Best OkCupid Alternatives Sites: A Comprehensive Rundown

Naughty sites are the best way to meet ladies and gentlemen and have occasional dates, hot nights, and build relationships if that is your ultimate goal. These dating platforms allow members to find flings, flirt on the side, bring novelty into boring everyday life, and even seek something better. Many people want to know about OkCupid free alternatives. Although this site is eye-candy and many members would approve it, why not try something else? If there is a list of the best options, you have to try them all, compare, and find your winner.

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OkCupid: What Is This Site and How Does It Work?

OkCupid is a free dating site that allows members worldwide to connect and talk about their deepest desires, most sacred secrets, unite over the will to hook up, have flings, and spend time in a pleasant company. It is a dating platform with a considerable following and thousands of positive testimonies. This site allows users worldwide to:

OkCupid lets its followers open a new world of dating possibilities where casual dates are not shameful. Every age, race, and body complexion are welcomed.

OkCupid is a top-tier site. But are sites similar to OkCupid as good as the original platform? It’s time to find out by comparing prices, pros and cons, and the popularity of each one of them.

What Are the Alternative Sites to the OkCupid?

There are many legit OkCupid competitors, but today you will find out about the best ones. What makes the difference, which one of them is cheaper and more affordable to the masses. Where is the best contingent, and what site has the quickest searching engine that will allow you to do a precise search? Here are the best dating sites like OkCupid you will adore:

AdultFriendFinder: One of the Best Alternative to OkCupid

AdultFriendFinder main page

AdultFriendFinder allows members worldwide to sink into the world of casual dating, hookups, and flings, find sex buddies, try out new things in bed, and share an experience. It was created in the US, though many overseas members like this platform and use it without hesitation. The age is strictly 18+ because the amount of hotness and open sexual content is overwhelming. AdultFriendFinder now has more than 80 million users, and these numbers grow immensely quickly.

AdultFriendFinder is one of the most well-known OkCupid type sites because it allows users to delve into all sorts of arrangements, from singles to couples, women, men, trans people, everyone with one exception. Most importantly, it is not a scam, which means that every profile is legit. Here you can practice monogamy, polygamy, polyamorous relationships, and all types of commitment. The site is suitable for everyday hookups without regulations or even love.

Here is the list of AdultFriendFinder’s pros and cons:

+ All types of casual dating
  • Bots are present on this site, but that is not a frequent case
+ Men are trying to get girlfriends; women here are precious 
+ Acceptable for iPhone and Android users 
+ Hot pics and conversations 
+ More than 80 million people to choose from 

When it comes to pricing, AdultFriendFinder has three available plans, a monthly membership/39.95 USD, a three-month membership/80.85 USD, and a year membership/239.40 USD. Discounts are available to members who chose to pay for a three or 12month membership package.

Ashley Madison: A Great OkCupid Alternative

AshleyMadison main page

Ashley Madison is not new to the game. Invented in 2001, it stays a number one extramarital site, praised by everyone seeking hookups and quick dates. Here you can forget about monogamous relationships because Ashley Madison practices polygamy all the way. It is not about cheating, relatively open marriages, and friendships, fun, and games. Ashley Madison’s target audience are men that want a mistress or a sex friend; that is why the site is free for ladies.

Here is the list of Ashley Madison’s pros and cons:

+ Extramarital relationships without judgment
  • The site had security issues in 2015
+ Discretion and anonymity 
+ The site has 15,500 daily new members 
+ A free signup 
+ Girls don’t have to pay for an Ashley Madison account 

Ashley Madison doesn’t have a membership plan, but you can buy three packs of credits to pay for particular features. These include Elite = 1,000 Credits (289.00 USD), Classic = 500 Credits (169.00 USD), Basic = 100 Credits (59.00 USD).

Flirt: A Cheap OkCupid Alternative main page

Flirt is one of the best flirting and hookups site and is a free alternative to OkCupid (well, not completely free, but your first 3-day trial will be super cheap.) The site was launched in 2009 and is one of the most popular average-price alternatives to OkCupid. Here you can flirt, talk to strangers, message them for a modest price, and upload naughty photos.

Here is the list of Flirt’s pros and cons:

+ More than 1,000,000 members worldwide
  • Fake profiles happen
+ Casual dates and flirty hookups
  • Messaging is not free
+ Online activity is high 
+ A cheap 3-day trial 

Flirt has only two subscription plans, a monthly membership for 28.80 USD and a three-month plan for 48.60 USD. The site also offers a 3-day trial for only 4.23 USD.

BeNaughty: A Popular Alternative to OkCupid

BeNaughty hookup main page

BeNaughty alleviates your presence on dating sites by skipping the chit-chatter stage no one likes anyway. If you are an adult person seeking an adult connection, this site might be the solution. There is no need to invent the wheel and talk about current events. If you want to get bothered and hot, this site hits the spot. Here, thousands of members online message each other to get juicy pics, talk about sex, and engage in real-time conversations with continuation. Say “yes” to flirty connections and threesomes, everything your heart desires.

Here is the list of BeNaughty’s pros and cons:

+ Active messaging and hot texting
  • Messaging is not accessible to men
+ Easy and interactive design 
+ Free search filters 
+ You can upload videos 
+ Free account creation 

BeNaughty provides average-price services meant to suit all pockets and needs. Here you can opt for four options: a day trial (0.99 USD), a week (1.00 USD), a month (28.80 USD), and three-month (48.60 USD) memberships.

Loveaholics: Another Great Alternative

Loveaholics main page

Loveaholics is known to be home to love-seeking singles, both men and women. This site caters to a variety of flirtatious individuals who don’t want to engage in serious dating. Created by Together Networks Holdings Limited, Loveaholics is ready to provide all online users’ arrangements. Here you can date and flirt without suspicion; the site got your back.

Here is the list of Loveaholics’s pros and cons:

+ Sexy women and single men
  • Messaging is not free
+ Diverse gender preferences 
+ Safe Mode activated 
+ Has a three-day trial 

When it comes to pricing, Loveaholics has three membership plans: a monthly one (41.40 USD), a 6-month (69.30 USD), and a year membership (111.60 USD).

Quickflirt: Last but Not Least Alternative

QuickFlirt main page

When it comes to mindless playfulness, QuickFlirt never disappoints. Together Networks Holdings Limited created this dating site and now has more than 1.4 million online members. These people will flirt you out of your pants, share hot photos, and will not hesitate to ask for yours in return.

Here is the list of QuickFlirt’s pros and cons:

+ 1,000,000+ members worldwide
  • Communication features are limited
+ A variety of photos and videos
  • Sexual orientation is not as diverse
+ Has a Safe Mode 
+ Has a three-day trial period 

The site has many options when it comes to pricing, including a day trial (0.99 USD), a week (7.00 USD), a month (28.80 USD), and a three-month (48.60 USD) membership.

So What Can You Say about Sites Similar to OkCupid?

The sites presented above are meant to serve naughty, flirty, and adventurous people that are not afraid to show what their mommas gave them. These are the sites that differ in their price ranges, popularity, and diversity, but all of them are worth your time. Maybe you will find these sites better than OkCupid.

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