned on such chat sites. On webcam sites, however, people don’t get the excitement of getting matched randomly.

Overall, LuckyCrush is a nice option if you’re into nudity and random encounters over the internet. You can check screenshots of reviews to understand more about the website. The current review on the LuckyCrush dating site gives an 8 out of 10.

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