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You can find lots of different comments about dating apps, but not about RomanceTales. So this RomanceTale review of the website will be covering some topics and peculiarities to fill in the gaps. Analyzing reviews from other sources has shown that the site is all about Asian dating. When people create accounts on RomanceTale, they say that the site is convenient and the audience is big. The site is pretty old, which is good since it’s a little guarantee that it’s not a scam. In this RomanceTale dating site review, you will learn more about the pros and cons of this web.

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What is

After this review, it was obvious that it’s an international site. If you won’t fill the profile with personal data immediately after registration, the system might start offering you to start dialogues with people near you. And “near you”, meaning with people from your city or cities near yours. It proves that people outside of Asian countries utilize the platform.

When you complete the profile and clear out what is your goal (meeting and Asian woman/man, having kids/not having kids, etc.), the system will start offering you to meet people whom you might like, with whom you have something in common. And then it’s your turn to start picking those who might make you happy.

During the review, users have noticed lots of interesting features, such as the search and filters, verification, ordering delivery of gifts (flowers, other presents), exchange of contacts (you might order it right away, but it’s a paid option), etc.

2315 girls online
7012 visits / day
2567 girls online
6918 visits / day
2852 girls online
9721 visits / day

RomanceTale com at a Glance

Best for: Asian singles, singles from other countries looking for Asian singles; serious and non-serious relationships.
The number of members: 1.5 million, members are mostly active.
Recommended age:
legal age till 35, 40.
Favorite features: delivery, exchange of contacts, swiping game.

How Does It Work?

As it was mentioned above, it’s easy to utilize the site. Consider it a social network, but bear in mind the romantic connotation of the features. This review on the RomanceTale dating site started for me with the registration procedure. It’s the standard process, every site asks you to do so. Instead of the phone number, you must use email. Fill all the spaces and “tick” the terms of use. Then you are free to do what you want – start searching, or complete the application by adding personal details.

Then there are options, for example, you can find someone who fits your expectations, then you can send a gift, or to exchange contacts. This contact exchange will aid you in meeting for the first time. But is RomanceTale any good? It depends if you are heterosexual, then yes. If you are not, it won’t be as helpful.


To tell the truth, after reading users’ reviews, it was obvious they preferred using this option rather than waiting when someone will contact you or the system will match you with a so-called perfect candidate. This search works similar to when you are looking for a job. You use filters to narrow the results due to age, preferences, etc. Then you send lots of messages to men or women you like. And then you need to wait for responses.

Such a search is more efficient than waiting, that’s what people notice during their reviews. You don’t have to be shy or think you are doing something wrong while chatting with more than one woman or man. Such a method will aid you in finding “the one” faster.


You won’t be able to create an account by logging in to your favorite social network, but the process will take less than a minute. Unless you won’t be able to create a nickname for a while. RomanceTale will ask you to agree upon terms of use, and then you are free to enjoy the site.

Profile Quality

The profile quality will answer the question – is RomanceTale worth paying for? It certainly is worth paying since the profiles, especially, validated ones, are of high quality. By high quality, it is meant that during this RomanceTale review people have noticed completed profiles. They have photos, personal information – they are full and it’s easier to figure out who you might like. registation

Help & Support

Several RomanceTale dating site reviews had been found claiming the support is working and helping with solving issues. During this review, a decision was made to ask a simple question about the work of RomanceTale. The answer from them was sent untill the end of the day. It seems, RomanceTale support team works properly, and some reviews of other users affirm – they can solve more serious problems.


Some RomanceTale dating reviews clam the pricing could be lower. But on the other hand, you pay only when you are utilizing the site. And one more good thing – you can exchange contacts. The process might be longer than usual, but some other websites won’t even allow you this. RomanceTale offers a paid service, but it’s of good quality.

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