10 Best Transgender Dating Sites to Meet Trans Women Online

If you look at any transgender dating site, you will find that there are thousands of single men who are interested in meeting, dating, and even marrying transgender people. Beautiful and very feminine Asian or Brazilian transgender people are becoming more and more popular all over the world, and eventually, more and more men are looking to meet them. How to meet shemales – a question that interests many on this site.

Best Transwomen Profiles

Joanna 28 y.o.
Briella 29 y.o.
Daniela 25 y.o.
Tessa 28 y.o.
Nicole 25 y.o.
Rebecca 26 y.o.
Fiona 31 y.o.
Nina 29 y.o.
Gia 32 y.o.

Top 10 Dating Sites to Meet Transwomen

Dating sites are a very good option to flirt discreetly and freely. Very often, approaching trans people in the street can be subject to judgments or complexes. By registering on these sites specially dedicated to this community, it is easier to communicate to find a partner. Here are the best sites to meet transgender people.


MyTranssexualDate main page
Good ForFinding quick match
Gender RatioMale – 35%; Female – 65%
Popularity85,000 members
Mobile AppUnavailable

MyTranssexualDate is primarily used to meet trans women. This site is free for transgender women, with men paying a monthly subscription fee. The monthly fee allows men to access the chat feature.

With over 85,000 members, the site offers international connectivity to its users and aims to provide an educational platform that supports the rights of transgender people. They also note that one of their goals is to combat the hypersexualized portrayal of transgender women and offer them a premium dating service.

Transwomen users


iDate Transsexual

iDateTranssexual main page
Good ForMobility
Gender RatioMale – 43 %; Female – 57%
Mobile AppAvailable (one of the best apps to meet trans women)

iDate Transsexual is a “not your typical” trans dating site. This social website can help you meet transexuals. The site will not allow gender or gender preference to stand in the way of real love. The service is completely free for trans women, involving sending and receiving messages, and it features a smartphone version that allows you to find local transgender.

Meet the Best Transgender Girls

Location London
Age 25
Occupation Model
Religion Christianism
Hobbies Fitness
English level A1
Weight 62
Height 176


Trans4Date main page
Good ForMany free options
Gender RatioMale – 55%; Female – 45%
Mobile AppAvailable

Trans4Date is the original trans dating application and service, and it’s a place where considerate dates may meet transgender woman. On the dating site, contacting new acquaintances or a possible dating partner is entirely free. You may join up with a valid email address or sign in with an existing social media page. In the Gender group of Trans4Date, you have 11 options to adequately define yourself to today’s online prospects. Trans4Date is a thorough and secure community for to meet trans girls or cisgender people open to a trans relationship. The site was founded by trans-MTF Candice Horie.


MyLadyboyCupid main page
Good ForLong-lasting relationships
Gender RatioMale – 35; Female – 65%
Popularity1,1 million
Mobile AppUnavailable

Existing since 2014, My Ladyboy Cupid is a particular dating site. It is intended for transgender people and those who are looking for them as partners. My Ladyboy Cupid is based on creating serious and real relationships. If you are looking for your soul mate for life, you are in the right place. Many relationships started on this site have ended in marriages and many users are satisfied. The other great advantage is that you can find trans women from all over the world.

Jacquie & Michel Trans

Jacquie & Michel Trans
Good ForFrivolity
Gender RatioMale – 41%; Female – 59%
Popularity31.7 Million
Mobile AppAvailable

This site is by far one of the best in the transgender community. Created in 2018, it gathers trans people who live in Switzerland, Belgium, and even France. Here, there are no taboos, users are rather open-minded. This allows people looking for a first experience with a transgender to integrate quickly.

Moreover, most of the registered users are looking for a quick one-night stand, sometimes with no tomorrow. Thus, the discussions do not drag on and quickly lead to a physical meeting. However, along the way, it is not uncommon for some flirtations to lead to serious romantic or friendly relationships.


Myladyboydate main page
Good ForDating ladyboys
Gender RatioMale – 53%; Female – 47%
Popularity14.5 Million
Mobile AppAvailable

This dating site was designed by a transsexual couple for transvestites and ladyboys. This is a considerable advantage because the founders master the needs of this community. Here, there is no question of a one-night stand. The site is aimed at people looking for a lasting and serious relationship with transgenders, transvestites, or ladyboys.New members after their free registration must imperatively put a profile picture and write a description. If you don’t now how to meet a trans woman – this site is the perfect choice for you. Best place to meet trans women – internet.


