12 Sure Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep with You

How to recognize the signs she wants to sleep with you? Many men want to know the answer to this question. Guys often do not understand even explicit hints, mistaking them for something else, and miss the opportunity for passionate sex with a girl they like. But sometimes the opposite happens, and a man repels a woman with his perseverance, believing that the lady is flirting with him. So why is she winding her hair around the finger, blushing, and pulling her dress over and over again? Is it nervousness or a display of sexual desire? In this article, we will analyze all the female hints and signs she only wants to sleep with you so that you can understand the fair sex a little better.


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How to Tell if a Girl Wants to Sleep with You

Sexual hints from women are most often hidden. A rare girl will immediately declare that she wants to make love. Most likely, she will only gently hint at her sexual interest. It is difficult for men to understand such signals. After all, they are used to talking about their desires directly. Fortunately, you can find out about the intentions of a woman by indirect signs – verbal and non-verbal. Let’s consider each in more detail.

Non-Verbal Signs

Recognizing and interpreting body language is a fascinating activity and a very useful skill not only in the field of intimate relationships but in life in general. When you start dating, a woman may try to hide her true emotions behind a mask of indifference, but some moments literally scream about the desire to get laid right now.

Staring Game

Interest and sympathy for the opposite sex is read in the eyes. If a girl is sexually aroused and lusts for a man, her pupils dilate, and her gaze continually stops at the object of desire. She may be embarrassed and pretend to look in a different direction, but one way or another, the girl will glance at the man over and over again.


Feeling an irresistible craving for a man, a girl can either be embarrassed by such emotions or, on the contrary, show her attraction in every possible way. In the first case, the lady will often fix her hair and touch her lips. In the second, she will as if accidentally touch a man. Temperamental and sensual personalities go to even greater lengths, stroking their decollate and neck in a conversation with a man, thereby frankly declaring their desire for sex.

signs a woman wants to sleep with you

Body Position

Wherever a girl is, if the object of sexual desire is within 10 meters, her legs will be directed towards him. If the man is nearby, a woman will try to touch him with her hips, hands, or even breasts. If a girl is sitting, she can slowly cross her legs and straighten them so that the man can see this.


A sexually aroused lady feels hot, so she may go red in the face. An increase in temperature and sexual tension will force her to take off her outer clothing and open the window and let in a little fresh air. So if you feel that the temperature in the room is quite comfortable, but the girl claims that she is hot, this may be one of the signs she wants sex.


Lips biting is not just an easy way to hint at impatience to move on to a romantic hump but also an unconscious reaction to the presence of a sexual stimulus. Perhaps at this moment, a girl is struggling with her naughty thoughts and is afraid to say too much, so she tries to restrain her passionate confessions by biting her lips.

Rapid Breathing

Drawing vulgar pictures in their heads, ladies subconsciously prepare for sex. It is easy to recognize this sign – a woman suddenly begins to breathe deeply, as if exercising before the “main affair”.

Verbal Signs

It may seem that verbal signs are understandable by themselves. But this is far from true. Nothing is completely clear when it comes to women and their feelings. Let’s consider some verbal signs of how to know that a woman wants to sleep with you.

Seeking Intimacy

Of course, this is more an exception than the rule. Women are becoming bolder, so they can both hint and openly offer to go to her place while you are on a date. For example, she might say “It’s noisy here, maybe it’s better to find a quieter place?”

Topics Of a Sexual Nature

Sexual liberation in conversation is the main sign that a lady wants to show her sexuality and arouse a man. She easily supports vulgar topics and even initiates such discussions. This sign works with everyone, both a young and an older woman.

Smiles and Laughter

A sexually motivated woman will burst into laughter over the corniest joke. She acts in such a way to cheer up her chosen one and hint to him “I want to be with you.” But be careful with this sign, it sometimes means that the girl is just attracted to you and is not yet ready for sex.

Voice Timbre

A sexually aroused woman often speaks a few tones lower than usual. After all, such a muffled voice appeals to the opposite sex more than screams and squeaks. Therefore, the lady pronounces the words more slowly, with ambiguous pauses and aspiration.


A woman notices how wonderful a man’s cologne smells or pays compliments to the individual style of his clothing. However, she also requires reciprocal epithets in her address. Therefore, the lady may ask the man to evaluate her beautiful dress or hairstyle. This is a subtle female trick to focus male attention on her virtues.

Heart-to-Heart Talks

A lady will remember all the funny stories and interesting things related to her life. At the same time, it does not matter if this is your first or tenth meeting – the girl will reveal her secrets and innermost feelings. For example, she will be happy to tell you how she got a scar on her knee in early childhood. And then, she will definitely show it.

How to Determine She Hasn’t Had Sex for a Long Time

There are situations when a woman for some reason deprives herself of the joy of carnal pleasures for a long time. In this case, female body language and verbal cues are deeply blocked, even if the lady would not mind taking off the celibacy wreath and surrendering to passion. In order not to become a hostage of such a situation, it is better to learn how to determine that a girl hasn’t had sex for a long time.

She Looks Older Than Her Age

The point is that the absence of endorphin emissions into the blood has a bad effect on the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, women who consciously refuse intimate relationships age faster. In addition, they have earlier menopause. This is especially noticeable in a married woman, as passion subsides over the years of coupledom and sex becomes less frequent.

She Suffers from Insomnia

Regular love making promotes adequate sleep and normalizes the nervous system. And its absence, on the contrary, causes irritability and discontent. A woman reacts sharply to surrounding events and may show aggression towards the opposite sex.

She Is Often Sick

Dissatisfaction in sexual relationships also affects the decrease in the body’s immune properties. Therefore, singles are more susceptible to viruses and infections. This applies to both men and women.

Bad Memory

Without intimate relationships, short-term memory begins to suffer. A woman becomes unmindful and sometimes forgets the simplest elementary things. The fact is that sex has a positive effect on the circulatory system. The blood is saturated with oxygen, and this affects the human brain and memory.

Skin Inflammation

Pimples and blackheads are not only a sign of pubertal development in a teenager’s life but also silent witnesses to the absence of a man in a lady’s bed. Skin inflammation occurs due to hormonal imbalance because of the lack of important physiological processes that accompany sexual intercourse.


A girl who has grown unaccustomed to the admiring glances of men is gradually getting used to the idea of her unattractiveness. This affects her habit of dressing and applying make-up. Over the years, such a lady can stop caring for herself at all because of complexes.

get women to sleep with you

How to Get Women to Sleep With You

It happens that you have been dating a girl for a long time, and she is definitely interested in you but does not show any signs of sexual desire. Perhaps she is too shy or afraid to take at least some initiative – it does not matter. You just need to know how to make a girl want you.

Final Thoughts

When a woman wants sex, she prepares for it. If a girl knows that she will meet the man she likes, the lady preens her feathers as if she is waiting for the red carpet. Impeccable make-up, revealing outfit, pleasant fragrance, and a stunning hairstyle – these are flashy signs that the woman does not mind intimate relationships. We also told you about other signs she is easy to sleep with you, so will not miss this moment!

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