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It was decided to write an AsianFeels dating site review since there are not that many dating apps where you can meet people from Asia. AsianFeels caught the attention since it has a nice design, there are lots of reviews about AsianFeels, and it was decided to check out the platform to learn more. The website belongs to a reputable company that has a goal to connect singles all around the world into couples. This review will show is AsianFeels any good.

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What is

During the AsianFeels review of the website, a lot of users from the States were found using it. Most of them are using AsianFeels to meet a date in Asian countries. Due to this review, AsianFeels seems to be an international website. It has different useful options, even the exchange of contact details is allowed on this platform unlike on other sites or apps.

The review shows the site is protected and you can use it without worrying. But make sure you don’t share information about your health, your financial info, and other data that might be stolen and used by scammers to their benefit. People in their AsianFeels dating reviews mention there are some scammers on the site, but the site overall is not a scam.

AsianFeels com at a Glance

The number of members: 370.000
Best for: singles looking for a date from Asian countries.
Recommended age: 18-40.
Favorite features: gifts, matching system, the search, exchange of contact details.


How Does It Work?

Lots of reviews had been written and most of them are working due to the same mechanics. AsianFeels won’t allow you to see the profiles of people until you create the account. Create your profile by adding the needed information. Then you can either check out the profiles of real users, or you can add more details about what you expect to gain on AsianFeels.

For example, you can add what type of relationship you want to build. Even though there are options to look for friends or not serious relationships, most reviews claim that the site is good at connecting people who want serious dating. But the truth about AsianFeels is that it will offer you something you need the most.

The system relies on a matching mechanism, and due to the review, and reviews of some users, the site offers a good matching mechanism. It won’t offer you to meet a person who has different interests. It will suggest profiles of users who are like-minded individuals.


The searching engine is quite nice and it has different filters so you can choose whose profiles you prefer to check out. You can choose the age, status (married, divorced, etc.), hobbies, etc. It is a free search, and during the review, it had been used a lot. Each time it gave me precise rewards (based on the given information in profiles). AsianFeel’s free search is quite decent.


It will take about 2 minutes to register. The creation of the profile will take longer, but it’s a fun job. First, you have to add data to your profile. Then you can add some pictures. It would be a good idea to add several photos where your face is clear. After creating the review, it was obvious that people contact you more eagerly after you add several photos from different angles. That way people know you are a real person even if you are not a validated member.

Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles that were noticed during the review is quite decent. Even though there are several AsianFeels dating site reviews claiming there are scammers and fake accounts (which is probably true, it’s common for all dating apps), but most profiles contain lots of information that can come in handy when deciding with whom to chat.

Help & Support

The support team is quite helpful and quick to react to messages. It’s easy to find where to contact them. All reviews state the same – you have to choose the “contact us” option and ask the question. The answer will be in several hours, maximum in a day.

AsianFeels register form


It has a different way to make people pay for the services. All reviews state the same – there is a short trial period, but no one had been paying to get it. There is a currency called “credits”. You gain 20 of them and can spend them when you need to order a paid service. But if you are not planning to use the site for a while, for a month or so, you don’t even have to pay to prolong the subscription.

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