MyTransgenderCupid main page
Good ForGood custom support
Gender RatioMale – 33%; Female – 67%
Popularity12,5 million
Mobile AppUnavailable

If, like many, you are interested to find transgender woman, My Transgender Cupid is the site for you. This site offers dating that can lead to long-term relationships. Registration is quick and easy and allows you to view the profiles of men and women from different backgrounds who, like you, are looking for a sincere and lasting relationship. A team is also at your disposal to help you meet transwomen nicely and smoothly.


Good ForTexting everyone 24/7
Gender RatioMale – 47%; Female – 53%
Popularity16.2 Million
Mobile AppAvailable

The tone is given on the homepage of this site: “find a plan in less than 5 minutes”. No need to draw a picture, this site is specialized in flirting with transgenders. No question of being shy or discussing too much on useless subjects. The finality remains a rather fast and carnal meeting.

All registered members have the same objective, that of a one-night stand. Consequently, the principal asset of this site remains the speed and the promptness of the members to agree on a date. You find a transgender girlfriend with no fake bots, and this is amazing.

To meet transsexuals for life, you must be ready to put your hand in your pocket. This said, only the registration is free, the rest of the parameters of the site is conditioned by the payment of a monthly or long-term package. How to meet a tranny – this issue will be resolved on this site.


LVTG.com main page
Good ForMany options for pictures
Gender RatioMale – 57%; Female – 43%
Popularity9,7 million
Mobile AppUnavailable

LVTG.com caters specifically to transgender singles in the Las Vegas area but also caters to people from around the world. The ads tend to feature transgender people from male to female. People can browse the featured ads before signing up.

This site has received rave reviews from users around the world who frequent it as a useful transgender resource. This site allows users to upload up to 100 photos to their profile, the most of any trans dating site. More photos help you understand whether you want to meet trans ladies.


TSDates main page
Good ForCustomization features
Gender RatioMale – 30%; Female – 70%
Mobile AppAvailable

It could be compared to social media for trans people because you can meet people from different backgrounds. TsDates is the best site to meet transgender woman, no matter where you are. You can find a little bit of everything on this site which also has a mobile application.

Whether you are looking for a one-night stand, a flirtation, a fling, or a long-term relationship, you are bound to find the right profile. Like any serious application, the best features of the site are not free.

How to Find a Transgender Woman Offline?

Transgender dating sites are the finest location to find trans women. There are many dating websites for trans women searching for love and companionship, and meeting trans women online eliminates a lot of the guessing and connection hurdles. However, you could meet trans women online and desire to meet them in person.

We’d recommend you look for transgender parties. Transgender parties or bar nights may be found in many major cities. It’s a safe area, and this type of queuing might confuse transgender women and males who are interested in transgender women. If you Google “transgender and admirer’s night” and the terms that go with it, you’ll get a lot of what you’re looking for. That is the best way to meet a tranny.

Calculate the cost of a Transgender girls

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Users Experience From Transgender Dating Sites

Transgender couple

” I decided to try out an online transgender dating website, Jerkmate. 

After browsing around for a bit, my eyes settled on one profile in particular: Lola’s. She had bright green eyes that seemed to sparkle right back at me every time I looked at her photo! 

After months of chatting with each other online, we finally decided it was time to meet up in person. We’ve been together ever since that magical night three years ago. “

Trans couple

” After doing some research, I decided that tsdates.com would be a great place for me to start looking for a compatible partner. 

At first, it felt intimidating joining an online dating community – something changed when I stumbled upon Sophia’s profile page. 

We ended up meeting in person not long after that first conversation… And it quickly became clear that we were both interested in making things work between us! We’ve been together ever since then – almost two years now – having all sorts of adventures around the world together (and even adopting two cats along the way). “

Transwoman Members



If you have a strong preference for transsexuals or have some sort of unfulfilled fantasy about them, there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, this person isn’t just coming to meet you to date you or to give you some sort of satisfaction, so don’t be surprised if they run away from you the moment they suspect you are fetishizing them. Do your best to see them as what they are: human beings, with their desires and wants.


Where can I meet trans women?

You can meet trans women in various places such as LGBTQ+ events, bars and clubs, online dating sites, and through mutual friends.

How can I be respectful when meeting trans women?

It's important to use the correct pronouns and to avoid making assumptions or asking invasive questions about their transition. Treat trans women with the same respect and kindness as any other person.

What are some good conversation topics when meeting trans women?

Focus on common interests or shared experiences rather than solely on gender identity. You can ask about their hobbies, career, or favorite movies, for example.

How can I ensure my safety when meeting trans women?

Meet in a public place, let someone know where you are going and who you are meeting, and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, it's okay to end the interaction and leave.

What should I do if I am interested in dating a trans woman?

Be open and honest about your intentions and respect their boundaries. Remember that every person is different and there is no one "right way" to approach a relationship with a trans woman.

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