Hooking Up Online: OnlyFlings Review

When people aren’t ready for serious relationships or commitments, they often want to maintain an active sexual lifestyle. Luckily, there is a way to not get engaged in anything serious while having regular sex: hookups to the rescue! The good news is that men and women feel free today to seek sexual encounters. But not everyone has it easy with finding hook-up partners.

Don’t let it get you discouraged! Today, we have tons of dating apps and websites that connect people who want to have sex. In general, there are hundreds of websites and apps that connect people based on their interests. OnlyFligs is one such platform. It aims to connect users seeking flings and sexual encounters.

This OnlyFlings review focuses on checking whether it’s easy to use the website. Moreover, this review aims to describe the pros and cons of using the website. Before we delve into details of the OnlyFlings website’s features, check out the table below for quick details.

? Is Onlyflings real?Yes.
? Is Onlyflings legit?Yes.
? Is Onlyflings safe?Yes.
? Onlyflings alternativesChaturbate, Stripchat, Camonster, Tinder.

However, OnlyFlings is not just a dating website to meet singles. It also provides users with webcams. If you like webcams or video chat sites, then you should enjoy OnlyFlings. The site provides users with access to a webcam platform where members of the OnlyFlings community can enjoy live shows. However, the website is not free. The dating website requires users to buy a subscription. Watching live videos requires additional payments.

OnlyFlings main page

OnlyFlings In 13 Seconds

Registration Process

The review on the OnlyFlings dating site shows that when you register on OnlyFlings, you must provide standard information. Personal details include:

The next step is to agree to terms of use (you can read the document). There is a section where you can add your phone number, but note that it’s optional. Even though it says “recommended,” it’s best to use an additional number or not to include it at all.

Once you’re registered, you can check other members’ profiles. However, we recommend checking privacy settings. The privacy option enables users to control who can view their profiles and who can contact them. If you want to proceed with checking profiles, just enable a reminder about privacy later. But don’t skip this part unless you want to be bothered by scammers and bots.

How To Quickly Register On The Website?

This OnlyFlings review of the website shows that, unfortunately, there is no quick registration process with a Google or Facebook account. However, you can speed up the process by skipping the profile setup procedure. Just enter the data mentioned in the previous section, and you’re good to go!

How To Make Your Profile?

Profiles on OnlyFlings aren’t detailed as it’s a website for hookups, flirting, and flings. However, if you want to be matched with people who share your interests, spend a few minutes filling out your profile.

The process requires choosing a profile photo. You can also add the following details:

And that’s it! It takes around three minutes to create a full profile.

OnlyFlings create account

How Much Does OnlyFlings Cost?

The cost of using the website is average. Check the table for more details.

Name of the planDurationPrice (total)
Trial subscription3 days$1.95
VIP1 month$29.95
Silver3 months$49.95
Gold6 months$69.90

If a user wants their profile on top of search results, they can use a boost. It has a reasonable cost of under $9 dollars per month.

OnlyFlings Interface, Website Design & Usability

So, the truth about OnlyFlings is that it has a generic interface. Some users even claim that the interface is outdated. However, it’s easy to use the website, so most OnlyFling users praise this feature.

It’s easy to find each necessary category. The OnlyFling hook-up site features a list of who’s online so that you won’t waste your time on abandoned OnlyFlings accounts. This hook-up dating website also has other interesting features, like “how to fuck” section, or a porn survey. All these features are on top of the webpage, so it’s easy to spot and use them.

As for the web design, it’s definitely generic. During this onlyflings.com review, we found out that the developers of the website haven’t updated the site in years. However, it doesn’t make the website of bad quality, it just makes it a bit boring. On the bright side, it’s easy to use the website since it doesn’t have “fancy” features.

Users can go to the home page to find profiles of potential partners. They see the location under each profile photo. Moreover, if you want to find a partner quickly, go to the “Who’s online” section. You’ll immediately find someone nearby to have sex with or flirt with online.

This OnlyFlings dating website review also proves one fact: users may need a webcamera if they want to video chat. It is also required if they aren’t interested in user profiles, but in the webcam part of this hook-up dating site.

Pros And Cons Of OnlyFlings

Pros ?Cons ?
OnlyFlings shows who’s online, so users don’t waste their time on abandoned accounts.The subscription is auto-renewed. When users forget to cancel it, they get charged.
It takes a few minutes to find a partner on OnlyFlings, but only if you live in a bigger city in the U.S.The webcam access that you get access to through OnlyFlings doesn’t have many useful options.
It offers tools to report scammers or spam profiles.OnlyFlings doesn’t offer anonymous payment options.
OnlyFlings offers a cheap three-day-trial period to check out most features.OnlyFlings still doesn’t have an app.
It doesn’t ban sexually explicit content, so you can check out users before contacting them (if they post adult photos). 
The website has a video chat feature. If you meet someone from abroad, you can connet via a webcam and have adult fun. 
OnlyFlings search

Who’s On OnlyFlings?

If you’re looking ofr a website to meet love or make meaningful connectons, you’re in a wrong place. People who are interested in casual sex are using OnlyFlings. It’s a website where nudity isn’t forbidden, it’s encouraged!

Most profiles we’ve spotted have explicit photos. Moreover, the website is used mainly by users in their mid tewenties. However, this hook-up website is also popular among people of older age. A typical user is from the U.S, so it’s a convenient option for users who live in the U.S and want to quickly hook up.

As entioned, this dating website also offers access to live webcams. Overall, the audience of the website wants mature content. If you want to hook up or enjoy explicit content from webcam models, create a profile and have fun. However, the site is not for teenagers or people seeking love and meaningful relationships.

Conclusion About OnlyFlings Site

So, what is onlyflings.com? It’s an interesting combination of a dating app to hook up with singles with a webcam platform. It’s not a new combination, there are other similar websites, but it’s an uncommon platform.

OnlyFings is a hook-up website that matches users with potential partners nearby. However, users have tons of various instruments to use (like OnlyFlings free search) to seek partners actively.

The hook-up site provides users with two types of search: extended and regional. The extended search allows users to add more criteria, while the regional type enables them to spot people nearby. Most people prefer the regional search as it facilitates the process of hooking up with people nearby. Simply put, you can find a date within hours if not sooner.

OnlyFlings also enables users to stand out from the crowd. Naturally, the feature isn’t free to use. One must pay around $9 per month to get on top of search results. We recommend using this feature only when actively trying to find partners.

OnlyFings uses fantasy or bot profiles. It’s a feature that merely encourages members to seek actively and use the website. For example, guys often get messages from extremely hot women immediately after registration. The feature aims to naturally show how to use the website. However, there are “real” fake profiles, most users call them “catfish” users.

Overall, OnlyFings is an interesting dating website. It requires users to pay, but they don’t have to watch ads. Most scammers avoid using this website since they don’t like the idea of paying for dating services. However, some scammers still use the website, so be very careful. Note: cancel the subscription if you decide to delete the account. Most OnlyFlings reviews claim that even if you stop using the website, it may charge you if you don’t cancel the subscription.

OnlyFlings upgrade profile
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