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“Cupid” is a well-known web of dating sites for lonely people willing to meet either the significant other, or to start a less meaningful relationship, but to have fun. The reason doesn’t really matter, what matters is that this DominicanCupid review of the website shows that it is targeted on one audience – mostly on men who are looking for women from the Dominican Republic. Below you will find a more detailed DominicanCupid dating site review.

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What is

The truth about DominicanCupid is that it belongs to a huge chain of dating sites and forms a network of different sites divided due to the country. The review shows that DominicanCupid is popular among users, it is explained due to the marketing campaign that had popularized the site.

DominicanCupid is not the best website for dating, but it offers you to meet women from a certain country. In this situation, from the Dominican Republic. But is DominicanCupid worth paying for? The answer might be “yes” if you are certain that you want to meet love in the Dominican Republic. DominicanCupid is one of those niche websites that offer to narrow the search. Mainstream sites usually do not offer such a big number of members from only one country.
It has all the needed features of a dating website, even though it’s certainly not the best. It sets a goal to connect you with a relatively perfect candidate. It has different fun options, a friendly community, and the site is mostly reliable, meaning, it’s not a scam-site created only to be deleted after a while when people stop trusting it.

Dominican Cupid at a Glance

Best for: singles looking for mates in the Dominican Republic.
The number of members: thousands of registered users.
Recommended age: 25-45.
Favorite features: icebreakers, anonymity, ranking system, translation.

How Does It Work?

DominicanCupid reviews and the observations show that the most important thing you need to note is completing the questionnaire. This little quiz helps the matching system in connecting you with a potential match. For instance, you love bowling, kids, want to get married and live in a house, and the site will match you with a person who has most of those mentioned above desires.

But to be effective, DominicanCupid needs your honest answers. The review shows, that the search is as effective, as the matching system. But if you don’t have time, you can just complete the application and wait for matches to chat with them. Below you will find a detailed review on the DominicanCupid dating site.


The reviews show that the search is pretty useful, especially if you hate waiting. DominicanCupid offers it for free, so you can test it out before you decide to pay for the usage of DominicanCupid. Yes, this review had affirmed that this site is only for users who will pay for using it. But before you do so, check out different filters. These filters are very useful to utilize since they narrow the search even more. You can choose the country and city, hobbies, age, etc.


The DominicanCupid dating site reviews explain that you can register with the help of your Facebook account. In this case, you won’t even have to complete the whole questionnaire since the system will take the answers from your profile. If you don’t like the idea of a site using your Facebook profile, you can forbid it reading it. Or you can just manually insert all the required data, it will take about 2 minutes.

Profile Quality

Is DominicanCupid a good dating site? The review of the profiles shows that it’s not the best. Some of the profiles are abandoned and it doesn’t seem that the site cares about deleting them. So there are some doubts about the number of active users. Not all profiles are completed, meaning, users won’t be able to tell whether they fit each other’s expectations.
But there are some profiles that are pretty obviously real. These users are most active, and there is a possibility to meet love. But is DominicanCupid worth it? Especially, considering that it’s not a free dating site? If you try hard, you can find who you want to meet.

Safety & Security

Is DominicanCupid safe? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that you will be protected. There are scammers on the site, so be careful. And it’s difficult to tell whether the user you are chatting with is real or his profile is fake.

Help & Support

The support system is standard for such platforms – it works only during working days, it won’t be available during holidays and weekends. If you have a question, you can ask by using a special form. But there is a high chance that your problem is described in the FAQ section. This review has proved that staff will send you an answer during the first 48 hours. Usually, it takes a whole day of waiting.

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Users have found out during their reviews about the prices. The prices are too high, especially after writing other reviews about other sites. DominicanCupid dating reviews found on the Internet also complain about too high prices. This review shows – one month of utilizing the site will cost you around 30 dollars.

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