Tinder Alternative Sites: Discover New Options Of Casual Dating

Nowadays, Tinder became a household name for online dating. Most likely, you had a period in your life when you got to know this platform, or at least you know someone who has used it.

Human nature tends to want more and seek new options. So no matter what are the benefits of this dating app might be, you expect to search for Tinder free alternatives.

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Tinder: Brief Overview

Tinder is a popular and relatively simple dating application. Absolute minimalism, nothing distracts from the search for a future boyfriend or girlfriend. The system only needs to integrate with your Facebook. Your phone works like a locator. Depending on what distance you set in the settings (10, 80, 160 km), you will see which men (or women) are at a given range and want to get to know each other. And then you just leaf through the applicants, put likes or swipe “into the abyss.” If the likes coincided, you can enter the chat, where you agree on further actions. Here are some harsh facts about Tinder dating:

Besides, Tinder has no user verification. Hence, there is no guarantee of the authenticity of the user’s photos. It’s kind of an overlook of the platform since any dating site should provide robust security features, so the users may rest assured that it’s legit, i.e., not a scam. And there are no filters for finding a partner, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the search. Tinder provides paid features that allow you to see the girls who rated you. It is very convenient. There is a selection of top accounts from which you can rate girls without restrictions. The illusion of a vast choice does not allow users to focus on one person.

Dating Sites Like Tinder

Sites like Tinder aim to cover a vast range of people. However, they miss loyal clients in a rush for numbers. Tinder is a wide network of interests. And while some are looking for quick hookups and a one-night stand, others use it, hoping to meet their love. In such cases, it is convenient when the platform itself determines the format of the relationship that people can find. Here is the list of the best alternative to Tinder.


AdultFriendFinder main page

AdultFriendFinder is one of those Tinder type sites that focused on no-strings-attached acquaintances. Over 80 million of loyal and open-minded users worldwide are there to share their private content that would meet your sexual preferences. A large community pool without prejudice makes this dating platform a genuinely safe place for your intimate adventures. AdultFriendFinder reminds a social media service, but apart from typical communication features, it also provides a course-by-course sex academy. Here your sexual fantasies may find its relief in a plethora of cybersex options. However, unlike Tinder, it doesn’t have a matchmaking system. In a way, it can be evaluated as a nice chance to make your choice on your own.



In comparison to other dating sites, AdultFriendFinder may seem costly. But then again, now every reliable dating site offers features on fee-based terms, so it’s nearly impossible to find a free alternative to Tinder. To purchase a one-month membership, you will pay 39.95 USD, a three-month Gold Membership, which is the most popular will cost you 26.95 USD monthly, and if you want an annual subscription, you must be ready to pay 199.95 USD per month.

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Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison main page

The distinctive characteristic of Ashley Madison is that while Tinder is focused on finding a date for couples or singles, this dating site aimed at covering interests of married people and those who are in an exclusive relationship, yet still who are seeking some affairs. “Life is short. Have an affair,” claims the tagline of the platform. At Ashley Madison, you are free to experience monogamous or polygamous relationships without a hint of hypocrisy.

A vast range of toll-free features is at your service. Fair point, a paid subscription allows you to enjoy a broader spectrum of opportunities. However, if you prefer to be a free user, you won’t have to deal with its strict limits. Additionally, it has an exclusive feature called Travelling Man, for those who are mostly on the go but still want to spice up their intimate life.



Ashley Madison has a credit system due to which it offers three types of subscriptions. The Basic package includes 100 credits and costs 0.59 USD per credit, which is a total sum up 59.00 USD. The Classic one contains 500 credits and costs of 0.34 USD per credit and makes 169.00 USD in total. The Premium subscription gives you 1,000 credits at 0.29 USD, and it turns 289.00 USD in the total score.

  • 9.9


main page Flirt.com

Flirt advocates open-minded online flirting without emotional boundaries or commitments. This dating platform may be proud of the gender ratio of its diverse community. In particular, 60% of users are males, and 40% are females. As you can see, it’s nearly equal. And even gender proportion boosts your chances of finding your suitable date mate. The average age of members is from 20 to 35. So, you may say that it is a “young” platform. Besides, the Flirt community is pretty diverse in nationality. All together rolled into one makes this dating site an exciting playground for your hookup adventures.



You won’t get lost in types of Flirt subscriptions because there are only two options. You can purchase a one-month membership for 28.80 USD, or you can get a three-month one, paying 16.20 USD monthly. The latter mentioned is supported by the Satisfaction Guarantee program, so you may be sure that your rights as a member taken care of and protected.

  • 9.5


main page BeNaughty

Among other sites similar to Tinder, BeNaughty stands aside for its significant security feature. As you fill out the application form, you are required to upload your profile picture. Unique algorithms check it in accordance with the platform’s rules. It must not contain nudities or any trace of explicit content. So you won’t bump into vulgarity. BeNaughty is a service of hookup opportunities for couples, singles, and swingers. It advocates appealing, intimate online connections. The eloquent name of the platform points it out straightforwardly. As a member of BeNaughty, you are protected by a devoted customer service available 24/7. Be ready to meet your match results and experience some new sensations.



In comparison to Tinder, the prices of BeNaughty subscriptions are affordable. You can buy a one-day trial only for 0.99 USD, or you can purchase a one-week subscription at the cost of 1.00 USD. A one-month membership will cost you 28.80 USD, and for a three-month Premium, you will pay 16.20 USD monthly.

  • 9.5


main page QuickFlirt

In the sea full of dating sites like Tinder, QuickFlirt is rather the most similar one. It has alike a “swipe” sorting system and matchmaking algorithms. If you are seeking sensitive and straightforward interactions on a no-commitment basis, then you are at the right spot. QuickFlirt is directly concentrated on a straight dating. You won’t find various options for choosing your sexual orientation. QuickFlirt automatically labels your intimate preferences as “heterosexual.” However, QuickFlirt remains one of the top-rated options for casual online dating. Your start your intimate communication by sending a Wink, you just click on an eye icon, and you are already in a flirting game. You start browsing other members’ profiles, messaging, and adding most desirable users to list of Favorites, so you could easily backtrack them when you want to.



There are four types of QuickFlirt subscription. A one-day membership will cost you 0.99 USD. A one-week period has a price of 7.00 USD. And if you prefer a one-month premium status, you can purchase it for 28.80 USD, or you can take a three-months one per 16.20 USD monthly.


So, are those sites better than Tinder? Just as in a real-life, it all depends on the goals that you pursue. Theoretically, any dating site is such a tool that saves you from boredom and helps to pull yourself out of the comfort zone. It is essential to remember that you should not immediately put on a virtual person dressing suit and expect too much from an acquaintance. After all, whether it’s Tinder or not, it is primarily a game, only the characters in it are real people with their feelings, life position, and goals.

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